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Support & Help Post-Treatment

Abbeycare places a huge emphasis on aftercare.

We believe that undertaking Abbeycare’s detox and rehab programme is just the first chapter of the journey of recovery and know that many people feel that the real work begins after the initial treatment period.

The highest risk of relapse is during the first 90 days following discharge from a drug and alcohol rehab and we strongly encourage all of our clients to participate in some form of aftercare.

Abbeycare hosts a number of aftercare groups for our clients.

Every Monday evening, former clients get together at Murdostoun or Newmarket to share their experiences and offer support to each other as they continue in their recovery.

We also encourage all current clients to attend the Monday meetings to learn first-hand about what may happen when they leave. We also hope it inspires them to see the well-being and progress of people who have completed the programme previously.

The East of Scotland Group, which meets in Edinburgh every Wednesday evening, was set up by former clients based in Edinburgh and the surrounding area to offer support to each other. It is open to any former clients and to prospective clients who would like to know more about Abbeycare.

We also have an aftercare group in central London for our former clients who are based in and around the City.

Family & Employer Support

At Abbeycare UK we recognise the effects of active Addiction on both families and employers.

The Family/Employer Support Groups that are run on a fortnightly basis are psychoeducational, giving information on the illness of addiction and how this affects a person’s functioning in both the family, the workplace and society.

We encourage participants to explore and challenge their own beliefs and prejudices surrounding addiction, helping them to become more aware of their attitudes and behaviours that may be contributing to the problem.

We discuss the recovery process, aftercare planning and how they can support the person who is in recovery.

We also guide them towards forming new perspectives and new ways of coping that are more beneficial to them, their families or employees.

Information is given on other Family groups, fellowships and counselling services where they can access further support if required

The group is interactive in the sense that we encourage participants to share their personal experiences and the impact of addiction with each other, a very powerful experience for families who have felt alienated and alone.

People often come to our Family groups with some reservations only to find themselves sharing openly with other’s experiences that they thought were unique to them.

The connections that they make with each other are sometimes profound.

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