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Visiting one place to another is the best way to escape from the real world of work.

This is why more and more people prefer to book a flight and visit unique or remarkable places – one of the must-visit places in Gloucestershire.

Situated in the South West of England, Gloucestershire is a place of flowing rivers and rolling hills. This county includes a part of the flat fertile River Severn valley, part of the Cotswold Hills, and the whole Forest of Dean.

Iconic Historical Places in Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Statistics

With Gloucestershire’s well-known docks and iconic history, this place boasts an exciting history. Here are some top and amazing facts every tourist shouldn’t miss knowing:

1. Royal Connections

Way back to 681, King’s School Gloucestershire had the most interesting histories of any school in Gloucestershire, the.

This offers academic excellence, outstanding pastoral care, and an excellent range of extra-curricular activities.

2. Regal Coronation

The burial place of King Edward II is one of the few monarch crypts outside London. This Gloucestershire cathedral compared the King Henry III’s coronation dated back to 1216.

3. Elver Eaters

This refers to the uncommon eel delicacy highlighted during the annual eating competition in this magnificent county.

4. Roman Remains

In Eastgate underground viewing chamber, tourists may find the Roman ruins. It comprises a horse pool and the foundation of a 13th-century tower.

5. Aviation Developments

The Gloster E28 is known as the first-ever British and Allied jet designed and engineered by the Gloster Aircraft Company. A jet engine of Frank Whittle also powers it.

Another fascinating fact about Gloucestershire is its House of Tailor. This was inspired after Beatrix Potter heard the true story of a local tailor.

Upon visiting this county, visitors also have a chance to check out the world’s largest window. It was installed in the year 1350 and remained an interesting breakthrough of European primitive stained-glass.

Cultural Attractions in Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire is a place that is crammed with culture and art. Every summer, the best choice for a magical day out for the entire family is Giffords Circus.

This is an exceptional circus that draws crowds from all over the United Kingdom.

The county also celebrates Cheltenham Festivals, where music, science, jazz, and literature programme are organized in distinct venues.

Its exciting activities amaze every visitor around the globe, and I prefer to visit this county to witness top performers and special events for children.

In the Northern part of Gloucestershire, visitors find a nature in art called Wallsworth Hall. It is a fine Georgian Mansion that hosts more than sixty artists in residence every year.

During the celebration, there is a program of fascinating talks and hands-on courses.

If the visitors decide to develop their skills in needle felting, lampshade making, crochet, quilting, and the like, they are free to do so. They welcome not only experienced crafters but newbies as well.

Tourists who enjoy meeting creative individuals may visit the New Brewery Arts in Cirencester. They can directly purchase or schedule a workshop on calligraphy, textile construction, or Indian block printing.

The galleries are loaded with paintings, inspirational ceramics, pieces of jewellery, sculpture, and many more. 

The Gloucestershire Arts and Crafts Centre situated in Westgate Street has a remarkable range of locally designed and created gifts.

Visitors are free to chat with artisans while checking out their magnificent artwork. They may also hold an extensive range of scheduled workshops, including botanical art and porcelain flower making.

Another cultural attraction in Gloucestershire is the Longborough Festival Opera. This is a hidden gem of the place where it can occupy five hundred visitors.

Each year, the founders - Martin and Lizzie Graham, run an opera season. They are also producing their episodes of Wagner's epic Ring of a cycle.

Visitors may also experience a picnic and look for a place with a stunning view or scheduled a place in their bistro for a three-course mouth-watering meal.

Visitors who love theatres may also visit Sun Street, Tewkesbury. It is the well-known and busy centre in Tewkesbury with a wide-ranging programme of participating in activities, live events, festivals, and exhibitions. 

In addition to the 370 seats, the so-called “The Roses” offers a relaxing coffee shop and bar where people can enjoy interval drinks, pre-show, and live entertainment like stand-up comedy and folk and jazz music.

Visitors who opt to witness another exciting event can also visit Winchcombe, Gloucestershire. This is situated in the centre of the Cotswolds.

Ranked as the top attraction on a famous website, “TripAdvisor,” this place catches the attention of most tourists around the globe.

This castle is surrounded by ten award-winning gardens and a stunning 1200-acre estate. Its masterpiece is called “Queens Garden,” named after England’s queen.

