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Rehab For Alcohol or Drug Addiction In Gloucestershire

Breaking free from addiction to alcohol or drugs means finding treatment that meets your needs. The factors that go into deciding on rehab treatment include (e.g.) how long you’ve suffered from alcohol or drug use, frequency of substance use, your medical history, and previous relapses.

Private treatment for alcohol or drug rehab in a clinic in Gloucestershire can provide comfortable, safe detoxification. Treatment usually includes therapy from alcohol and drug specialists, many having personal experience of addiction themselves.

Alcohol or drug rehab stays in Gloucestershire vary from 14-28 days or longer. Most rehab clinics include detox, therapy, and planning supports for the future.

Costs of private rehab treatment are different for each clinic, and depend on your needs, and duration of stay. An estimate for Abbeycare Gloucester can be obtained from Abbeybot, below.

What Happens In Alcohol Or Drug Rehab Gloucester?

During rehab, you’ll complete a full withdrawal from alcohol or drugs, gain insights into the reasons behind your addiction, and plan supports for the future, to prevent relapse.

Inpatient treatment is usually preferable to outpatient treatment, as you can work continuously on recovery from addiction, uninterrupted by the events of daily life.

Some centres also provide additional supports for family members, including therapy or aftercare programmes.

Core Programme
  • Supervised detox
  • Holistic and alternative treatments
  • Individually tailored recovery care plans
  • Attractive pricing
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Finding The Right Rehab Help In Gloucester

What You Should Know About Rehab

Navigating treatment options for addiction can be tricky. Here's what you need to know:

  • Decisions you make early in the admission process can impact the aftercare and support you receive in future.
  • Choosing a rehab based solely on location, or how quickly you can detox, doesn't automatically mean your chosen provider will have the most suitable therapy programme for you.
  • The length of time you've spent in active addiction, may affect the timescales and nature of the detox you receive, and how quickly you progress into therapy.
  • Selecting a stay duration that's too short, may increase the risk of relapse, later.

A competent admissions team, within your prospective clinic, should be able to help you with all these elements.

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How To Find A Gloucester Rehab Clinic That Matches Your Needs

When setting out to find the right addiction help, there are some key elements to look for:

Stopping Usage

Your individual needs for detox and withdrawal management should be overseen by a medical professional working with the clinic you admit to.

They do not need to be present 24/7, but they do need to be overseeing your progress.

Why It's Important

No two individuals' history of alcohol/drug usage or history is the same. 

The potential strain placed upon the body to remove toxins during treatment, depends on multiple factors, personal to the individual.

Ask any prospective treatment clinic what professionals are available to assist in planning your treatment, and to what extent it will be customised.


Mental Health Factors

Any complicating mental health factors should be planned for, ahead of time. Co-existing mental health conditions, can impact upon length of stay, and may involve additional secondary care or onward referral. Ask the provider how they might deal with such issues, if applicable.

Why It's Important

Sometimes, mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety, happen before an addiction develops. Other times, the addiction itself causes the depression or anxiety.

Treating the addiction issues first, will often surface secondary mental health issues, for further attention.

However, local support services can often decline requests for help, if the individual is in active addiction.

Effective Treatment For High Intake Levels

High drug or alcohol intake can cause liver or pancreas issues, which may need more specialised intervention.

How does the clinic handle these issues? Does the rehab provider have facilities on-site to handle complications?

Why It's Important

Addiction rehab clinics can normally offer treatment for the majority of usage patterns, including high intake.

In a minority of cases, where very high drug/alcohol usage has been maintained over time, more specialist help may be required.


Key Decisions In Finding Gloucester Addiction Rehab Treatment

Ask any prospective rehab clinic:

  • Duration - How long is most likely to achieve long term sobriety?
  • Costs - When is payment due, what does it include?
  • Location - Close enough for aftercare, far enough away to create useful separation
  • Speed of admission - How quickly can I admit to treatment?
  • Support after treatment - Is this included?
  • Meets your needs - Based on usage frequency, recency, other pre-existing health issues
  • Care plan - How does the clinic make sure you're on track, during your stay?
  • Therapy Programme - Group/Individual?
  • Visits - Are family visits allowed?
  • Access to phones & devices - Not all clinics allow this, check if yours does, and if there are any associated restrictions.

Compare Alcohol/Drug Rehab Providers Side By Side:

"...I’ve experienced quite a few different rehabs over the years and I cannot recommend this place highly enough. The quality of care was outstanding. And most importantly to me was the true compassion that the staff had. "

Client VR

Photo changed to protect confidentiality


"I spent a lovely stay for the last 3 weeks of January 2021....Thank you to all of the staff and my fellow clients for showing me the right path to start my journey of recovery."

Client SH

Photo changed to protect confidentiality


Gloucester Addiction Rehab Treatment Duration

How does your history of alcohol/drug addiction determine how long you stay in rehab?

Frequent alcohol/drug relapses can mean the underlying emotional components of addiction need more work.

e.g. A short detox of 7-14 days can help you feel physically better, but it's unlikely to resolve addictive behaviours and their causes.

A rehab stay of 28 days or longer provides a longer time frame to work on addiction issues in therapy.

