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Drug and alcohol addiction in Hereford is as a result of behavioral issues that affect the psychological and physical mental health conditions. The attempt to stop substance dependency can help one lead a life of sobriety, free from alcohol and drug addiction.

The behavioral aspects of drug and alcohol abuse are the most troubling to family members and friends, and for rehab Hereford to be successful, you must be willing to make all of the significant changes in behavioral changes while still receiving the alcohol addiction treatment.

Abbeycare rehab Hereford facilities

Abbeycare Rehab Hereford facilities are ready to help you with your drug addiction treatment, through private rehab. We offer residential drug rehab for substance abuse, which includes medically assisted detox for the withdrawal symptoms, psychological treatment, outpatient treatment, dual diagnosis, group therapy, etc.

Rehab Hereford also offers group sessions from medical professionals who will guide you through talking therapies, in order to overcome your physical dependence on substance abuse, while helping you to live a normal life.

This is a long term recovery and healing process that will require you to have a well-designed recovery program, with the detox phase and other services included.

People from all over with an alcohol or drug addiction can enroll at Abbeycare’s residential programme and we shall offer holistic therapies and professional assistance to your recovery process and addiction treatment. Call us today on  01603 513 091.

If your alcohol and drug addiction seems out of control, allow us to help you. Our addiction treatment services are designed to help anyone rebuild their lives and look forward to a great future.

Does rehab work?

Yes. But, addiction treatment can only be successful if you are committed to it. It doesn’t matter which private rehab you choose. Your desire to beat the habit will determine how successful alcohol addiction treatment will be.

But in most cases, anyone that commits to it 100%, usually ends up with excellent results. Alcohol addiction can be reversed. A private rehab clinic for Abbeycare will help you achieve sobriety for the long term.

The kind of recovery treatment plan we offer includes mental health problems assessment, drug and alcohol use support, addiction treatments, prescription drugs treatments, talking therapies, bespoke treatment programme, community support, alcoholics anonymous, ongoing support, group therapies, and one to one narcotics anonymous.

Abbeycare drug & alcohol rehab clinic Hereford

Addiction to alcohol or drugs can be overwhelming…not only for the individual, but for their family and loved ones too. This is because our treatment programmes are all-inclusive and feature everything from the medical detox, to quitting alcohol service.

If you’re struggling with addiction in the Herefordshire area, treatment options are available that can assist with:

  • Your budget available for treatment through our rehab cost.
  • Your location
  • How quickly you need help

If you’re in active addiction, you’re probably already aware that much needs to change in your life in order to become drug or alcohol-free in the long term. We are not the same as the county hospital treatment center, but our treatment programmes are geared towards a recovery programme with maximum results.

Our specialist, structured detox and rehab programs can help you become emotionally and physically free from addiction, and move forward into a brighter future.

Abbeycare clinics serving Herefordshire

Unlike others, Abbeycare are not an agency, and own and operate the clinics we refer to.

When you call us, you are speaking directly with the team that will help you with the admissions process at Abbeycare itself, and not a third party. You will also be able to access support at all our rehab centres plus our detox clinic is well-suited to deal with all sorts of withdrawal symptoms.

Residential private rehab .vs. other options in Hereford

There are multiple rehab centres options to consider for addiction treatment in Herefordshire.

But, because your addiction treatment centre needs to be timely, suited to your needs, and cost-efficient. We recommend the Abbeycare treatment centre.

For those in Herefordshire, Abbeycare can offer a choice of residential care at The Hygrove, or, for those who have commitments they cannot escape at home or work, the possibility of home detox is open for some.

Residential drug rehab means staying in the clinic itself, for a period of 7-28 days or longer, in order to become fully immersed in the recovery environment, and remove yourself from addiction triggers, whilst getting better.

Home detox options are more restricted, and usually available only for alcohol detox.

There are also stricter requirements for entry into home detox, which our admission specialists will be happy to discuss.

