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Alcohol Rehab Wales 

Are you in Wales and suffering with a drug and alcohol addiction, hoping to complete local addiction treatment?  Do you need a drug and alcohol rehab for yourself or a loved one?  Wales is facing a crisis with drug and alcohol addiction. Contact one of our experienced and skilled addiction specialists today for free advice and immediate help.  

With many new drugs in the market coupled with growing mental health issues, drug and alcohol addiction is on the rise. The growing number of addiction cases has resulted in the need for quality treatment providers. 

It's important to note that you can get residential rehab for a variety of addictions, including: 

  • Cocaine addiction 
  • Heroin addiction 
  • Prescription drugs 
  • Eating disorders, e.g., bulimia 
  • Sleeping pills 

Drug or alcohol addiction is a condition that alters brain chemistry make it extremely difficult for individuals to overcome alcohol or drug addiction on their own.

The withdrawal symptoms set in within hours after you stop taking alcohol or drugs are painful and can be life-threatening depending on several factors. 

Luckily, you can get professional drug and/or alcohol addiction treatment throughout Wales. Private drug and alcohol rehab options are more readily available, and you can find a drug rehab Wales, depending on your budget. 

How can a drug and alcohol rehab services in Wales help? 

A drug and alcohol rehab in Wales or across the UK helps provide you with expert support and addiction treatments. 

Drug and alcohol abuse leads the victim into deeper problems such as family breakdowns, crime, homelessness, financial issues etc. 

Overcoming alcohol or drug addiction is near impossible without the right support and treatment. However, when you visit a treatment centre, you get to work closely with medical professionals who will help you realise a full recovery. 

Most addicts feel that they have what it takes to beat the addiction. Most may feel that cold turkey is the best option, especially when you consider drug and alcohol rehab costs.

But the cost of rehab is nothing compared to the cost of drug and alcohol abuse. 

Drug and alcohol rehab services in Wales offer you a variety of physical and psychological treatments to assist you in your recovery journey.

A good drug and alcohol rehab provides you with a comprehensive care plan that addresses every integral aspect of your being.  

You can expect treatment options that aim to improve your medical, mental health and social wellbeing.

Although each drug and alcohol rehab facility have a unique approach to addiction recovery, there are some similarities. 

The services that you can expect to find in a drug and alcohol rehab include medical detox, CBT, group therapy, individual counselling, family therapy and so on.

You can also expect to find evidence-based addiction treatments plus other effective addiction treatment services. 

One of the benefits of attending a drug or alcohol rehab is that you get a comprehensive assessment of your drug or alcohol addiction.

This comprehensive assessment includes a dual diagnosis as most people in need of addiction treatment also experience mental health issues. 

The comprehensive assessment helps the addiction team craft an individualised treatment programme that will help you in your recovery journey. 

Personalised drug and alcohol addiction treatments & programmes

Individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and needing immediate attention can contact Abbeycare immediately. Feel free to leave your contacts on our website, and we will call you back. 

A good drug or alcohol rehab facility will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine your care needs. Every individual responds differently to addiction; thus, it is important to understand each patient's personal needs.  

Failing to address certain aspects of alcohol or drug addiction increases the risk for relapse. 

The rehab clinic should provide you with a personalised drug and alcohol addiction treatment plan that meets your mental and physical needs. You will liaise with a professional healthcare provider to create the treatment plan.  

The treatment provider will also determine the severity of the addiction to create a suitable addiction treatment plan for you. A personalised treatment plan is also important as addictions lead to some dysfunctional behaviours. 

A good private rehab in North Wales, East, South, and West Wales will provide you and your loved one with holistic therapies, medications, and psychological treatments. There is no one size fits all addiction treatment programme.  

As such, alcohol treatment centres in Wales will develop a tailor-made treatment plan containing specialised therapies, medical treatments, and complementary therapies that will increase your chances of beating the drug and alcohol addiction. 

