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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Dundee

The city of Dundee is one of the major cities in the UK experiencing higher rates of addiction and drug-related deaths.

If you or your loved ones is one of the many people struggling with addiction in the Dundee area, do not be hopeless because help is just a call away.

Abbeycare has a rehab facility near Dundee, which offers different treatment options available to assist you.

Alcohol & drug addiction in Scotland has hit such alarming figures that it has been described as a major crisis.

Do not allow your life to be part of these sad statistics.

With our help and your cooperation, we can successfully turn the tides and bring back the life that addiction has deprived you of.Before going to rehab, it is important to carefully evaluate your reasons for wanting to change.

It is common for addicts to deny their addiction. You too may experience this which is perfectly normal

Passing through the denial stage will be easier if you have support from family and friends.

If you lack their support, feel free to contact Abbeycare today.

We have advisors who will help you overcome denial, and assist you to come to terms with your suppressed problem.

Taking Back Your Life

The life you have lost because of addiction has been surrendered to the past.

What is more important is that you have not lost your life to combat addiction. It is never too late to change.

Do not be afraid if it is your first time to seek rehab.

Looking for help is not a measure of failure in life.

Seeking rehab is a measure of hope – a hope for a better life or a dream for a better future.

Seeking rehab means you have not given up on life.

In the same way, we will never give up on you until we help you get better.

Treatment Options

Addiction treatment options include home detox, or in-patient treatment which includes a wide array of holistic therapies, workshops and support meetings.

Addiction treatments in Abbeycare are tailor-fit to your individual needs and requirements.

While we follow a structured program, you will be given a customized agenda to follow that is especially suited to your specific circumstances.

Inpatient Rehab in Abbeycare

Abbeycare focus on inpatient rehab where you will be required to stay in our facility for a period of 7-28 days or longer.

We believe in the need for you to be fully immersed in a dedicated environment to achieve effective recovery.

Staying in our clinic ensures that you are given proper care, especially during detoxification.

It also keeps you away from temptations that can trigger your addiction.

Our clinic will also provide you with a supportive environment that will help you to reflect on life and meet other people who are similarly struggling like you.

Are you ready to get better?

Give us a call at 01603 513 091 and our advisors will be more than happy to chat through the best options for you personally.

Addiction Experts in Rehab near Dundee

We have licensed and accredited counsellors and addiction specialists to help you on your path to recovery.

We also have addiction experts who will personally guide you in undertaking the different activities in our program.

We also have advisors who understand what you are going through.

Many are in recovery personally.

We have people who have been through addiction. They are living proof that you can overcome the negative patterns in life find fulfilment again.

What Happens In Rehab In Dundee?

Our rehab program is divided into three stages: detox, therapy, and aftercare.

Detox. The detox stage is when you are cleansed from the toxic substances of alcohol or drugs.

At this stage, we oversee any withdrawal symptoms and provide prescribed assistance to overcome any physical or emotional effects of detox.

Depending on the severity of your drug dependence, detox usually lasts around 7-10 days.

Therapy. Therapy pertains to a range of psychological and physical treatments that you need to engage in and participate in.

This includes one-on-one 12 step work, group therapy sessions (CBT), personal reflection, as well as different healing practices like exercise, reiki, reflexology, massage, etc.

This stage involves understanding the underlying reasons for your addiction and developing mechanisms to cope with them.

Aftercare. Aftercare refers to an array of supports that you will need when you get back outside inpatient treatment.

This may include recovery support meetings, regular contact with your mentors, and participation in appropriate social groups.

Rehab as a Journey

Rehab is a long-term continuing process of recovery.

Your admission to a clinic is just a phase of your continuing life journey.

Going to rehab is the first step towards getting better.

Like everything else in life, long term change takes commitment, and consistency.

We consider recovery to be an ongoing pledge which is renewed every single day.


  • Is rehab treatment expensive? 

People have the wrong impression that a rehab facility is a luxury resort for rich addicts.

Addiction does not choose its victims. The rich and the poor are equally prone to addiction.

Rehab clinics in the UK are designed to accommodate the different needs and budgets of people in need of help, including average normal people.


Why is aftercare in rehab important?

Aftercare is essentially required to sustain your recovery.

You need continuous support to prevent you from falling back into your old habits.

It reinforces what you learned in rehab, from other people’s personal life experiences.

You are not alone in your recovery. Aftercare provides you with the right community to continue your journey.


How to survive detox?

You cannot avoid withdrawal symptoms during your detox. However, there are practical ways to minimize its effects.

You need somebody, like an addiction expert, a nurse, a friend or a family member to monitor you during detox especially.

This can be achieved through supervised home detox, or resdiential in-patient rehab care.

Abbeycare specifically advise against any attempt to undertake detox on your own, without mecial supervision.

As with all health issues, consult your GP or qualified medical professional in the first instance, for advice.

Abbeycare Provide:

  • Professionally-managed Detox
  • Structured Inpatient Rehab Program
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Reflexology/Reiki/Massage/Meditation
  • Individualized counselling
  • Referral to Recovery Support Groups
  • Personalised and Continuous Care
  • Custom Treatment Program

Serving Dundee & Surrounding Areas, including:

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Hill TownStobswellEast Marketgait

How To Book

To book addiction treatment near Dundee, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.


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