Does Cigna cover inpatient rehab in the UK?

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Does Cigna cover inpatient rehab in the UK? 

Yes, Cigna does cover inpatient rehab in the UK. Cigna provides personal addiction treatment insurance that can either pay part of whole of your drug rehab cost depending on the type of coverage.

If your employer offers a Cigna coverage, you should discuss with them if the coverage includes substance abuse treatment.  

Extensive Scientific and medical research has proven that drug and alcohol addiction are complex medical conditions. No longer are addicts blamed for their condition.[1]

Instead, research shows that comprehensive, individualized care, therapies, and support are vital at helping those with drug and alcohol abuse overcome it. 

The good news is that major private health insurance companies cover substance abuse treatment to some extent. Some provide full private medical insurance if you meet their eligibility criteria.  

The major private healthcare providers are: 

  • AXA PPP 
  • Aetna 
  • Blue Cross 
  • Blue Shield 
  • Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme of the European Union (JSIS). 
  • United Healthcare 
  • Bupa 
  • Cigna 

A majority of people pay for alcohol and drug rehab using private insurance. If you have Cigna health insurance, you are among the many clients covered by this health insurance company across the globe. 

About Cigna private medical insurance

Cigna is a global health insurance company with over 60 years of experience. The company boasts 170 million customers worldwide [2].

This private health insurance provider delivers tailor-made solutions to their clients, and they are focused on the health and wellbeing of each of their clients. 

Cigna health plans include: 

  • Health insurance for individuals and families 
  • Medicare plans 
  • Dental plans 
  • Supplemental insurance 
  • Behavioural health 
  • International health insurance 

Cigna covers various forms of addiction treatment and mental health for those seeking addiction treatment.  

Cigna insurance plans include: 

  • Inpatient care 
  • Outpatient treatment 
  • Intensive outpatient treatment 
  • Partial hospitalization. 
  • Personalized coaching and support services 
  • Referrals for support groups and counselling 
  • Detoxification 

Does Cigna cover substance use disorder treatment? 

Cigna offers comprehensive packages for companies and individuals to cater to mental health and addiction services. 

Rehab is the best way to overcome addiction. When patients go to inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment centres, they get a range of benefits, including professional treatment advice and evidence-based treatments for long-term sobriety. 

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment are expensive. Alcohol and drug rehab can cost between £1000 to £20,000 depending on the type of treatment, length of treatment, and other factors.

However, Cigna offers up to £15,000 full refund for residential or outpatient addiction services. 

Major private healthcare providers can cover a significant portion of the rehab costs. As for Cigna, the company recently introduced changes to its condition management guides.

The company aims to improve the understanding and management of addiction and mental health conditions [3].  

The insurance firm has teamed up with expert providers to offer clients alternatives to traditional residential detox and rehab programmes.

Patients now have the added benefit of using their Cigna insurance to pay for home detox and outpatient services that meet their needs [2]. 

Cigna is also introducing online therapy, such as computerized cognitive behavioural therapy for mild to moderate mental health issues.

This extended plan makes it convenient for patients to choose an individualized treatment plan depending on their needs. You can opt for online and outpatient treatment options without worrying about costs. 

Some people have the Cigna U.K. individual health insurance plan, whereas others are covered by their employer. If your employer covers you, you should consult management to learn more about your plan. 

Cigna inpatient rehabilitation  

You can get a Cigna plan for residential treatment or inpatient rehab treatment. However, there are different plans and how much you pay depends on your Cigna insurance policy. 

Some plans cover 50%, whereas others cover 80% of the treatment costs. 

Cigna offers four main insurance plans. They include Bronze (the lowest plan), silver, gold, and platinum (the highest plan).

The services Cigna covers and expenses you'll be responsible for depends on which region you are in and the type of plan.  

For example, the Cigna silver plan provides up to £4400 for up to 30 inpatient and daycare treatment days.

The Cigna insurance plan for gold provides up to £8800 for up to 60 days of residential treatment and outpatient/daycare services [4].  

The client will be required to pay out-of-pocket for the remaining rehab cost. 

What's more, Cigna will recommend you to a residential rehab in-network with them. Going outside their network of inpatient treatment may either result in no coverage, or you may have to incur higher out-of-pocket costs. 

Learn about your Cigna insurance coverage for residential rehab to avoid high out-of-pocket costs. 

Compare Abbeycare's programme for alcohol rehab here.

Cigna outpatient rehabilitation 

Cigna insurance covers treatment in outpatient substance abuse treatment centres.

A person struggling with drug or alcohol addiction may go for outpatient care or go for this treatment option after completing residential rehab. 

Transitioning to an outpatient alcohol and/or drug addiction treatment lowers the risk of relapse.

It helps smooth the transition from residential care. Whether you get full or partial payment for the coverage depends on the level of package you've chosen. 


Partial hospitalisation programme coverage 

A partial hospitalisation programme (PHP) is one of the most intensive forms of an outpatient treatment program. 

Like most private health insurance, Cigna covers PHP. However, you have to meet certain requirements for you to be covered. 

