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Rehabs in Devon County  

Similar to most regions in the UK, Devon is affected by prevalent alcohol and drug addiction. If you or your loved one are looking for addiction treatment, there's a variety of services that will help. 

Rehabs in Devon provide you with a personalised treatment plan so that you can deal with the physical and psychological consequences of drug and alcohol addiction. 

There are free and private alcohol and drug rehab services available in Devon County. The free services are not suitable for people with chronic drug and alcohol misuse. But Devon has a variety of private alcohol and drug rehab options that effectively treat substance abuse. 

What are the benefits of private alcohol rehab? 

Private alcohol rehab gives you person-centred treatment. People respond differently to drug and/or alcohol addiction. In addition to this, addiction leads to destructive behavioural issues that result in addiction.  

The physical and psychological consequences of drug and alcohol addiction make it near impossible to quit independently. The longer you persist with the alcohol and drug abuse, the more you take it, the harder it becomes to stop. 

Private alcohol rehab offers you a one-on-one treatment plan that's part of your recovery programme. This programme is customised to cater to your needs fully.

The plan begins with a comprehensive assessment conducted by a professional to determine your physical and psychological needs. 

Most people have substance misuse coupled with mental health issues. As such, a good private rehab facility will conduct a psychiatric evaluation to determine the most suitable treatment options for mental health issues and alcohol and/or drug addiction. 

During your recovery process at a private rehab in Devon, you'll benefit from fully confidential addiction treatment. Admission to Devon rehab is quick.

What's more, you'll experience a treatment that's delivered by a team of experts (i.e., addiction counsellors, psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, nurses, social worker, etc.).

Private centres also provide you with resources and tools to help you lead a successful recovery once your recovery process ends. 

There are two types of private rehab programmes. There's inpatient or residential rehab and outpatient.

Your addiction treatment provider will help you identify the most suitable treatment programme for you, depending on your needs. 

Whether seeking treatment on an outpatient basis or as an inpatient, a good private rehab in Devon will ensure that you have all you need to make a full and sustainable recovery.

Private rehabs range from affordable rehabilitation facilities to luxurious types with high-end facilities. 

Mental health rehabilitation and recovery 

Rehab equips patients with the necessary tools that they need to lead a meaningful life. Most people turn to alcohol and drug use as a coping mechanism.

Moreover, national statistics show that nearly half of those with mental health issues also have a problem with drug or alcohol addiction and vice versa [1]. 

Residential rehabilitation allows you or your loved one to get treatment from a team of qualified professionals. These professionals include a psychiatrist and certified addiction specialists.

The rehab's qualified professionals will provide support and compassionate care to help patients begin healing and work towards long-term recovery. 

Devon residents have access to a range of services, including counselling that leverages cognitive behavioural therapy and other holistic therapies.

Those seeking mental health and addiction treatment support can find the right support through free NHS services or private rehab.

The treatments are suitable for the individual and family members who have been harmed by the loved one’s alcohol or drug abuse. 

Mental health rehabilitation and recovery treatments aim to lower symptoms, lessen distress, and support individuals to lead fulfilling lives. 

Drug and alcohol rehab treatment options 

When searching for addiction treatments, feel free to inquire about the treatment options available for you.

A good Devon alcohol or drug rehab should have different therapeutic models to assist those with mental health issues.  

The rehab facility should specialise in dual diagnosis so that they can treat mental health and addiction simultaneously.

Furthermore, the rehab treatment centre should be licensed to offer drug and alcohol addiction treatments coupled with mental health cases. 

In addition to this, a good rehab in Devon should provide a range of treatment types. 

Although each recovery facility has unique services, they all offer basic treatment types such as: 

  • Long-term and short-term rehabilitation services. Long-term inpatient treatment care typically lasts for 28 days. Long-term addictions' treatment lasts about three months, six months or up to a year. 
  • Inpatient detoxification. Medical professionals administer medical-assisted detox to help you manage the withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol. 
  • Outpatient treatment programmes. Residents of Devon and other towns across the UK have access to various outpatient programmes, e.g., day-care services, intensive outpatient programmes. 
  • Individualised drug counselling. This treatment focuses on individualised therapy to help the patient address areas in life that have been disrupted with the addiction, e.g., family issues, employment status, illegal cases etc. 
  • Group therapy. Group counselling is integral to achieving a meaningful life. Most addiction treatment centres allow patients to form support groups and engage in group counselling to promote a substance-free life. 

