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12 Step Treatment Programme

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12 Step Treatment Programme

The philosophy underpinning Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) promotes the installation of hope and taking responsibility, for the disease of alcohol addiction.

We work through the 12 Step approach to improve clients self-awareness and to facilitate their acceptance of who they are; their struggle to survive their alcoholism; and the potential to live happy, fulfilled lives – on life’s terms – in sobriety.

The illness concept has proven utility when working to develop self worth, confidence, trust and belief in self and others.

The concept of fellowship, and that clients need never struggle alone again, are, we believe, crucial components of any recovery.

The 12 Step alcohol treatment approach delivers a compassionate, powerful and sustainable recovery programme well beyond the client’s initial intervention at Abbeycare.

The parallels between CBT and 12 Steps are many and working with both models seamlessly reinforces the key messages, “you had no choice”, “surrender – you are only fighting yourself”, “take responsibility for your thoughts and actions” – both offering a compassionate, accepting and sustainable recovery model.

In our weekly alcohol treatment programme, we offer three 12 Step/CBT sessions – experiential teaching; one therapeutic group (CBT/Gestalt model); and a progress meeting on a Monday morning – CBT facilitation of the clients view of their progress and that of their peers.

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