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About Abbeycare Scotland & The North Clinic

Situated in the village of Erskine, 9 miles to the west of Glasgow city centre, Abbeycare Scotland is located at Erskine Mains House.

The building lies on a site extending to 0.49 Hectares (1.22 Acres) and is situated within a modern residential estate with access to local amenities.

Abbeycare has comfortable, homely accommodation across two floors and all 34 large individual rooms have en-suite facilities.

At Abbeycare Scotland the experienced and multi-disciplinary team support clients through the recovery process, focussing on individual needs, and long term sobriety.

With an evidence-led therapeutic programme, tailored recovery care plans, and continuous aftercare, Abbeycare Scotland are well positioned to help those starting on the journey to recovery.

Core Programme
  • Supervised detox
  • Holistic and alternative treatments
  • Individually tailored recovery care plans
  • Attractive pricing
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Key Factors When Considering Rehab Treatment

When setting out to find the right addiction help, there are some key elements to look for, to ensure your needs are met correctly.

Detox .v. Rehab

Do you have a long term relationship with alcohol or drugs (more than 12 months?) Have you tried to cut back yourself, but been unable to? Have you experienced multiple relapses in the past? Do you have a sense there are issues from your personal history, preventing positive progress?

Why It's Important

Selecting a longer term rehab stay, as opposed to short term detox, can provide the time you need to fully overcome the psychological underpinnings of addiction, and make long term progress.

Whereas, a detox-only stay can help you feel physically better in the short-term, but won't help discover or resolve the factors behind the addiction.

In other words, there is usually a relationship between duration of stay, cost, and longevity of recovery, that should factor in to your choice of treatment centre.


Location Of Treatment Centre

In our experience, there is a balance to be struck, when choosing a rehab centre in a specific location.

Too close to home, means easy access to aftercare later, but can also mean it's too easy to maintain ties to old, unhelpful, social connections which were present during active addiction.

A treatment centre farther away can help break these old associations more easily, but can also make it more difficult to access appropriate aftercare later.

Why It's Important


  • Your own personal history with addiction
  • Any social and family connections who may have been enabling your addiction
  • Any pre-existing support channels you will have, when exiting treatment
  • The level of additional support you may need following rehab

...to help you decide which location or treatment centre to admit to.

This can mean the difference between several failed attempts at sobriety, and a single in-patient stay, followed by the right supports for your needs.

Aftercare Support

It's important to prepare fully for your life of sobriety outside of treatment, long into the future.

This means asking a provider what aftercare elements they provide.

Do they help you to structure what life in recovery will look, sound, and feel like? Do they offer assistance to family members too? What happens in the event of a slip-up, after leaving treatment? Does the centre provide aftercare support even if you change address later?

Why It's Important

Long-term recovery from addiction is a "team-sport", and you want to be assured of support that exists beyond initial detox, and in-patient rehabilitation.

Making sure of provisions ahead of time, can help you transition smoothly, into life beyond primary care addiction treatment.


Get The Complete List Of Questions To Ask A Provider:

"...the team gave me the building blocks to repair my life.
Now nearly 8 years sober, one day at a time."

Client DP

Photo changed to protect confidentiality


"I would go as far as saying that Abbeycare saved my life."

Client IR

Photo changed to protect confidentiality


"Excellent staff and professional care. Gave me my life back. I would recommend 100%."

Client JF

Photo changed to protect confidentiality


Are You Ready For Addiction Help?

When stuck in addiction, even the best of us sometimes need an extreme event in life, like an accident, hospital stay, or relationship break down, to help us make the decision "I need help."

And when we do finally make that decision, a sense of urgency, or simply our physical condition, can cloud our judgement.

Before committing to rehab treatment, ask about:

  • The clinic's previous experience with your level of intake, and addiction history
  • A personally assigned case manager
  • Family and loved one support both during and after rehab
  • A copy of the most recent Care Inspectorate report

Read the comprehensive guide to finding the right help:

Finding The Right Rehab
The Complete Guide

When Is Rehab Not Appropriate?

