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Call our local number 01603 513 091
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Bristol Help For Alcohol & Drug Addiction

If you’re suffering from drug or alcohol addiction in Bristol and you are struggling, you are not alone. Our drug and alcohol addiction rehab centre near Bristol will provide the support you need.

The road to alcohol and drug use is slippery. Recovery is not easy, but we are here to help.

We have experts to help you with a medically assisted detox and withdrawal symptoms. At Abbeycare , we have methods that work, and scientifically proven addiction treatment techniques.

We will give you an opportunity to admit into drug rehab near Bristol with ease. We believe that healing takes place from the inside, and the best way to do that is through the inner work required for long-term addiction recovery.

Alcohol rehab treatment options with Abbeycare

There are two main treatment programmes at Abbeycare; When you make us your drug and alcohol rehab treatment provider, we can arrange for residential care (inpatient treatment rehab) or help you do a home detox.

If you choose residential rehab care, you will be staying at the centre for 7-28 days or longer. If you want to opt for home detox, we will work together to assess if it’s the right option for you.

We also provide the following services;

  • Mental health review
  • Family therapy
  • Mental health therapy
  • Private treatment services.
  • Alcohol abuse support
  • Individual therapy
  • Harmful substances treatment.
  • Chronic illness support
  • Drug abuse rehab.
  • Psychological addiction treatment.
  • Various rehab programmes.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous groups
  • A free confidential assessment
  • Holistic therapies
  • Dual diagnosis assessment
  • Alternative therapies

We value safety in all our addiction treatment procedures. When it comes to drug or alcohol rehab, we want to make sure we give you the treatment choice.

We want to make sure you have the best environment to recuperate and recover. Our admissions team will give personalised advice.

Please ring us directly on 01603 513 091 to find out more about our Bristol rehab and other treatment centres near you.

Abbeycare rehab services

When you Call us today on 01603 513 091, you are instantly connected to our admissions team.

You only need to tell us your concerns and your level of alcohol and drug abuse.

We understand that picking up that phone is already an act of courage.

We will do our best to assist your call so you can move forward to the next step.

What happens when you call for rehab?

When you call for drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol, we’ll have a chat about your options for drug and alcohol treatment. If you decide to choose residential care, we will take you through a short questionnaire. And within 24 to 48 hours, you’ll be admitted to the clinic.

Upon admission, you’ll get settled in your room, and then you will have an initial consultation with our medical team who will do a physical health checkup. Supervised detox will then follow.

During detox, our alcohol service team will be there for you at all times. We know this is one of the most complex parts of any detox programme. When you are feeling much better, we’ll help you work your way around individualized therapy sessions, group sessions and any additional actions you would like to take.

We are also qualified when it comes to treating dual diagnosis. If you suffer from both alcohol and drug use, we shall be able to treat that for you. These substance addictions are common.

After your stay at the addiction treatment centre, we will connect you with local mutual-support groups. Aftercare is important because the choices you make after treatment should support your new lifestyle.

How does Bristol rehab work?

Abbeycare believes in a structured addiction treatment approach to recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. In our rehab centre near Bristol, we offer full-time residential treatment.

First, there is medically assisted detox for alcohol addictions. Then, you will have qualified psychosocial intervention, holistic therapy, one-on-one psychotherapy and group therapy sessions.

You’ll learn the patterns of addiction unique to you and the coping skills you’ll need to get better from our addiction professionals. After the rehab programme, we will strategies and plan how to enjoy your life sober and manage withdrawal symptoms.

Why choose Abbeycare drug and alcohol rehab?

We offer alcohol addiction programmes serving Bristol and the UK and we believe that you will have 100% success with our treatment options;

We have a proven track record

When you enroll at any our our park centre rehab clinics, you will be able to meet our addiction reovery practitioners. You will be assigned an individual member of our team for the greatest personal attention possible.

We will personally assign a member of our alcohol rehab team to you

Yes. When admitting to our clinic, you will not go through this process alone. Abbeycare will assign someone specific to work with you and ensure that you are taken care of. We offer personalised care at all times.

Our rehab programme is tailored to your unique needs, and it is personalised

We do not believe in a one-programme-fits all approach. We go deep to understand the underlying issues with all of our clients. We will ensure that the treatment is personalized and targeted towards each person.

Medical detox is personalised to you

This is the first step towards treatment. It can be a difficult and challenging time as you go through detox and we are here to ensure that it is smooth sailing. You do not have to worry about withdrawal symptoms as our team of experts are ready and waiting to provide you with all the assistance you need to achieve success in this first step.

