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The Alcohol Demotivator Tool – Get Demotivated!


Units of consumption –
Drinking Risk Level –

Stroke – Liver Cirrhosis –
Car Crash – Compton et al., 2002; Moskowitz et al., 2002, and ROSPA Drinking & Driving Review – August 2012 – Figures extrapolated from the BAC calculator at, and converted using, using average figures of 40 year old male, 180lbs, 1 hour since last drink, and 40 year old female, 140lbs, 1 hr since last drink. Mouth/Neck/Throat Cancer –

All figures are approximate, and some are extrapolated from sources. Comparison figures are relative to non-drinkers. Abbeycare Group accept no responsibility for accuracy or otherwise of figures and/or information provided.

This tool should only be used as part of comprehensive addiction recovery treatment and structured aftercare planning. Should not be considered addiction treatment in and of itself.

Should only be used as part of a complete alcohol rehab programme of recovery activity. See our page on alcohol treatment in clinic. Information is provided here for entertainment purposes only, and is not intended as, and is in no way a substitute for, qualified medical advice from your doctor or professional healthcare practitioner. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

Users bear all responsibility for any/all personal actions taken as a result of this information at all times. Unfortunately no data is available re effects of alcohol consumption among transgender or gender fluid population. In these cases selecting birth gender may return most appropriate data from the calculator. Please read full disclaimer above.

To use the alcohol demotivator, your IP is stored on our system temporarily. This is a system requirement in order to deliver personal results; it is NOT used for any other purpose, and is deleted from our system after 30 days.

To opt-out of this, simply do not use the alcohol demotivator tool.

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