A rehab programme may not be appropriate if you're looking for:

  • A retreat-style escape from day to day stresses
  • A quick fix for a negative event in life
  • Short-term physical detox, before returning to well-ingrained patterns of addiction

Instead, think of a rehab stay as an intensive, jump start, on an overdue lifestyle change.

Beyond physical detox, this means, gaining key personal insights into your "reasons why" - understanding the patterns of addiction in your life, how you got to this point, and how to change it.

Download Our Scotland Clinic Daily Agendas:

Short Term Detox, Outpatient Treatment, & Other Options

Importantly, Abbeycare Scotland do not advocate:

  • Outpatient only treatment for addiction recovery
  • Untested or unproven recovery programme elements
  • Very short duration detox-only options

A short-term approach sometimes means experiencing the temporary relief of a physical detox, but without any real underlying change.

Instead, Abbeycare's approach means understanding what led to addiction in the first place, in order to learn from it, and avoid future relapse.

With each prospective client, Abbeycare complete a full pre-admission assessment to evaluate individual needs, and history of addiction.

If you're ready to embrace these positive elements - for yourself - and not for others....addiction rehab may be the right fit for you:

  • Commitment to a life free from addictive substances
  • Willingness to change
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Personal honesty

Client Care Charter

Abbeycare Scotland staff and specialists undertake to provide the following client care charter:

  • Safe, supervised detoxification specific to individual needs
  • Streamlined integration into the addiction therapy programme
  • Every client welcomed into the Abbeycare family
  • Incorporate the requirements of our regulators, the Care Inspectorate, in everything we do

Established in 2005, Abbeycare Scotland have helped 859 clients move beyond addiction, in the last 4 years alone.

Approximately 85% of Abbeycare staff are in addiction recovery personally, and have lived experience of personally going through, what clients have experienced.

Find out more about Abbeycare Scotland, here (opens in new tab).

Read what others say about Abbeycare Scotland, on Google, here (opens in new tab).

Abbeycare Scotland Timeline

Since 2005, Abbeycare have continued to refine, and clarify, the in-house programme for addiction recovery.



Abbeycare Scotland begin offering addiction rehabilitation within a 5 bedroom Ayrshire country residence.


Abbeycare Scotland move to a larger Lanarkshire premises, providing access for 21 addiction rehabilitation clients.



Begin working closely with Scottish Drugs Forum and Scottish Recovery Consortium to measure performance and enhance service provision.


Moved location to purpose built Renfrewshire clinic offering rehabilitation for 34 clients.
Centralising client relationship platforms, and working towards ISO 9001 certification.


While others have spent time experimenting with new-age or alternative approaches to recovery, Abbeycare have worked on continually improving and refining the core programme, making incremental improvements based on client feedback over 16 years practice.

Abbeycare maintain a strongly evidence-led programme based on the principles of whole body detoxification, therapeutic insights, and long-term support.


Client AW

Photo changed to protect confidentiality

Abbeycare saved my life. I was in no way shape or form able to handle my addiction to drugs and alcohol on my own. The staff and programme showed me how to handle a sober lifestyle, deal with life's situations without the use of drink and drugs. The staff are excellent, never judge and are always there to help. The majority of staff have personally had problems with drink or drugs so its easy to connect and they understand what its like.


Client MS

Photo changed to protect confidentiality

I would like to thank Abbeycare Scotland for their dedicated support throughout my four week stay, each and everyone of these guys are so dedicated to the care and education given to me, in my opinion it was the best phone call I have ever made, you brilliant people probably saved my life and with outside support I will continue my life's journey safe happy and sober.


Client B

Photo changed to protect confidentiality

Cannot thank the staff at Abbeycare enough. My 28 stay was a life changing experience and I am so grateful for the staff and the programme. From the day I arrived, to the day I left I was cared for, supported and looked after by everyone - the recovery practitioners, the chefs (who both made amazing food!), management, the day staff, the night staff, the  nurse and everyone else who I met during my stay. A special thanks to my key worker, who supported me throughout my whole experience and made me comfortable from day one.