In most rehab centres, treatment begins with detox. The treatment centre will offer medically assisted detox and 24/7 support so that you can successfully overcome the withdrawal symptoms. 

After detox, the treatment centre will provide treatment that entails a combination of therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy amongst others.

You will also get education materials, and skills training to increase your chances for long-term recovery. 

Most rehab centres have inpatient and outpatient treatment programmes. The inpatient treatment or residential rehab allows you to deal with the drug and alcohol problem in a secure setting.  

Some rehab centres provide you with the option of visiting a rehab centre located in North Wales or its surrounding areas.  

Alternatively, suppose you need a drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre located in a natural setting away from the city life. In that case, there are rehabilitation centres that will provide you with this option. 

Most treatment centres will provide you with additional treatment options, for instance: 

  • Art therapy 
  • Stress awareness & management 
  • Psychotherapy 
  • Contingency management. 
  • Sober companions 
  • Yoga 

All these additional treatment options and therapies focus on helping you adapt to a new future that's addiction-free. Reach out to a drug or alcohol treatment provider today for free advice on the best rehab process for you. 

What types of alcohol rehab options for Wales are there?  

There are different types of alcohol rehab options available in North Wales, East, South and West Wales. These rehab options are also available across the UK.

It's important for you to understand what each private rehab option offers so that you can make an informed decision.  

The private rehab options include: 

  • Luxury alcohol rehab  
  • Affordable alcohol rehab 
  • Alcohol detox clinic Wales 
  • Short term/long term alcohol rehab programmes 
  • Inpatient rehab Wales 
  • Day-care rehab Wales 
  • Quasi-residential alcohol rehabilitation 
  • Fully residential alcohol rehab Wales 
  • Sober living accommodation and supported living in Wales 
  • Outpatient treatment 

Free alcohol rehab Wales  

It is extremely difficult to access free alcohol rehab services in Wales and across the UK. Some religious institutions provide free rehab clinics such as the Salvation Army's rehabilitation centres.  

The NHS provided community drug and alcohol rehab services, but the programme is not effective enough to handle issues chronic drug or alcohol addictions.  

Access to residential treatment via the NHS is extremely difficult. Your GP can help you apply. You'll have to meet the eligibility criteria for obtaining an NHS funded residential treatment.

There's a long waiting list as many patients seek government support for drug and alcohol treatment.  

Your addiction may worsen leading life-threatening events as you wait for an NHS drug and alcohol treatment option. 

NHS Alcohol Rehab or Private Alcohol Rehab

Home and outpatient treatment options in Wales 

Private rehab services may be expensive to some people. Yet, it's important to note that treatment centres do offer flexible payment options depending on your budget.

Residential treatment increases your chances for sustaining recovery in the long-term.  

In addition to this, home and outpatient rehab is recommended for people with low-risk drugs or alcohol use disorder.  

Those with low-risk addictions can get home detox in Wales at around £1500. During a home detox, you'll be provided with medications to help you better manage the withdrawal symptoms.  

The downside with home detoxification is that you don't get 24/7 medical supervision and support as you would in a residential rehab.  

Outpatient services in Wales are also affordable. Expect to pay an upwards of £1,400 per week for outpatient rehab.  

What is the average cost of a private alcohol rehab in Wales? 

Different rehab clinics offer recovery services at different costs. The price of private rehab in Wales depends on several factors such as location, type of facility, type of addiction and duration of treatment.

You're likely to see advertisements of cheap medical detoxification services. However, you should be cautious of such ads especially if the price seems inconceivable.  

When searching for a rehab clinic, you should go for one that's CQC registered and staffed with qualified professionals. Addiction recovery is not an easy process and there are no shortcuts or quick fixes.  

The only way you can stop drinking alcohol or taking drugs is to work with a CQC registered alcohol rehab and detox clinic in Wales and the UK.  

A CQC registered treatment provider adheres to the detox protocol and government guidelines. We can help you get into a Welsh rehab facility that's CQC registered so that you can get the right treatment that helps you achieve a sober future.  

