Methadone Detox

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Methadone Detox

Due to our distinct market position, Abbeycare Scotland can now offer a unique methadone detox program, unavailable elsewhere.

Our Suboxone detox allows a tapered withdrawal from methadone, in a safe, supervised, clinic environment, and is fully compatible with a range of aftercare options and therapeutic follow up support.
This new treatment allows more comfortable detoxification, even from high doses of methadone (>30mg daily). Although variable, this specialist detox typically takes a minimum of 14 days.

Working with local specialists, our exclusive new protocol combines buprenorphine and suboxone to provide:

  • Effective, comfortable detox from methadone – even at doses of 30mg daily or greater
  • Reduced side effects and cravings following methadone withdrawal
  • A custom/specialist detox program with lower risk of complications, as compared to other programs

Although much depends on historical usage levels, severity of dependence, etc, high levels of methadone use, even greater than 30mg daily, are no longer a barrier to full and effective detox.
Studies* suggest that this form of detox from methadone can be effective in

  • Reducing methadone withdrawal symptoms
  • Improving commitment to the detox process
  • Increasing detox completion rates

Your methadone detox program is custom prepared, and especially tailored to your personal needs.


Our methadone protocol is usually administered in oral tablet form. Much like standard prescriptive detox, methadone detox is prescribed in a tapered dose, personalised specifically to your needs. Any final doses of methadone before detox begins are managed carefully by our doctor to ensure maximum safety and comfort


Can this process be used to detoxify from heroin use?

Yes, this method may be suitable for some as a detox from heroin, depending on your personal circumstances,
usage history, etc. These can be assessed when you contact us.

I’m on high dose methadone, is this suitable for me?

Yes. This method of detox is suitable even for those on doses of methadone greater than 30mg/daily.

Is this a quick fix?

No. This detox protocol allows detoxification from high doses of methadone, however this is not a quick fix and does not address the underlying drivers of addiction.

How long will detox take?

The duration of detox varies greatly, and depends on multiple factors, including the severity and duration of methadone usage, your physical and emotional health, and other circumstances. As a general guide, you should expect this form of detox to last at least 14 days or more.


Upon admission our doctor carries out a full assessment:

  • Physical health examination and history checks
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Your usage history, current levels of intoxication, duration and dosages used historically

…to provide a personalised detoxification fitted to your needs precisely.

Getting Started

To take advantage of our unique market position and begin detox from methadone – even higher doses, get in touch with Abbeycare now:

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