Our rehab staff are on call, seven days a week, 24 hours a day

This is the beauty of an in-patient alcohol rehab. We have care 24/7. Nothing will happen without our watch. You can rest easy knowing that we are watching and taking care of you at all times. Do not worry about any type of withdrawal symptoms as our rehab staff are always available.

We offer a complete structured residential rehab recovery programme

This is a great advantage for anyone with severe addiction problems as a structured residential rehab ensures that you are secluded and far from any potential triggers. We keep you in our clinics that are designed for comfort and addiction treatment. In addition, you get to interact with other people going through the same addiction problems and this can be a great motivator.

Therapy options

We have a variety of therapy options that include; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy group therapy and Holistic Therapy, 12 step treatment, and one-to-one keyworker or counselling sessions.

These are known and proven to work when it comes to treatment of alcohol addiction and we ensure that you are always on track towards sobriety. We offer therapy sessions for your family members as well, and we will ensure that in the end you are in the right place to have your sobriety badge as soon as possible. Trust us to help you.

CQC approved rehab treatment

This is the Care Quality Commission. The Abbeycare clinic is licensed by the CQC and approved to provide rehab services. We ensure that you are in the right hands, and our work is well supervised by the governing body.

Long term addiction recovery support with aftercare options and planning

After Rehab at Abbeycare, we don't stop there. We have plenty of aftercare options just for you. Our goal is to be with you every step of the way from the start to the finish. You are never alone. Do not fear.. rehab is for your well-being.

We work with clients every day from Bristol & the surrounding area

This gives us excellent experience to work with all sorts of cases and all kinds of people. We are excellent with addiction problems. Call us today on 01603 513 091 if you live in the Bristol area.

Bristol Rehab FAQs

I’m worried, do I deserve help?

Yes you do. Drug and alcohol addiction does not choose individuals based on perceived worthiness. Events in life happen, and we do our best to cope with them. Addiction affects millions worldwide, from all walks of life. Struggling to cope with life’s events does not make you, or anyone, less deserving of help.

I have co-occurring mental health issues, can I still access a treatment programme?

Yes. Emotional Issues like depression, anxiety, or complex mental health issues like bipolar disorder, personality disorder and schizophrenia go hand in hand with drugs or alcohol misuse. Most of our clients are suffering from these co-existing issues as part of the pattern of addiction. Subject to approval from our rehab in Bristol medical team, we can then factor these elements into your treatment plan. Call us today on  01603 513 091. to get personalised advice for your unique situation.

I’ve tried support groups like AA or NA before, and they didn’t work. Why would an addiction treatment programme be any different?

An addiction treatment is different as it is focused on alcohol addiction only. Using our Residential rehab clinics will also ensure that you are away from common triggers that may cause a relapse to occur. At the end of the day however: Your commitment to care is what will determine your success. When you decide to attend our Abbeycare rehab clinic, you must commit 100% to the treatment and if you trust us, we shall get you to sobriety.

What treatment options are available?

There are several treatment options available. Generally, alcohol or drug abuse treatment is manageable through inpatient or outpatient programmes. Abbeycare offers primarily residential treatment options at our dedicated UK rehab facilities.

How to choose the right addiction treatment programme?

There are multiple Bristol addiction rehab centres and treatment services to choose from. How do you know which one is right for you? This will depend on what you are looking for. Visit them individually to assess their service and level of care.

The following questions will help you decide if the alcohol rehab that meets your needs:

Can the medical team deal efficiently with any withdrawal symptoms you may experience?
Does the centre have a long term approach to addiction recovery, not just detox?
Do they offer comprehensive inpatient programmes, personalised to individual needs?

How long will I stay in rehab in Bristol?

This will depend on multiple factors regarding your addiction, such as duration of alcohol or substance abuse, frequency, recency, past Bristol addiction treatment, your needs, and our initial assessment with you. The standard stay is 28 days. However, detox and alcohol rehab is available from 7 days+.

How much does drug addiction treatment cost?

This Depends. Our payment options are personalised and depend on your needs and duration of stay. Please do contact us, and we will be happy to chat through the drug rehab options.

Am I allowed visitors in rehab?

Yes. Visits are usually once a week and typically fall on the weekends. We’ll help you understand the current schedule during our initial call.

Abbeycare Provides:

  • Prescribed Detoxification
  • Full Structured Residential Rehabilitation Program
  • Therapeutic Help, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • 12 step treatment, and one-to-one sessions
  • Aftercare planning
  • CQC approved treatment
  • 24-7 care
  • Personally assigned member of our addiction team

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How to Book Your Rehab

If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, we can help. The first step to book addiction rehab treatment near Bristol is to call our admissions team direct: 

01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.

Or, request instant personalised pricing via our friendly assistant:

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