Structured treatment approach rehab in Hereford

At Abbeycare, we believe in a solid and structured addiction treatments with our rehabilitation program to give you the strong foundation you need, for long term recovery, including other treatment options such as mental health support.

This means, tackling physical/chemical detox from alcohol/drugs first, followed by qualified psychosocial intervention and therapy work, and completed with strong planning for long term aftercare provision.

Therapeutic help to overcome addiction near Hereford

Moving beyond addiction of course means tackling the underlying issues that resulted in the addiction to begin with. These may include mental health and other behavioral problems.

Recognizing stress or triggers, patterns of your behaviour, and the past events that led to your addiction, are healthy exercises that will shed light into the past, and help you forgive, and move on.

Most people will need the help of a qualified addiction therapist to help us see beyond denial, frustration, resentment, and other emotions, and into the elements of ourselves that we need to come to peace with, in order to overcome addiction.

Abbeycare therapists are masters qualified in addiction and can help you navigate the emotional terrain, as well as physical recovery from addiction.

What happens in rehab Hereford?

A lot happens. To start with; during the initial call with our admissions team, you will be advised on the most suitable options for you.

After a brief pre-admission questionnaire, you’re normally admitted to an Abbeycare clinic in 24-48hrs.

Upon admission you’ll get settled in your room, and begin detox following an initial consult with our medical team.

In the coming days thereafter, you’ll quickly progress in to the rehab program in the clinic, completing therapy work, and acquiring insights on your own personal pattern of addiction.

In aftercare planning, you’ll plan out the supports that will help you most, in long term recovery.

This could be anything from the practical daily schedule of an addict in recovery, to specific local support groups, charities, or one-off recovery events, that can help you stay sober, in the long term.

A treatment programme tailored to you

When you join our Abbeycare clinic in Herefordshire, you will find that we have many rehab options, and our goal is to have you work with our psychiatric team to come up with the right plan for you.

Your treatment will be specifically tailored one to one for you, including a detox process that will start the treatment. This is designed to eliminate all the alcohol in your system and get you on your journey towards recovery.

Why choose private rehab centres in Hereford?

Most people assume that detox from alcohol at home is the best option as it ensures you don’t leave your home as you receive treatment, but in most cases, having a private/residential treatment option is usually the best option.

Staying at the rehab facility ensures that you receive the support you need during your treatment process. Removing the temptation to take alcohol is a great way of ensuring you maintain your sobriety.

When your treatment starts, you should be able to stick to it when you are not at home. This is because you are able to fully concentrate without any triggers and temptations.

Once you are done with your treatment programme at the private rehab centre,

Once your treatment is complete, the care and support you were receiving won’t simply come to an end. You’ll continue to attend weekly therapy sessions at the addiction rehab centre in Herefordshire, ensuring that you receive a high level of aftercare.

What are the benefits of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Herefordshire?

The benefits of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Herefordshire is that it is close to you, and naturally, you will be able to stay in the residential rehab, where we will help you beat your alcohol and drug problems.

However, through a reputable residential rehab clinic, this is possible, bypassing the concern of disruptions.

There are many benefits you can encounter by selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Herefordshire, through our services at Abbeycare.

Those benefits include increased comfort and convenience helping to ease your initial transition into rehab and known to boost susceptibility to professional support.

You’ll also have the opportunity to partake in family therapy sessions, and you’ll also have an easier post-rehab transition, down to existing familiarity and confidence.

Through our Abbeycare Herefordshire based rehab clinic, you can encounter these benefits, however, you can increase the quality of your experience even more by combining with a residential rehab programme.

Here you’ll have the chance to boost your comfort levels while experiencing the greatest quality of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, available in the industry. Ring us direct on 01603 513 091.

If you are worried about the influence of your current drug and alcohol triggers, please be reassured that via a residential rehab clinic, those triggers can be controlled to reduce disruption risks, helping you experience an optimal environment to recover from.

