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Spice Addiction & Rehab

At Abbeycare, we specialise in residential drug & alcohol rehabilitation – helping our patients kick addiction, and in turn take back control of their lives.

Once dealing with more ‘traditional’ drug & alcohol addiction – in recent years we have witnessed a shocking increase in the use of ‘legal highs’ as well as drugs such as Spice, a synthetic cannabis. As the use of these drugs has spread across the UK, it has become clear incredibly quickly, that these drugs have devastating effects, not only on the user – but also their family and friends.

Quickly identifying the requirement for addiction treatment of drugs such as Spice, our teams have worked hard to create a pioneering rehab & detox residential course which effectively reduces and eliminates the reliance on such drugs. Helping you, your family member, or your friend kick this dangerous habit.

On this page, we look to discover more about Spice, it’s effects, impacts and how through our residential premises, we help people break their addiction to Spice – helping get the lives of addicts, back on track.

What is Spice?

The term ‘Spice’ is one of the terms used to describe a range of Synthetic Cannabinoids which have been created to replicate the effects of the very strongest forms of Cannabis, commonly known as Skunk. Typically, Spice is a mixture between man made chemicals, as well as herbs.The man made ingredients of the drug, have mimic the effects of the active part of Cannabis – THC which provides the mind psychological results. The more THC which is used, the greater the psycho active impact is.

Spice is taken the same way that Cannabis is, so it’s smoked as either a joint – or with a pipe/bong. As with almost all drugs, it’s impossible to tell the exact ingredients within Spice, so every use is a game of chance with dangerous chemicals. There is absolutely no way of knowing exactly what is in a smoking mixture of Spice.

What are other names for Spice?

Although Synthetic Cannabis has become known as Spice, the drug itself has many names & variations depending upon local language and nicknames, as well as the different types of branded Synthetic Cannabis available. Names that we know of include:

  • Spice
  • Bliss
  • Mojo
  • Scoobie Snax
  • Mamba
  • Moon Rocks
  • Fake Weed
  • Fake Skunk
  • Spice Diamond
  • K2

What are the effects of Spice?

As mentioned above, high concentrations of THC are used to create a psychoactive response from our bodies. As with most drugs, the impact of THC on the body can vary massively – whilst some users feel relaxed and drowsy – other will feel euphoric, be incredibly excitable before feeling paranoid, frightened and incredibly ill. Although closely linked to Cannabis, the effects are much greater, and are far from what a regular Cannabis user would expect – with the levels of THC being around one hundred times greater than Cannabis alone.

The starkest reminder of what the effects of Spice can do to a human, can be seen online through many videos showing ‘Spice Zombies’ littering the streets semi conscious.


Is Spice addictive?

Just like any other drug, using Spice in both small or large amounts can kickstart an addiction.

Although very little scientific research has been carried out into the addictive chemical makeup of spice – a survey of the homeless in Manchester revealed that they thought Spice was as addictive as Heroin.

Further studies have also shown that users can develop a tolerance to Spice, which means they need to take an increased amount of the drug, and/or a stronger version of the drug to achieve the same initial effect.

Typical signs of Spice addiction we see here at Abbeycare includes:

  • Continued Spice abuse in the face of negative consequences
  • Spice Cravings
  • Taking Spice to target the reward area of the brain

There are widespread reports of withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety, confusion, depression, desperation, paranoia, restlessness and tremors, as well as nausea and vomiting.

Who takes Spice?

As with any drug or alcohol problem, there is not a one size fits all profile of the person that uses the drug, Spice. Spice is taken by a wide range of people, from all walks of life for many different reasons. Especially popular with homeless communities, as well as young (and old!!) party goers seeking a high.

Why is Spice Dangerous?

We have already mentioned how Synthetic Cannabis such as Spice is 100 times stronger than herbal cannabis. Because of this, Spice is dangerous in so many ways, with unpredictable results from user to user. The above video shows the debilitating effects of the drug, other symptoms of use including paranoia and violence – with some users collapsing immediately after use, going into a coma or a seizure. In manchester, there are hundreds of police callouts because of the use of Spice every weekend.

Spice Detox & Treatment

Those who use Spice are almost always addicted to other drugs & substances – ranging from Heroin to Herbal Cannabis. That’s why at Abbeycare, we run a complete and holistic detox programme which has been specifically designed to release patients from the grips of an addiction. Having said that, we do ruin specific Spice addiction programmes, but all treatments are created and designed on a case by case basis, with addiction – there is no one size fits all treatment.

Across all of our centres, all patients are welcomed into a caring and specialist environment which uses both physical & mental treatments to help deal with withdrawal symptoms. Again, techniques used vary on a case by case basis, but can include everything from group & individual counselling, to temporary medication to help patients deal with any withdrawal symptoms. The safety and health of our patients, is always our top priority.

To learn more about how our centres can help you or a loved one, deal with and beat a Spice addiction for good – please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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