Gloucestershire Towns – An Insider's Guide

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Gloucestershire had always been a wonderful place ever since it was founded in the 10th century.

It is a place that has a lot to offer both products and services.

The people there are so hospitable that they make the tourists feel at home to their very best efforts.

Also, its vicinity is so wide to explore those days of stay in the county will not be enough to finish a conquest.

But the best things there in Gloucestershire are its towns that showcase distinct things, events, places, people, and even backgrounds.

These towns make up Gloucestershire, so discovering each one of them will be essential, especially for those planning to pack to this county.

Given that, here is a quick guide from an insider regarding the towns of Gloucestershire.


First on the list is the lovely town of Bagendon.

It is known for its pastoral-like ambience as a rural village near the west of River Severn.

This town is well-known for its colourful cottage gardens that only represent how cheerful and various the people are in the town.

Two of the most famous places in this town are the Boat Inn and the Queen Arms, which are village pubs.

Moreover, the best thing in this town is its serene vibe which helps ease and calm the minds of the visitors.

There is also the renowned St. Andrew's Church that adds to the total peace of the town.

The only downfall of the town is that there can be excessive floods from Wales that can get through and destroy almost everything in Bagendon.



Next is Bibury, which was named after William Morris' favourite town with its beautiful landscapes.

Following that claim is Victorian J. Arthur Gibbs' statement that Bibury is one of a kind, and he even published an eloquent entitled A Cotswold Village.

The people of this town enjoy the moving Coln River that wends between road bridges from the 1970s and wooded banks.

Most of the houses in this town has a garden that directly runs down to the river.

Much more interesting than that is Arlington Row, which is a stone-tiled cottage and terrace to the Coln River.


If charm is the main focus, then the town of Bisley is the best for this category.

Bisley has rich local folklore that anyone would love to hear and study.

It represents how rich the town is not only in resources but also in localities that shape its overall status.

The town also has the church of All Saints that was built between the 13th and 14th century.

With the restoration done in the 1900s, this church was able to retain its beauty and new details inspired by the neo-romanesque style.

Past this church, travellers can find the row of cottages with gabled windows and porches.

These pretty cottages have doors painted with different colours, making a lively ambience abundant and felt.


If the focus is antiquity, then Cheltenham is the best town to visit.

Cheltenham of Gloucestershire is a town wherein old grand houses, inns, and other properties can be found.

It is also well-known as the horse race capital of Gloucestershire, wherein various horse race tournaments are held annually.

Prestbury Park is the best place for this sport.

Originally, Cheltenham was once a Cotswold village, but after discovering a Mineral Spring in 1738, a Pump Room was built that dominantly changed the town's status quo.

Architects and engineers began to build infrastructures within the town that led to its richness when it comes to grand properties up to these days.

Some of the most famous infrastructures of the town were Forbes and Papworth that draw lots of attention from the tourists.

Another thing, the town has beautiful gardens that serve as a favourite de-stressing place for the people.

Coln St. Aldwyns

Coln St. Aldwyns

Another must-visit town of Gloucestershire is Coln St. Aldwyns, known for being one of the ten best villages to live on in Gloucestershire, England.

It has the perfect ambience and environment that resemble safety to the residents.

It is filled with rustic charms such as the old properties that elevate the antique vibe of the town.

Also, its tourists are not yet aware of Gloucestershire, and there are still hardships when it comes to communicating, then choosing this town is the best choice since it is regarded as the English charm.

This means that people here can easily understand the English language, and with that, travellers can easily ask for help.

Moreover, gardens seem to be a requirement in every household in this town.


Originally, this town was first named Corinium Dobunorum during the Roman age, but now, it became Cirencester - the second largest town in England.

Cirencester had an incredible history, and it can be studied inside the famous Corinium Museum.

Here, Cirencester can be known as the town that declined after the fall of the Romans.

Also, the town is well-known for its abundant wool production that has been prospering even overseas.

It even helped the residents to pay off their St. John the Baptist church.

Another thing, Cirencester has the Earl of Bathurst, which is a fantastic house with surrounding folly designed by the famous poet in the 18th century- Alexander Pope.


Next on the list is Fairford, which is the best for travellers seeking faith recharge.

This town has an old parish church developed for the Virgin Mary for guidance and protection.

The church is well-known for its beautiful stained-glass that gives a classic 15th century feeling to the tourists.

Also, Fairford has a one-of-a-kind way of welcoming its tourists.

They showcase their International Air Show, wherein tourists worldwide can experience different shops and inns for more travel memories.


Gloucester City

As the county's centre, the town of Gloucester is regarded as the most civilized and progressive throughout the time.

It is the home of numerous buildings and their infrastructures that effectively help Gloucestershire to be more successful.

Within the town, lively and busy ambience can be felt at the same time.

It holds the historical cathedral- the Abbey of St. Peter that prospered during the Norman period.

The cathedral underwent several renovations after every period, and with its unique physicalities, it was chosen as the setting for the famous Harry Potter series.

Also, as the centre of Gloucestershire, Gloucester has endless opportunities for its people.

Numerous jobs can be found within, allowing the employment rate it stable and growing.

All in all, Gloucester is a must-visit town or best to reside in.


Before Cirencester, the town of Painswick was the centre of wool trading.

The town was able to produce and manufacture abundant wool products that led several wool merchants to settle in the town.

With this, inns and grand old houses were built that made Painswick one of the richest towns in Gloucestershire.

Also, the town streets are so narrow, resembling honey-glazed stones and buildings all over the past periods.

One of the most notable streets here is the New Street, built during the wool trading heavy days that increased their gross income quickly.

This street holds a half-timbered building. Furthermore, the town is known for being quiet and peaceful.


This town is the perfect one for those looking for a calm and picturesque place to relax.

It has numerous attractions that every traveller would love to witness. One of those is the manor houses within the town that are currently under the National Trust.

Back then, these manor houses were properties of a craftsman named Charles Paget Wade in the early 20th century.

Also, there are wide fields of lavender in this town- perfect for those looking for a soothing and relaxing vacation.


Another town of Gloucestershire that deserves all the attention and visits is Winchcombe. The town is regarded as an English one with delightful products, services, places, and people.

Also, the church of St. Peter was brought by the richness of this town through the successful wool trades.

Many wool merchants came to this town that later on, they have decided to settle in the town and continue living with wool trading.

Another thing, the romantic castle of Sudeley was once a property of Ethelred the Unready, and later one came to the last Queen of Henry VIII- Catherine Parr.

This castle brought historical events to the town and the Gloucestershire County throughout every throne to the heirs.

The castle is still restored and is home to numerous historical paintings and other pieces that resemble the rich background of the town.


All in all, Gloucestershire County is one of the best in England that showcases different must-visit and must-try pieces.

From the attractions, people, products, and services, this county has a lot to offer to local and international travellers.

So, with this insider guide about the towns of Gloucestershire, may it help enlighten and prepare future travellers for excellent travel.

About the author

Laura Morris

Laura Morris is an experienced clinical practitioner and CQC Registered Manager with over twenty years experience, over ten of which have been as an Independent Nurse Prescriber.

She has held a number of senior leadership roles in the substance use and mental health sector in the NHS, the prison service and in leading social enterprises in the field.

Last Updated: October 31, 2023