The requirements include: 

  • Get authorization for treatment before going for PHP. 
  • Provide proof of the medical necessity for treatment. 
  • Validation of ability to engage in treatment. 
  • Ability to engage in treatment without medical supervision. 
  • The PHP takes place five days per week for a minimum of 20 hours per week. 

Intensive outpatient programme coverage 

Cigna does offer intensive outpatient programme coverage (IOP). But you must meet the requirements for treatment. 

Some treatment providers recommend IOP after you complete residential or outpatient care. This addiction treatment service may last up to 16 weeks. Some individuals may need to continue with IOP to stay on track with their recovery goals. 

You can contact your treatment provider to discuss whether your Cigna insurance plan covers IOP. You should also contact Cigna insurance to learn more about your IOP coverage. 

Typically, Cigna coverage for intensive outpatient programmes for addiction treatment include: 

  • An alcohol and drug assessment before enrolling for the IOP. 
  • A behavioural health clinician has to recommend the treatment programme. 
  • Proof of medical need for IOP alcohol and/or drug addiction treatment. 
  • The IOP treatment takes 3-4 hours per day, 3-5 days per week. 
  • The patient in need of treatment does not require 24-hour supervision and controls their behaviour.

Does Cigna cover medication-assisted treatment programmes?  

Medication-assisted treatments that integrate suboxone therapy or methadone in the treatment of opioid addiction are also covered by Cigna insurance.

Medical assisted treatment programmes (MAT) leverage medication alongside other forms of therapy, counselling, and other treatment methods to aid recovery. 

Most of the leading private health insurance providers in the UK provide coverage for MAT. However, you may be required to co-pay for suboxone therapy. Suboxone is a form of medication and therefore falls under Cigna pharmacy benefits.

Cigna insurance does cover a variety of prescriptions. However, you need to reach out to your treatment centre to determine whether Cigna covers the Suboxone drug treatment. 

In the case of methadone use for opioid drug abuse treatment, you must meet the medical necessity requirement and submit regular clinical assessments. Most likely, you will be required to co-pay for this treatment. 

Your co-payment for prescriptions covered by Cigna private health insurance varies depending on the following factors: 

  • Whether prescription is preferred or non-preferred. 
  • Whether the prescription is generic or a brand. 
  • The duration of the prescription use. 
  • How you buy your prescription (i.e., through a pharmacy or mail). 

Most treatment centres provide medical advice on MAT. You can also speak to Cigna customer care for more information. 

Does Cigna cover sober living? 

Sober living is essential for people battling chronic drug or alcohol addiction. Also, those who lack a proper support system benefit immensely from sober living options. People in the UK have the benefit of coverage for sober living. 

Most sober living homes will require their residents to participate in PHP, IOP, or other forms of outpatient addiction treatment services.

These treatment services are covered by Cigna insurance, and most sober living houses will only require you to participate in outpatient care to live in the facility. 

You can speak to an addiction specialist at your treatment facility or contact a Cigna insurance adjuster to learn more about how Cigna covers the cost of sober living services. 

Finding addiction treatment centres that accept Cigna 

As a leading private healthcare insurance provider, Cigna is in-network with a vast number of rehab centres across the UK.

If you don't have a rehab centre in mind already, addiction treatment providers can provide medical advice and information about what services are covered by your medical insurance. 

Many of the leading rehab centres in the UK are in-network with Cigna insurance.

A specific treatment centre such as Abbeycare will provide you with relevant information about the benefits you get through your insurance. 

Remember that the coverage differs depending on whether you're covered under your employer or a personal healthcare plan.

You should reach out to your company's human resource department to learn the level of coverage provided for addiction treatment. 

Other funding options for those with no health insurance 

The rehab cost varies depending on the level of care you need, plus other factors. However, you don't have to go through life battling addiction on your own.

Those who don't have private health insurance can explore other payment options. 

Multiple options can help you cover the cost of rehab. These options include: 

  • Crowdfunding or fundraising 
  • Support from friends or family 
  • Medical loan 
  • Using your savings 
  • Using your credit card 

You can find a rehab centre with flexible payment terms depending on your budget. Alternatively, you can find a treatment facility that offers grants or scholarships to help cushion the cost of rehab. 

If you want to stay sober in the long term, addiction treatment centres are your best bet. Alcohol and drug addiction are complex conditions.

Rehab treatment provides you with detox services, a variety of therapies, counselling, and support to help you get to the underlying cause of the addiction. 

Most people with alcohol and drug addiction have a pre-existing condition that may require long rehab stays. Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, trauma, or PTSD will require intensive treatment.

As such, a third of people seeking treatment prefer using private insurance. 

For those with no insurance, your medical provider can advise you on some affordable or free treatment options.  

Start treatment today 

Seeking treatment sets you on a path to a life free from addiction. Most people are hesitant to seek alcohol or drug addiction services because of the cost of rehab.

However, there are various registered and approved rehab providers in-network with the leading insurance providers, including Cigna. 

If you have private medical insurance, either personally or through your employer, you can change your life for the better by getting addiction recovery services.

Your policy may require you to get a referral from your GP before commencing with private rehab at any of the leading private addiction rehab facilities. 

If you don't know where to start, you can contact your insurance provider for referral to an addiction rehab centre in-network with your insurance provider. For more information, contact us today to learn more. 

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