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Stirling city in central Scotland has experienced an increase in drug or alcohol addiction which has led to numerous deaths. Alcohol addiction is a disease that affects people of all ages and social status.

Unfortunately, more and more people are now suffering from the effects of drug or alcohol addiction abuse in Stirling than ever before, and drug and alcohol rehab is urgently needed.

Alcohol addiction is more than just a personal tragedy, it is a global one, that can tear families apart and cause some serious and unavoidable losses and fatalities in the society.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation can help solve this problem, because it is currently an appalling situation that will help overcome this problem.

Of course this is not easy, and the addicted person will need as much support as possible, from a family member or loved one.

Now, if you have finally realized the problems that drug and alcohol addiction brings, then it is time for you to enter drug and alcohol rehab centres.

At Abbeycare, we are here for you. Our drug and alcohol rehab in Stirling offers a wide range of services that include the following;


  • Addiction treatment
  • Mental health issues treatment from registered mental health nurses
  • Stress management
  • Residential treatment and outpatient treatment
  • Qualified clinical nurse practitioners
  • Long term recovery
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy
  • Bespoke treatment programme
  • A qualified medical team
  • Various support groups
  • Therapists access
  • Drug and alcohol rehab.
  • A comprehensive recovery model.
  • Trained psychiatrists.

And many more. All of these are geared towards giving you a new future.. If you live in Stirling area and surrounding area, please feel free to contact us for addictions treatment including a wide range of drugs or alcohol addictions.

Our team is waiting to serve you. Ring us direct on  01603 513 091.

Abbeycare clinic serving Stirling

In Abbeycare, our goal for your recovery is beyond sobriety. Our drug and alcohol rehab is designed to ensure you reach all of your life goals, which includes addiction treatment, help with withdrawal symptoms, and a long term recovery treatment programme that will benefit you forever.

Our objective is for you to learn how to genuinely love yourself so that you will longer need to drink or take drugs. You are worthy of recovery.

Learning to love yourself and to take care of your loved ones is the best way to combat addiction and attain long term sobriety.

The addiction problem

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem, but that does not mean it is not curable. Most drug and alcohol rehabs such as Abbeycare are well designed to help you cope with this.

Addiction is not the end. It is a challenging phase in your life that you should overcome to become a better person. All of our drug rehab clinics and alcohol treatment centres are ready to help you overcome this challenge.

Ring us direct on  01603 513 091, and be part of the Abbeycare success story. Our drug and alcohol rehab in Stirling is ready for you.

When to get help

It’s not always easy to make the decision that you need drug and alcohol rehab. This is because an addict will almost always live in denial of their addiction and the need for addiction treatment.

With time however, it reaches a point where you say that enough is enough and get yourself ready for rehab.

If this is you, or your loved one, our addiction treatment options at our alcohol rehab in Stirling is ready to help you through this.

Call Abbeycare today on 01603 513 091.

Residential alcohol rehab in Stirling

Rehabilitation can be challenging but it is worth it to find a rehab clinic that can deal with your drug rehab and especially your withdrawal symptoms.

The best option for this is a residential rehab.

Abbeycare provide a sturdy and organized residential rehab program that involves physical detoxification from drugs, psychosocial intervention, and aftercare provision.

At the alcohol rehab Stirling for Abbeycare, you may have to stay for at least 28 days in order to go through our many treatment options to help with your sobriety.

Individualized treatment

Every treatment service in the rehab programme is individually designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of a person. This means that the treatment centre or rehabilitation centre will deal with any sort of residential drug problems you may have.

However, the key offerings at the addiction recovery centre for drugs and mental health is that our treatments for addictions and detox are perfect.

The rehab centres in Stirling cater for all sorts of treatments such as alcoholism, drugs and detox. We shall offer you great support throughout the process.

We are committed to support you through your challenges at our residential rehab. You need your life back, and if you go through our treatments for alcoholism, you may just get there.

In-patient .vs. outpatient in Stirling

The primary difference between the two types of rehabilitation is where you stay and the treatments used.

In-patient rehab requires you to stay in the rehab facility for a specific period.

Outpatient rehab allows you to go home regularly after undergoing or participating in the rehab programs.

Both treatment programs can involve detoxification and attendance to daily rehab programs such as CBT, individual counseling, group sessions, and other holistic therapies, depending on the provider.

Abbeycare recommends and offers only in-patient treatment for the following reasons:

It eliminates you from distractions and temptations that can get on your way towards a successful recovery.

It immerses you in a substance-free environment that provides the perfect ambiance for reflective meditation to understand your inner struggles that led you to your addiction.

It allows you to receive 24-7 care from professional addiction experts and therapists that will provide you sufficient guidance and supervision while battling addiction.

It provides you with a communal family composed mainly of like-minded individuals who share the same addiction problem that will support your recovery.

Aftercare rehab in Stirling

Recovery is a progressive and continuous process. It does not end after graduating from the rehab facility.

Aftercare is an integral part of the rehab program in Abbeycare.

Aftercare programs involve less intensive outpatient rehab programs that you also need to undergo as part of your continuing treatment.

It involves planning out a serious of supports that you may need when you go back to the real world.

Constant contact and connection with the rehab form part of the Aftercare program.

This may also include regular one-on-one meetings with your sponsor and counselor as well as connection to addiction recovery groups.

How to choose a rehab in Stirling

Choosing the right rehab centre is a crucial step in your recovery.

Here are a few things to be considered in your search for the right rehab for you.

  • Are you speaking to an adviser or specialist from a rehab centre or from an agency that only makes referrals?
  • Is the rehab centre located near your residence?
  • How much are the services of the rehab centre and what are their payment options?
  • Is the duration of stay fixed or flexible?
  • Is there an aftercare program provided?


How long does aftercare last?

The length of the aftercare program would ultimately depend on you.

Some people are in aftercare for weeks while others prefer to stay for a year or more.

You are welcome to stay in the aftercare program for as long as you feel like you need support to maintain your sobriety.

What is the 28-day rehab program?

This is the standard inpatient rehab program that usually lasts for 28 to 30 days.

This consists of an initial assessment, a professionally managed detoxification, individual counseling and group therapy sessions, and aftercare planning after leaving the rehab facility.

However, the rehab program can be extended if necessary. It doesn’t matter how slow you progress.

What is important is that you never quit and you continue the struggle to be better.

What do you do if you relapse?

Just relax, and do not let your relapse define you or make you feel like a failure.

When you relapse, find time to reflect on yourself to realize your priorities.

Forgive yourself and avoid the people that influence your relapse.

Get support from friends and recovery groups if necessary.

Most importantly, love yourself and engage in healthy practices that will heal you further.

Abbeycare Provide:

  • Professionally-managed Detox
  • Comprehensive and Structured Rehab Program
  • Individually assigned addiction experts
  • 12 step program sessions
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Aftercare Plan
  • Round the clock care and supervision

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How To Book

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