How much does private alcohol rehab cost?

Why your first port of call should be Abbeycare 

Abbeycare Group operates residential rehab centres across the UK. We have rehab clinics in Gloucester, West Wales, and other regions across the UK.

Abbeycare has a proven track record of treating people suffering from alcohol abuse and substance use disorder.  

If you or your loved one are looking for a personalised care plan that sets you on the path to long-term recovery, then Abbeycare should be your first port of call.

Our detox and rehab programmes are centred on best practices and proven techniques.  

When you come to our rehab centre, you'll work with a professional addiction team to help you deal with the physical, psychological, and emotional implications of alcohol and drug use. 

We understand the complexities of overcoming addiction and have experience in helping patients with chronic dependency achieve recovery.

At Abbeycare, you'll get the much-needed support and learn about making changes to your everyday life to maintain recovery. 

You can call us on 01603 513 091 to find out more. 


NHS vs. Private Rehab in Wales 

Government cuts to NHS services have rendered it near impossible to get recovery services through the NHS.

You cannot get specialist help for your drug or alcohol problem through the NHS. The process is long and daunting, with a slim chance. 

NHS provides community drug and alcohol rehab services in Wales. It's only in exceptional cases that the NHS offers inpatient alcohol detox.

To get a chance at NHS rehab, you or your loved one must register with your local drug and alcohol rehab centre.  

Sadly, the criteria and waiting list are too long, and your family member may succumb to the severe consequences of addiction without getting help. 

The latest statistics show that nearly a fifth of Welsh drinkers (19%) engage in heavy drinking. This is higher than England, which is 14%. 19% of adults in Wales drink more than the recommended 14 units per week.  [2]

Sadly, the prevalence of drinking is highest in the most deprived areas in Wales. 

In 2019-20 there were 23,887 referrals into substance misuse services [3].  

A further 2,186 did not attend before the assessment. In the same period, the number of clients assessed for problematic drug use was 8,792 compared with 9,310 with problematic alcohol use. Only 15,796 clients started treatment in 2019-20.  

The highest substance abuse cases in rehab were cocaine, amphetamines, heroin, alcohol, and Cannabis [3]. 84.1% of people who completed the rehab process reported improved quality of life. 

Provisional data for England and Wales reports that in 2020, there were 7,423 alcohol-specific deaths (13.0 per 100,000 people). This is a 19.6% increase compared with 2019 (6,209 deaths; 11.0 per 100,000 people) and the highest annual reported case since 2001[4]. 

Undoubtedly, the severity of substance misuse in Wales and across the UK warrants quality, professional services that will facilitate long-term sobriety.

There are a variety of private rehabilitation options that offer treatment that's tailored to your needs.  

Private rehabilitation services provide you with: 

  • Comprehensive alcohol or drug assessment with a dual diagnosis for mental health.  
  • A medical assisted detox programme 
  • An individualised alcohol or drug rehabilitation programme. 
  • Urgent admission to alcohol or drug rehabilitation (where required). 
  • Sober transportation 
  • Mental health services.  
  • Pre-booked alcohol or drug rehabilitation admission date. 
  • An individualised alcohol or drug rehabilitation programme. 
  • Short-term or long-term recovery programmes. 
  • Inpatient and daycare addiction rehabilitation options. 
  • Sober living and supported housing in Wales. 
  • Continued support through your course of recovery, including post-rehab support. 

The typical price of a ten-day residential service is around £3,000. Most rehabilitation centres offer flexible payment options, and you can reach out to your provider in total confidence without worrying about costs. 

Rehabilitation support and aftercare planning in Wales 

Rehabilitation support and aftercare is integral to achieving long-term sobriety. Most treatment centres offer free aftercare for up to a year, with some extending it to 18 months.

This form of support and continuing care after rehabilitation is important to reduce the chances for relapse.  

