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Drug and alcohol addiction has adverse effects on people, including their loved ones, and can cause some destructive and harmful effects on their lives.

Drug addiction impacts a huge number of people in Bridgend and as per the UK National stats, (1) this number seems to increase, and a lot needs to be done.

The local GPs in Bridgend are overwhelmed with the number of people binge drinking and having mental health problems. They believe that the local drug and alcohol rehab is hard to find.

Most times, the alcohol rehab Bridgend does not offer the high standard of professional treatment that is required in Bridgend County Borough.

But, that is all in the past – the Abbeycare alcohol rehab centre offers all of the high-class services needed. We shall discuss more about this below.

This is one of the best alcohol rehab clinic in the area, and this is something we hear again and again in this unassuming rehab centre tucked away in a country lane.

Drug and alcohol problems in the UK

Many people are suffering from alcohol and drug problems in the UK, and unfortunately, only a few of them seek alcohol addiction treatment.

Most people suffer from drug and alcohol addiction in the UK but only a few of them enter into drug and alcohol rehab treatment.

While the problem of drug and alcohol addiction can at times be subjective, there are only three main reasons why people do not seek any rehab help: denial, shame, and fear.

Denial refers to their refusal to admit that they have an addiction problem and need drug and alcohol rehab.

Shame is the humiliation and disgrace associated with addiction such as irresponsibility, sense of worthlessness or failure in life, homelessness, poverty, and unemployment among others.

Fear is the terror of change or uncovering painful memories in the process, going out of one’s comfort zone, relapsing, and not succeeding in the end.

Don’t let these negative thoughts get in the way for you to seek alcohol rehabilitation especially at a residential treatment facility.

If there is even just a small desire to get the rehab help in your mind, grab it immediately before it fades away. Residential treatment is one of the best ways to receive help for your drug use or continued drinking problem.

If there is realization, willingness, or desire to get help, you should act quickly, because your everyday life depends on it.

The stark reality of how taking drugs daily affects your mental health causes many patients to seek alcohol addictions therapy in order to positively live their life well.

Abbeycare Rehab Clinic in Bridgend is here for you just waiting for your call. Contact us today on 01603 513 091.

Finding the right rehab in Bridgend – Abbeycare rehab

If you have decided that enough is enough and you are ready to get help. Abbeycare is what you need. T his rehab facility near Llanharry road has free consultation and offer many different services to you and your loved ones such as;

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Alcoholics anonymous
  • Treatment for all mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, alcoholics relapse, etc.
  • Offering help to overcome addiction such as any alcoholic drink, smoking, heroin, etc.
  • Dual diagnosis.
  • Counselling.
  • Support.
  • Access to the hospital for the patients incase of emergencies during the rehabs.
  • All sorts of addiction treatments.
  • A smooth and healthy process of rehab.
  • A good transition back to the outside world.
  • A better life.

If you are looking for a change in your life. We welcome you to Abbeycare. Ring us directly on 01603 513 091, for any of the above treatments. We are here for you.

We shall receive you, offer you support and provide a free consultation. Rehabs are hard, and you need to have the best. We are the best in the Bridgend area.

The dreaded drug overdose

Substance abuse constantly comes with the risk of fatal after effects. Most rehabs will tell you that this is a long and hard process, requiring as much support as possible, including access to a hospital.

Whether it is liquor, hard drugs like coke and heroin or a prescription drug like opioid painkillers, you are predisposed to addiction if abusive behaviour persists.

If left unchecked, the fear of a fatal overdose might just be ‘the’ reason for seeking rehab help and support.

In most instances, a drug overdose is accidental, but must be treated at a hospital for recovery to take place.

People with addiction drink more or take more drugs than before as they develop tolerance to drugs.

Others consume more to get a better high.

A person suffering from drug overdose often does not have the capability to call for rehab help.

Among the tell-tale signs of drug overdose included widened pupils of the eyes, unconsciousness, chest pain and breathing difficulty, discoloration (lips or fingers turn blue), disorientation, paranoia, violence, and agitation, and seizures/ convulsions.

If you or your loved one is experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, you must call 999 immediately.

Individual therapy is available in Bridgend

Individual Rehab Therapy is a critical part of addiction treatment and recovery.

Also known as psychotherapy, this rehab programme involves one on one private dialogue with an assigned personal counsellor.

It is important to provide clients with a channel to express their personal traumas and experience which may be too difficult or sensitive to share in a group.

Sometimes they include issues that are sexual in nature and private experiences/ behaviours that cause shame and guilt.

It allows individuals to express one’s true emotions uninhibitedly, without the worry of getting misjudged by others.

This way, no stones are left unturned as individual issues of each patient are addressed.

Individual Rehab Therapy also helps in addressing co-occurring illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorder.

It helps clients process difficult emotions, raise better self-awareness and eliminate obstacles that could hamper recovery.

Qualities to look for in a treatment centre

Accreditation, professional qualification of staff and facilities are the common factors can be easily evaluated when evaluating a rehab treatment centre.

However, there are other factors that you should look for.

