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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Birmingham

Abbeycare has a world-class addiction rehab centre serving Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Just as entering rehab takes a lot of commitment from the individual as well as their family and loved ones, we are also committed to treating all our clients and giving them the very best of care that they deserve.

Abbeycare offers you direct treatment services – we are not a referral or “advice” service who may charge extra fees – we own the clinics we are associated with and have the very best professionals to help you throughout your whole journey from being addicted to being sober and staying that way.

We have the appropriate resources, structured rehab programs, and comprehensive professional treatment at our facility serving Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Many of our staff are in addiction recovery personally – and know first hand what you’re going through.

Rehabilitation Clinic Serving Birmingham and Surrounding Areas

Seeking intervention and treatment for addiction is of the boldest moves any addicted individual can ever take.

However, it is also the most important step to sobriety. Trying to stay sober by yourself can not only be a hard thing to do but can be harmful to your health.

Addiction can have a great impact on your personal, professional and social lives and need to be intervened to get you on a much better track in life.It takes a lot of willpower for any addicted individual to accept and try to seek help and we acknowledge that fact.

Our professionals will be available to chat with you when you make the decision to check into rehabilitation to get your addiction treated.

We will provide you with the support and information that you need to get the journey started for you.

Holistic Addiction Rehab Options Birmingham

We have a comprehensive, planned and result-oriented treatment plan that puts us at the very top of the rehabilitation and addiction treatment centres ladder.

With our mixed treatment plan which includes the widely accepted 12-step approach and therapeutic sessions, we focus not only on the client but their families and loved ones as well.

Our approach encompasses the whole of a person, that is, not just their psychological and physical well-being but also their social and emotional well-being as well.

We use a holistic approach in our treatment regimen and work with the individual to get a more personalized plan before, during and after treatment.

Our 12-step rehab approach allows the individual to come to terms with their addiction status and acknowledge the implications it has on them.

It also helps the addicted individual to identify all the things that can come together, known as stressors, to trigger the addictive habits that they have and how to find alternate habits and also to overcome these stressors or control them appropriately.

This approach is used with other forms of treatment to ensure one of the highest treatment success rates by any treatment facility serving Birmingham and the surrounding areas, which we have achieved.

We start with a pre-treatment plan that we discuss either in person or when you contact us through other means so that we can help identify your needs and help you choose the most suitable choice out of the multiple possible choices we offer.

Abbeycare offers residential rehab treatment and care that is of the highest quality.

Our residential facility offers the best resources and professionals and allows you to perform your day to day activities from within the facility with a sound mind knowing that we can offer you the much-needed support when you need it.

Our trained professionals can provide custom advice, specific to your needs: ring direct on 01603 513 091.

Planned Residential Rehab Clinic Serving Birmingham

Our treatment structure is one of the most carefully planned treatment structure any addiction treatment facility can have.

We begin planning with you when you contact us and make up your mind to admit to our rehab clinic and help you decide on the best route for you to take.

Our approach begins with a detoxification process that helps your body flush out the substance you are addicted to out of your body.

This could be alcohol, prescription drugs, cocaine, heroin, meth, cannabis, etc.

No substance is too big or too small when you become addicted since all can lead you down a very dark alley you might regret walking, and all need to be flushed out.

During the detoxification process, you might have to battle with the symptoms of withdrawal from the substance you were addicted to and we have professionals who can help you control these symptoms and support you through it.

Detoxification is followed by psychotherapy where our professional therapists work with you to help you identify the habits, stressors, triggers, and factors that get you addicted to a substance, the impact it has on your social and personal life and how to control it.

This therapy is known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

We conclude with a comprehensive and documented long-term rehab aftercare plan that will help you to stay sober after you leave the facility and this is based on personal choice although we provide guidance through the process.

This is a step which is as important as any other step as this helps the now sober individual stay so and not relapse.

Relapse prevention planning encompasses both a practical and emotional element -we must ensure that emotional supports are in place to offer assistance when you feel triggered or vulnerable, or when specific scenarios arise which have previously been alcohol or drug triggers.

Sources of support after rehab could include working with a sponsor, attending local groups, connecting locally with others in recovery, and other more specialist referral-points, dependent on your needs personally.

Professional Assistance to Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction Near Birmingham

Abbeycare has a treatment approach that is structured to be of help to not only the individual but their families and loved ones as well.

It has a planned structure that allows us to support you during each step of your sobriety journey.

You can get in touch with us to have our treatment plan and options available explained to you by our qualified professionals and to arrange rehab admission directly.

Our Gloucester luxury rehab clinic serves the Birmingham area and is the flagship Abbeycare clinic.

For pricing, see Abbeybot below, or call us directly, for advice for your personal situation.

How Addiction Treatment Around Birmingham Works

We at Abbeycare considers all our clients our topmost priority and assist with all their needs right from when the call for more information to when they walk out the doors of or centre.

We offer you a range of choices and provide you with the help you need taking into consideration the following factors the urgency of your treatment, your location, duration of your treatment and budget.

Our qualified professionals are assigned to each client and a personalized treatment given.

Within a few days of residential status, you will start to notice a very significant change in your lifestyle and habits as well as your physical, psychological and emotional outlook.

Our experts help you get settled into the facility after you are admitted and guide you through the treatment plan.

When you are ready to leave our residential program in rehab Birmingham, we help you make the transition with our thoroughly planned long-term aftercare.

Factors to Consider When Going Into Rehab Birmingham

When you contact an addiction treatment centre serving Birmingham and surrounding areas, there are a couple of things to note and consider, all of which Abbeycare stands for.


These include:

  • Getting you settled in within a short time after contacting the rehab centre
  • Speaking to the rehab clinic directly and not with a referral agency
  • Flexible payment plans suited for your needs
  • A rehab facility ideally located to serve Birmingham and surrounding areas
  • A suitable personalized duration of care that can be extended upon request
  • Multiple options for rehab care, detox and aftercare


  • What do rehab clinics in Birmingham do?

Abbeycare Rehab Clinics are designed to help addicted individuals get off and stay off addictive substances such as drugs and alcohol with professional help. Each case may differ so contact us for the specifics with regards to your case.


  • How much does rehab cost?

Rehab costs vary depending on the facility and the plan of care. Abbeycare, however, has different plans for everyone that is made to suit your budget and still give you an optimum standard of care.

For personalised pricing, see Abbeybot below, or contact us directly.


  • Why should I opt for residential rehab treatment near Birmingham instead of trying home detoxification?

Home detoxification holds a lot of health risks and is not recommended by most rehabilitation professionals.

Abbeycare provides you with the guidance and assistance you need during your detoxification process and also after the process to get you the best results. Our mixed treatment approach helps us achieve this.

Services provided by Abbeycare rehab include:

  • A rehab & treatment approach that is personalised and holistic
  • Private one-to-one therapy sessions
  • A 12-step approach to rehab treatment, combined with CBT
  • Professional detoxification (prescribed)
  • UK Care Quality Commission approved treatment approach
  • Personally assisted care with each client assigned to one professional
  • Professional and World-class care around the clock
  • The results-oriented and planned structure of care with therapy sessions
  • A high-success rate residential program
  • Abbeycare serve clients from all over the UK

Serving Birmingham & Surrounding Areas, including:

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How To Book

To book addiction detox or rehab near Birmingham, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.


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