How we treat drug and alcohol addiction in Devon? 

We treat drug and alcohol addiction in Devon by providing patients with evidence-based treatment programmes that are customised to meet your needs. 

We have a team of dedicated professionals with outstanding credentials and experience to help you in the course of recovery. Alcoholism is a complex condition

As such, the best way to overcome this addiction is to join a treatment centre that's focused on sustainable recovery. 

Our centre is CQC registered and provides you with: 

  • Alcohol detox 
  • Drugs and alcohol rehab 
  • A variety of therapy options. 
  • Comprehensive assessment, including psychiatric assessment. 
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy and other evidence-based therapy models. 
  • 12-step recovery model 
  • Psychiatric care 
  • 24-hour care
  • Aftercare 

We also offer support for the individual and their family through our free therapy sessions for families. 

Our admissions process is fast. Once you are enrolled, you'll go through a comprehensive assessment to help us create a custom treatment plan for you.

Next, you'll work with a team of addiction experts through the detox process and, after that, therapy. There's a nutritionist available to create a meal plan that you can follow through during recovery.

We also provide you with educational resources and experiential workshops to help you develop the coping skills necessary to maintain recovery. 

Feel free to contact us today to begin treatment. Alternatively, you can leave your contacts on our website, and a certified treatment professional will reach out to you and advice you on the next steps. 


Devon recovery aftercare service  

You can get Devon recovery aftercare service for free for up to a year. This service is designed to help you avoid relapse once you are out on your own. 

A good rehab should provide you with a relapse prevention plan for sustainable recovery. This plan contains specific measures that you'll take to avoid a relapse.

Some of these measures include joining a support group such as alcoholics anonymous. 

Similar to chronic conditions, continuing care and follow up is integral for recovery. Aftercare aims to help the individual continue with a life free from drugs or alcohol. 

AA meetings in Devon County: 

There are AA Meetings in the following areas in Devon County. 


  • On Thursday at 19:30. Location: Vestry, Methodist Church, High St, Postcode: EX39 2AA 


  • On Friday at 19:30. Location: Dr Markby Rm, Crediton Hospital, Western Rd, Postcode: EX17 3NH 
  • On Tuesday at 19:30. Location: Dr Markby Room, Crediton Hospital, Western Rd, Postcode: EX17 3NH 


  • On Monday at 19:30. Location: Baptist Fellowship Hall, Palace Gate, off South St, Postcode: EX1 1JA 
  • On Thursday at 19:30. Location: The Crypt, The Baptist Fellowship Hall, Palace, Postcode: EX1 1JA 
  • On Saturday at 19:30. Location: Friends Meeting House, Wynards Lane, off Magdalen St, Postcode: EX2 4HU 
  • On Sunday at 19:00, Thursday 07:30 & Friday 13:00. Location: Baptist Fellowship Hall, Palace Gate, off South St, Postcode: EX1 1JA 
  • On Tuesday at 19:30. Location: Cornerstone, 10 Kimberley Rd, (at Bull Meadow Rd), Postcode: EX2 4JG 
  • On Monday at 19:30. Location: St Andrew's Church, Station Rd, Postcode: EX4 2AA 
  • On Wednesday at 19:30. Location: Carpenters Close, Mary Arches Street, Postcode: EX4 3AZ 
  • On Monday at 13:00. Location: The Common Room, Carpenter Close, Mary Arches Street, Postcode: EX4 3BQ (Exeter Living Sober). 


