Every Addiction Is A Solution?…

…True or false?

While scientists tell us we can become addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, compulsive hoarding, food, emotions, sports, etc, etc….here is the key:

Any addiction – whether it’s cigarettes, anger, alcohol, violence, depression, indecision, compulsions, etc – is only ever filling in for something else.

Every addiction is a solution, in *some* way.

It’s a solution to deal with some other problem, whether that’s coping with self-esteem issues, grief, guilt, unresolved trauma, worthiness, acceptance, depression, etc.

Now, remember back to one of these situations, a time when you felt triggered, felt the need to indulge the addiction, and you did go ahead and drink, or use.

In this state, what positive feelings are there now, as a result of indulging the habit, that weren’t there before? e.g. “I’m important”, “I’m lovable”, “I’m acceptable”, “I’m good enough”, “I matter”, “What I say/do/feel matters”, or maybe something more personal to you.

So if this scenario helps you feel (e.g.) good enough again, then it’s pointing us to self-esteem issues about not feeling good enough generally, do you see?

So the substance is the way to achieve these feelings, you don’t otherwise have.

These would be a starting point for therapy sessions, for example.

Now, what situations have told you you’re not good enough?

Is that *really* true about the situation? Or is that just one interpretation out of many possible interpretations?

Seeking professional therapeutic help in a rehab environment for all these underlying beliefs and traumas that these questions point you to, is the way to deal with addiction at the core.

Be sure your clinic is aware of these subtle, yet crucial distinctions.

Author: Dr Khan

Consultant, General and Forensic Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead, Abbeycare Scotland Dr Khan is Abbeycare Scotland’s clinical lead, and oversees the delivery of the medical and detox elements of the Abbeycare program at our Scottish clinic. Read more about Dr Khan on LinkedIn

3 thoughts on “Every Addiction Is A Solution?…”

  1. Hi I’m really struggling with drinking 3/4 bottles of wine a day I work nights 3 nights but have been off for 2 weeks & not been out the house for a week got to go back to work Friday night & I’m terrified

    1. Michelle you are not alone. I was off alcohol 5 months there
      but always end up wanting some mind altering substance so was smoking cannabis. Had no even a week drinking taking drugs after the drinking I’m more than terrified I’m suicidal right now told my mate my plan not long ago don’t want to be here had night terrors for the first time last night just wanted to go in my sleep. Get right on a anti abuse goto counselling no any! counsellors who have been addicts themselves hope you fight to stop because you’ll lose everything probably your life if you don’t maybe need time off work money’s just a tool for me I can’t handle anything right now can’t really encourage anything to help just I know how your feeling and want you to get well god bless and take care love Mark

    2. Michelle go to your Gp who may supply you with something called limbrium. Sorry if the spelling is wrong. These are for short term use and will help you feel normal without drink again. Wines one of them drinks that one glass and the hangover I’s away hence making it dangerous. Good luck

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