Quality of therapeutic relationships. This relates to the depth of trust and confidence between individual clients and counsellors/ addiction experts.

Client engagement. The level of participation of the client in all activities/ sessions in the treatment programme including motivational intervention.

Continuing evaluation of a treatment plan. The customized treatment plan for individual clients may require adjustments based on the successful response of the client in the course of rehab.

Speak for free to one of our specialists at Abbeycare Rehab Clinic in Bridgend now 01603 513 091.

Choosing the right recovery programme

The best way to facilitate a safe and complete recovery from addiction in Bridgend is by a tailored approach to treatment.

Abbeycare Clinic in Bridgend customizes its rehab programme for each individual client to fit their needs and circumstances.

However, the ideal recovery programme will ultimately depend on your other personal circumstances such as:

  • Can your budget cover the cost of the rehab treatment programme?
  • Can you use your insurance to cover the rehab programmer’s cost?
  • Do you prefer treatment closer to home or away from home?
  • Does the rehab clinic have previous experience of treating addiction similar to yours?
  • Can you get a time out from everything and dedicate one month of your life to rehab?

Aside from answering these questions, it would also help if you get professional advice or recommendation from your doctor. For consultation you can also call at Abbeycare Rehab Clinic in Bridgend.

Why should you seek professional treatment?

Because rehab treatment is not an easy journey. It is mostly accompanied by some serious denial, withdrawal symptoms and feelings of relapse.

A professional treatment facility such as Abbeycare clinic, offers you the best chance of overcoming your addiction.

The ongoing exposure to drugs and alcohol can churn your addiction cycle even more, which is why you need to have a professional help with your addiction treatment on your journey to recover.

Lone detoxification at home is also never the best option, as it is usually accompanied by disheartening feelings and the access to triggers in your home. You must have the right kind of support in order to fully achieve sobriety.

In order to overcome alcohol addiction, a professional rehab center, such as Abbeycare is your only option.

A professional addiction treatment center for drug and alcohol rehab in Bridgend offers a reassurance of safety and has the highest chance of recovery offering comprehensive help that will deter any future risks of relapse and provide excellent recovery.

Can this be accessible at Abbeycare alcohol rehabilitation center?

 Yes. The Abbeycare drug and alcohol rehab clinic offers all of the required treatment options for alcohol and drug rehab to ensure that you fully recover from the condition. We are a high-class rehab center that caters to all people.

Don’t just look for any drug and alcohol rehab. Look for the best at all times. This offers you the highest chances of success and personalized care.

At Abbeycare, you will certainly have the opportunity to receive professional drug and alcohol treatment in our drug and alcohol rehab in Bridgend.

There are many professionals who are waiting to serve you and help you recover. Do not be afraid to contact us today on 01603 513 091.

We handle each case uniquely and recovery is personal. We do not believe in a one-plan-fits all approach. We also ensure that we are close to a hospital incase you need extra help, and our diagnosis is well designed to detect any conditions.

When you visit us, we shall first take you through the free consultation, the family history check and then design a treatment programme that is purely designed to help you as an individual. We don’t assume anything when it comes to treatment.

Because of our high level of experience, the chances of success are almost always very high with us, at our private addiction treatment center in Bridgend. In fact, we have many options when it comes to your physical and psychological recovery options.

We look forward to serving you. Please get in touch with us today.

We also treat addiction in Caerphilly if that location is better suited. 

Overview of Abbeycare’s services

Abbeycare is a specialized in drug and alcohol addiction and rehab treatment clinic.

We have years of experience in treating various addictions including alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, prescription drug addiction, behavioural addiction, and other co-occurring diseases.

We have dedicated staff that genuinely cares about the full recovery of our clients.

We provide a safe, homely, and meditative environment that forms part of our therapeutic rehab location.

We can ensure your effective and lasting recovery in a comfortable manner as long as you remain committed to our rehab programme.

Our services feature:

  • 24-hour care
  • Fast admission
  • Aftercare Plan
  • Comfortable atmosphere and surroundings
  • Experienced and Dedicated staff
  • We take care of everything

Call us today on 01603 513 091 in Bridgend to begin your rehab stay.


Are painkillers safer than illegal drugs?

No. While opioid painkillers can be legally prescribed, they are equally dangerous as illicit drugs when it comes to addiction.

Despite its medicinal benefits, the effects of high doses of painkillers are equally fatal as high doses of illegal drugs like cocaine or heroin.

They both can cause coma and death.

How long does detox take?

There is no standard timeframe for how long detox is going to take or when it can get completed. It depends on several factors such as the severity of a client’s addiction; the rate, dose, and duration of substance use; incidence of mixed substance abuse; previous detox attempts, and will power and health condition of the client.

Can I use my cell phone and other electronics during my rehab?

Yes. However, access to cell phones while on rehab is very limited.

Access to phones is prohibited while undergoing detox.

Subsequent access to cell phones and other electronics are also strictly regulated to allow a client to concentrate on their treatment.

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How To Book

To book addiction treatment from anywhere in Bridgend County Borough, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.


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