Things to Do When in Gloucestershire    

There are no dull moments while in Gloucestershire. Visitors can roam around the area any time of the year. But, here are the top interesting things they must do in case the visitors booked a flight in June. 

From Cotswold Lavender to inspiring local festivals, visitors may also experience and do the following activities:

1. Go Clubbing

Clubbing is so much fun, making every visitor feels that they genuinely welcome in the county. Gloucestershire’s nightclubs are always available.

Depending on their choice, they can enjoy the high-energy dance floors, outdoor beer terrace for a special night out, a piano bar, and the like.

2. Visit Cotswold Lavender

Cotswold Lavender is located near Broadway. This place is one of the breathtaking scenes every visitor shouldn’t miss visiting.

The fields near Broadway will be loaded with colourful stuff until August 5, 2021, allowing visitors to capture every corner of the place.

3. Experience the Cheltenham Science Festival

Cheltenham Science Festival opens from Thursday to Sunday this June 2021. It is loaded with hundreds of planned events, both face-to-face and online activities.

In this event, visitors may enjoy the run a robotic kitchen from their phone, create their periodic table using Lego, and a lot more.

4. Discover the Secret of the Women of Berkeley Castle

Berkeley Castle has a secret history, making it even more attractive to every visitor.

From Tuesday to Wednesday, visitors will be enchanted with stories of love, imprisonment, perseverance, and scandal as they learn all about the enthralling women of Berkeley Castle. 

5. Witness the Magic of Giffords Circus

Gifford's Circus is one of the awe-inspiring shows at Daylesford Organic Farm in Moreton.

Visitors are expected to witness the aerial hoop action and vast laughs from the county's favourite clown called 'Tweedy".

Plus, they will enjoy roaming around Circus Sauce restaurant, having a post-show feast suitable for everyone.

6. Enjoy Free Live Music

Visitors who dearly love music can visit the Brewery Quarter in Cheltenham. This is one of the best destinations as it is also a place of fantastic restaurants and bars like Brewhouse & Kitchen, The Alchemist, and many more.

7. Enjoy the Midsummer Garden Life Festival

Visitors can never miss a getaway floral paradise at the Three Countries Showground. It has three stunning themed gardens that genuinely catch the attention of every visitor.

This festival is packed with exceptional horticultural shopping opportunities, a tasty lineup of drink and food vendors, live entertainment, and promising day-out fun activities.

8. Visit the Roses Theatre

The Roses Theatre can be found in Tewkesbury. It brings an innovative take on Shakespeare's comedy, Victoria Gardens in Tewkesbury, and a midsummer night's dream.  Visitors can bring along a picnic and enjoy their whole day with their loved ones.  

9. Get Sugar Fix

Visitors can get a sugar fix by simply visiting the Hetty’s Brownie Bar in Stroud. It features a café, a shop, and even a fresh menu. They also satisfy their cravings for blondies, brownies, and chocolate scotch eggs.

10. Take to the Skies

The Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta can take every visitor to the skies. It has a sky-high spectacle, a giant funfair planned, and live entertainment.

Apart from its glowing hot air balloon and epic firework display, the place also showcases local traders and countless food and drinks stalls to explore. 

When visiting Gloucestershire, visitors can travel by air, road, car hire, bus, or rail.

If visitors choose to travel by air, the most accessible airport for travelling to this place is Birmingham. The two airports in the region are Heathrow and Gatwick. 

The M40 and M4 provide simple access to Cotswold and Gloucestershire from the South East and London. The M5 directly connects to England's North County, Birmingham, and the Counties of Cornwall and Devon.

Since the place is loaded with car rental companies, visitors can roam around the place through car hire.

If they want to save more money, they can also commute by bus and rail. With multiple events and activities in Gloucestershire, visitors and tourists find time to visit this place.

They roam around the area together with their loved ones. Its breathtaking scenes will indeed create memorable experiences and events. 

About the author

Laura Morris

Laura Morris is an experienced clinical practitioner and CQC Registered Manager with over twenty years experience, over ten of which have been as an Independent Nurse Prescriber.

She has held a number of senior leadership roles in the substance use and mental health sector in the NHS, the prison service and in leading social enterprises in the field.

Last Updated: October 31, 2023