Key Questions To Ask A Gloucester Rehab Clinic

  • Is the detox provided, specific to my needs, intake level, and duration of active addiction?
  • How does the programme help me to take advantage of the insights I gain in therapy?
  • How is aftercare provided? Are the costs of aftercare included in the cost of treatment?

Finding The Right Rehab: The Complete Guide

About Abbeycare Gloucester Rehab

Set in the grounds of Hygrove House in Gloucestershire, Abbeycare Gloucester provides the ability to recover, reconnect and renew, through the core programme of supervised detox, therapeutic interventions, recovery care, and aftercare planning.

We accommodate up to 31 clients in either one of 26 standard ensuite rooms, or one of 5 large executive suites with larger beds, comfortable bathrooms and panoramic views of the Gloucestershire countryside.

There is a large relaxing lounge, conservatory, and large gardens, fitness suite, and daily menus to cater for individual dietary requirements.

Our specialist multi-disciplinary team support clients through the recovery process.

With a proven therapeutic programme, tailored recovery care plans, and continuous aftercare, Abbeycare Gloucester is the perfect setting to begin recovery from addiction.

Our service is designed to adhere specifically to all guidelines laid out by Care Quality Commission and Public Health England.

Some elements of our service may be amended or altered at periods in relation to Covid-19 prevalence, following the advice of Public Health England.

Treatment Programme at Abbeycare Gloucester

  • 14-28 days+ residential treatment
  • Individually assigned case manager, for the duration of your stay
  • Personal care plan management and mentoring
  • Medically supervised whole body detoxification
  • Integration into the rehab therapy programme
  • Individually tailored aftercare planning included

Beyond the surroundings, your experience at Abbeycare Gloucester focuses on your needs, in order to foster true long term recovery.

We’ve helped hundreds overcome addiction, and whether you’re seeking treatment for alcohol or drugs – or something else - we’ll help you:

  • Complete a full and comfortable detox
  • Make sense of how events led to alcohol or drug addiction in your life
  • Address the underlying issues behind addiction in rehab, like beliefs, values, or behavioural patterns.
  • Build a robust aftercare plan, to avoid the mistakes of the past, and move forward in life with confidence

Our service is designed to adhere specifically to all guidelines laid out by Care Quality Commission and Public Health England.

Some elements of our service may be amended or altered, during Covid-19 conditions.

Download Abbeycare Gloucester Clinic Daily Agendas:

Abbeycare Gloucester Client Care Charter

Abbeycare Gloucester staff and specialists undertake to provide the following client care charter:

  • Safe, comfortable alcohol or drug detoxification programme tailored to your needs
  • Integration into the clinic therapeutic community
  • Every client welcomed into the Abbeycare family
  • Incorporate the requirements of our regulators, the Care Quality Commission, in everything we do

Established in 2018, Abbeycare Gloucester have helped 538 clients move beyond addiction, in the last 2 years alone.

Approximately 85% of Abbeycare staff are in addiction recovery personally, and have lived experience of alcohol or substance use.

Find out more about Abbeycare Gloucester, here (opens in new tab).

Read what others say about Abbeycare Gloucester, on Google, here (opens in new tab).

Your Responsibilities In Recovery

Rehab is not a "quick fix".

Primary care addiction treatment in a clinic is the most specialist intervention that exists, for alcohol or drug addiction.

An appropriate addiction recovery programme should provide you with all the tools you need to detox, gain therapeutic insights, and set up supports for long term success.

However, you remain responsible for your long term recovery.

This means:

  • Setting realistic goals for your recovery and tracking progress, over time
  • Getting help to anticipate potential triggers and overcome them
  • Following through on the aftercare plan previously set up

And, the reward is....lasting long term recovery! from addiction, and its destructive effects in your life, and the lives of those around you.


Client T

Photo changed to protect confidentiality

Outstanding rehab and unfortunately I have been to a few. Well structured program with caring staff. The food is excellent as well as surroundings. I wish you much success. Unbelievable what you have accomplished in your first year. Many thanks.

quotation mark

Client H

Photo changed to protect confidentiality

Great facilities, fantastic program, a supportive, friendly and brilliant team. A place to go, feel safe and recover fully.

quotation mark

Family member K

Photo changed to protect confidentiality

Brother in law checked into this Gloucestershire rehab with a serious alcoholism issue. Really very poorly. Staff seemed great right from our intiial contact. BIL spoke about the practical tools and techniques he now has, he hasn't touched the alcohol since, and seems more self-aware you would say.

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Meet The Abbeycare Gloucester Team



Laura Morris

Laura Morris is an experienced clinical practitioner and CQC Registered Manager with over twenty years experience, over ten of which have been as an Independent Nurse Prescriber.

Laura has held a number of senior leadership roles in the substance use and mental health sector in the NHS, the prison service and in leading social enterprises in the field.

Regulation and Inspection Information

Abbeycare Gloucester is registered with the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator of health and social care in England. We are registered to provide care and support for up to 31 people over the age of 18 who are experiencing alcohol/substance use difficulties.

The CQC are committed to carrying out inspections of regulated care services to provide members of the public with greater reassurance that we are inspecting on outcomes for people in services that are operating as they usually would.

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