Meet The Abbeycare Scotland Team



Douglas MacFarlane

Douglas has been involved in the addictions field for over 15 years and has had the pleasure of working closely with hundreds of individuals, helping them on their journey to recovery.
Douglas joined Abbeycare in 2015 and was formerly the Deputy Manager of our sister service, Abbeycare Gloucester, taking up the position of Service Manager at Abbeycare Scotland in January 2020, where he manages and supports the clinical and therapeutic teams as well as the popular aftercare group.

Douglas has a Diploma in Health and Social care, Management and Supervision, as well as having completed a counselling training course in substance misuse.

Paula Shields


Paula Shields

Paula has worked in the addiction treatment and behavioural health field for over 20 years in a variety of roles, focusing on client facing therapeutic work and programme development as her career progressed.

Paula pioneered the first gender-responsive, trauma-informed addiction treatment program in South East Asia. On returning to Scotland, Paula re-joined the Abbeycare team to develop and deliver on our extended trauma informed therapeutic programme.

Paula has a BSc degree in Psychology, a diploma in Women’s Studies and several qualifications in teaching and training, within the Lifelong Learning Sector. She holds certifications in Clinical Supervision, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.



Marie McGuire

   Marie was employed within social work services for 30 years, the last 12 years of which were within Glasgow Addiction Services where she was responsible for the management and practice of a specialist team providing addiction interventions and recovery support to individuals and families.

Marie has studied Drugs and Alcohol: Policy and Intervention at Glasgow University and Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) at Miami University. She qualified as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) in 2004, and has tutored in the CBT honours degree course in Glasgow for almost ten years.

Marie also practices as a CBT counsellor and supervisor. She is currently undertaking a diploma in Training and Development and is  a member of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists.

Latest Inspection Report

Abbeycare (UK) Ltd (trading as Abbeycare Scotland) is registered with the Care Inspectorate with the Service Number CS2016347332. Abbeycare are registered to provide care and support for up to 34 people over the age of 18 who are experiencing alcohol/substance misuse difficulties.

The Care Inspectorate are committed to carrying out our inspections of regulated care services on an unannounced basis, for all care service types, unless there are practical reasons to announce a particular inspection. Inspections will take place at any time of the day or night that the care service is operational.

Unannounced inspections provide members of the public with greater reassurance that services are being inspected whilst operating as they normally would.

Abbeycare Scotland’s latest unannounced inspection was carried out in November 2019. Our grades were as follows [Excellent – (6) is the highest score attainable]:


Excellent (6)

Care & Support

Very Good (5)


Very Good (5)

Leadership & Management

Very Good (5)


Very Good (5)

SDF Report

In 2017, the Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF) assisted Abbeycare Scotland to carry out a collaborative process involving current and former clients, staff and management to measure performance in four key areas:

  •     Assess service performance against the Quality Principles as part of the Quality Improvement Framework for Scotland
  •     Help identify current strengths and possible areas for development
  •     Provide a report with recommendations for future development
  •     Provide support as required to develop outcomes processes support development of service profile

We were delighted to have had such a positive input to the process and are pleased to evidence how we have embedded and embraced the Quality Principles within our service.  We are further delighted that there are high levels of satisfaction and further confidence that the service is committed to quality and ongoing improvement.  We would like to thank all clients and staff for their contribution in assisting to provide meaningful feedback on the impact of the work of our service and in assisting in identifying areas to develop our services further.

Scotland And North Clinic


Scotland And The North Clinic

Abbeycare Scotland
Erskine Mains House
Meadows Drive
Abbeycare Scotland is located in the town of Erskine, 9 miles to the west of Glasgow city centre.  The site is well situated for access to public transport with regular bus services available on Mains Drive, a short walk to the south. The nearest Train Station is situated in Bishopton, 4 miles to the west providing services into Glasgow Central Station and beyond. Access to the motorway network is via Junction 30 of the M8 which lies 3 miles to the west. Glasgow International Airport can also be found 4 miles to the south of Erskine, in the town of Paisley.

Abbeycare are happy to offer complimentary pick-ups to clients from all of the above, the train station  in Bishopton, as well as  Glasgow Central Railway Stations.