During your last stay at the rehabilitation facility, you'll work with a professional to craft a relapse prevention plan. The plan will detail the aftercare and rehabilitation support that you'll receive once you leave the facility.

The plan might include attending alcoholics anonymous, Narcotics anonymous or meeting with a counsellor.  

Life after rehabilitation requires you to make lifestyle changes.  

These changes may include keeping of friends with addiction. You'll also have to keep away from tempting environments to avoid triggers. The changes your required to make are difficult but in will benefit you in the long run 

Tips to Stay Sober After Treatment

AA Meetings in Wales  

You can access alcoholic anonymous meetings in the following locations: 

North Wales 

  • Bangor Abbey Road Centre, Abbey Rd Postcode: LL57 2EA (Time 19:30, Monday & Wednesday).  

  • Bangor Penrhyn , Penrhyn House, Llandegai Rd postcode:LL57 1PZ (Time 18:00, Friday).  

  • Castle Square Prestbyterian Church, Castle Sq (Enter by side dr between Post Office & Church). Postcode: LL55 2ND (Time 19:30, Thursday).  

  • Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll, Rhosy Gad Chapel, Penmynedd RoadPostcode: LL61 5JD (Time 10:00, Thursday).  

  • Llanrwst, Guide Hall (near Church), Llanddoged Rd.Postcode: LL26 0AU (Time 20:00, Monday).  

  • Menai Bridge, St Ann's Catholic Church Hall (at the back), Dale St, Anglesey Postcode: LL59 5AH(Time:19:00, Sunday).  

  • Conwy St Michaels Church, The Vicarage, Glyn Y Marl Rd, Llandudno Junction. Postcode: LL31 9NS (Time: 19:00, Sunday).  

You can enter your location for North Wales and find a meeting near you.

East Wales  

There are meetings at Cardiff district, Swansea, Shropshire, and South East Wales.

You can use the Find a Meeting search bar in the Alcoholics Anonymous webpage to find the exact meeting in your location. 

South Wales 

There are meetings throughout the week similar to other areas in Wales and across the UK. Sunday meetings take place at St Margaret's Church Hall, Malvern Terr, off Commercial St, Postcode: NP11 6AU.  

Monday and Tuesday meetings at Panteg Methodist Church, The Highway, New Inn, Postcode: NP4 0PW. Monday meetings also at City United Reformed Church, Windsor Place, Postcode: CF10 3BZ.  

Friday meetings at Ysbyty Aneurin Bevan Hospital, Festival Drive, Postcode: NP23 8XE. Also, at Eveswell Community Centre, Eveswell St, Postcode:NP19 8EP 

You can get the exact times, location and dates for the meetings at the Alcoholics anonymous find a meeting webpage.  

West Wales 

Meetings at West Wales take place in: 

  • Aberystwyth, St Paul's Methodist Centre, Queens Rd. Postcode: SY23 2NN (Time 12:00noon, Thursday).  

  • Aberystwyth, The Morlan Centre, Queen's Rd. Postcode: SY23 2HH (Time 13:00, Friday).  

  • Cardigan, The Vestry (hall behind church), Our Lady of Taper RC Church, (Time 20:00, Friday).  

  • Carmarthen, Nurture Centre, Cambrian Place, John Street, Postcode: SA31 3QG (Time 19:30, Monday).  

  • Fishguard & Goodwick, Wintern House, Hillside Home (off Hillside Crescent), Dyffryn. Postcode: SA64 0AU (Time: 20:00, Tuesday).  

  • Cross Hands Welsh Speaking, CYFARFOD CYMRAEG CYNTAF CAERFYRDDIN, Postcode: SA14 6LR (Time:11:00, Saturday).  

  • Newcastle Emlyn Experience, Strength & Hope, The Huts, Adpar, Newcastle Emlyn. Postcode: SA38 9ED (Time: 19:30, Wednesday).  

There are many other alcoholics support groups cross West Wales. You can key in your post code in the Find a Meeting search bar to find a meeting near you.  

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