On Monday at 19:30. Location: Fairplace Church, Fairplace Terrace, Postcode: EX20 1DT 


  • Friday at 19:30. Location: St Matthias Church Hall, North Hill, Postcode: PL4 6HN 
  • Friday at 19:30. Location: Unit 1, Wolseley Trust, Business Park, Wolseley Rd. Postcode: Postcode: PL2 3BY 
  • Sunday at 19:30. Location: Unit 1, Wolseley Trust, Business Park, Wolseley Rd, Postcode: Postcode: PL2 3BY 
  • Wednesday at 19:30. Location: Unit 1, Wolseley Trust, Business Park, Wolseley Rd. Postcode: PL2 3BY 
  • Saturday at 19:30. Location: Rear of St Paul's RC Church, Pemros Rd, St Budeaux. Postcode: Postcode: PL5 1NE 

There are more locations for AA meetings at Plymouth. Those seeking support from aa can use the 'Find a meeting' search bar on the Alcoholics anonymous website to find a meeting near them.  


  • Monday at 19:30. Location: St George's Church Hall, Barn Road, Goodrington TQ4 6NG 
  • Saturday at 19:30. Location: Board Rm, Torbay Hospital, Lawes Bridge Newton Rd TQ27AA. 

Disclaimer: Kindly confirm if the meetings are open. You can call the AA's national helpline: 08009177650. Some meetings closed down due to covid-19 restrictions. 

Free addiction treatment services in Devon  

There is free NHS rehab treatment in and near Devon. These facilities offer: 

  • Support for families 
  • Community detoxification 
  • Care management 
  • Recovery & Continuing care planning. 
  • A variety of therapeutic techniques, e.g. CBT, motivational interviewing. 
  • Medications for certain addictions. 
  • Stabilisation 
  • Individual support 
  • Facilitation of rehab. 
  • Assessment for rehab. 

There are pros & cons of free rehab. Some of the benefits include: 

  • It's free 
  • Your confidentiality is maintained. 
  • Located in Devon and every area across the UK. 
  • Accessible to everyone. 
  • Treatment is near home & family. 

The cons of free addiction treatment are: 

  • Lengthy admission process. 
  • There's a higher chance that you may not be enrolled on residential treatment. 
  • Inconsistent as you may attend different clinics. 
  • The risk for relapse is high. 
  • You have limited access to a personal therapist. 
  • You are likely not to work with the same therapist throughout the recovery process. 

There are a whole range of resources that you can access for free. One of them is the Devon recovery learning community. This is a community that seeks to create opportunities for people in recovery.  They do so by providing advice, support, educational resources and opportunities that help individuals maintain sobriety.  [2]

Commonly asked questions 

How much does rehab cost? 

The cost of treatment varies depending on the facility. Typically, treatment costs around £8,000 – £12,000 for a 28-day residential rehab. This is the cost if you pay for a single-occupancy rehab.

Alternatively, multiple occupancy rehab costs around £6,000 for the same period. Some rehab centres charge around £1,500 – £3,000 per week. Home detox typically costs about £1,500. 

What can I bring into rehab? 

Each treatment centre has its own rules about what to bring to rehab. Although there are differences, there are some similarities. Most treatment centres recommend you get a list containing the names and addresses of those involved in your care.

You should carry comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing that would sustain you for seven days. You're also required to bring 30 days’ worth of personal hygiene and beauty products. 

Some items are prohibited during your stay, e.g., cell phones and laptops, cleaning supplies, clothing with profanity or references to violence or drugs, etc. 

You can reach out to your treatment centre of choice in Devon for a packing checklist and a list of prohibited items. 

Is a 28-day rehab long enough? 

The simple answer is yes. The 28 days worth of therapy, support and treatments are enough for you to uncover the underlying causes of addiction.

This time is enough for you to develop coping skills that will help you overcome substance abuse. Most addiction treatments' centres have programmes designed to run for 28-days.

These programmes are effective, especially if the individual has never sought rehab before. Still, there are cases where the 28-days are not enough.

For instance, if the patient has mental health problems or had sought residential rehabilitation before but relapsed. 

Why should I choose a local rehab in Devon? 

Devon recovery centres are the best because they provide you with treatment near home. What this means is that you get to seek treatment near your family and loved ones.

A top-notch CQC registered facility offers a home-like setting. Some centres are located away from city life, giving you time to focus on recovery. 

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