What value can you experience through our services?

There’s great value to be experienced by using our services at Abbeycare Herefordshire clinics. Whether you’re looking to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Herefordshire yourself, or hope to activate a referral service, we are here for you.

We can firstly offer emotional support, which is very important through this challenging time. We offer a confidential service, maintaining your personal discretion, while also ensuring that we can meet your needs through our rehab recommendations.

Secondly, we only work with reputable rehab clinics who are fit for purpose for  recovery. That being said, you’ll have knowledge that you or a loved one are visiting a rehab clinic who can facilitate your entire recovery journey.

Naturally, you may hope to complete these steps alone. That is perfectly fine, as it’s your impending rehab experience. However, please be aware that professional help is available to secure the value of your rehab exposure.

Ring us direct on 01603 513 091.

What can I expect from my rehab programme?

Alot, but basically all rehab programmes will differ, down to the necessity of suitability. However, you can expect to be welcomed with a tailor-made rehab programme, which highlights the length and contents of your stay.

This will include a range of addiction treatment recommendations, based around your needs and your encounters with drugs and alcohol.

Your rehab programme will likely focus on physical and psychological addiction recovery, recommending a range of leading treatment options, all medically supervised.

You can expect to complete anything from a drug and alcohol detox, relapse prevention, art therapy and CBT.

A life-changing encounter

Within your rehab programme, you’ll expect to experience a life-changing encounter which focuses on your wellbeing, your mental health, your future quality of life, your coping strategies, and your relapse prevention plan.

The aim of rehab is to help you overcome your addictive behaviours and learn to live without them. This is possible through a personalised, high-quality rehab programme, doable on a local scale in Herefordshire.

Through this type of environment, available through residential rehab, you can work through the milestones of addiction recovery.

Being human, you may have further questions around drug and alcohol rehab which you hope to ask. It is in fact very important that you do reach out, helping to form your expectations around drug and alcohol rehab.

We invite you to contact our team today to boost your awareness, along with pushing ahead with your rehab admission. Ring us direct on 01603 513 091.

How to choose a rehab in Hereford

When considering rehab in Hereford, you’ll always want to ask:

  • Am I speaking directly with the clinic staff, or are you an agency or referrer?
  • Where is the rehab centre located?
  • What costs are involved and when are they payable?
  • Are there options for different lengths of stay?
  • Can I extend my stay once admitted to treatment?
  • What aftercare options do you offer?


How quickly can I access rehab near Herefordshire?

This happens pretty fast, and all admissions can normally be facilitated in 24-48 hrs., sometimes less. Please ask us for specifics, in your case.

 Are aftercare options provided in Herefordshire?

Yes. We can facilitate aftercare planning for where you will be resident after treatment, whether this is Herefordshire or elsewhere, we can help co-ordinate appropriate arrangements.

Why should I choose residential treatment near Hereford instead of detoxing at home?

You should consider residential treatment near Herefordshire instead of detoxing at home because the issue that most often threatens long term successful recovery, is the triggers that the individual experiences around them.

Even after a successful home detox, the individual is still in and around the emotional trigger situations that began, and maintained, the addiction itself.

This drastically increases the likelihood of relapse, and results in a lower acceptance rate for home detox.

Residential rehab allows you the opportunity to break free from the circumstances, and associations, that surround you in daily life, giving you the distance to see situations and triggers for what they really are- and importantly, change their meaning.

With this greater insight, not only is long term sobriety more likely, but you also have more insight into the right sorts of supports, to include, in aftercare plans for the future.

Abbeycare Provides:

  • Prescribed Detoxification
  • Full Structured Residential Rehabilitation Program
  • Therapeutic Help, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • 12 step treatment, and one-to-one sessions
  • Aftercare planning
  • CQC approved treatment
  • 24-7 care
  • Personally assigned member of our addiction team

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How To Book

To book addiction treatment near Herefordshire, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.


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