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Alcohol addiction is one of the most dilapidating conditions for human beings. It is sometimes hard to accept the fact that you have a drug or alcohol addiction problem, but it is the first step towards finding help for your problem.

When you acknowledge it, you are finally saying that you have an alcohol abuse problem and the next step usually is addiction treatment.

If you are looking for rehab centres in Edinburgh, do not worry, Abbeycare Edinburgh drug rehab centres are designed to deal with all sorts of alcohol abuse and drub abuse. The recovery process is a long one, but we shall be with you every step of the way.

Abbeycare drug and alcohol rehab clinic is a rehabilitation treatment center for people suffering from a substance abuse problem and are looking for a way out. Contact us today for a booking and an initial consultation with free advice on the recovery process at our addiction rehab.

We also offer other treatment options such as rehab for prescription drugs, harm reduction advice, mental health issues, medical supervision from licensed medical professionals, outpatient treatment, etc.

Abbeycare drug & alcohol rehab near Edinburgh

Addiction to drugs or alcohol distorts thinking, impairs your physical health, damages your emotional well-being, and ruins relationships.

Addiction has shattered the lives of many people in Edinburgh and their families. But you don’t have to lose hope or be in despair.

This is a condition that can be reversed. With our assistance, at Abbeycare Edinburgh Clinic, you can beat addiction and help yourself get your life back, through our drug and alcohol rehab treatment.

We have a treatment facility near Edinburgh dedicated to helping people recover from addiction and maintain their sobriety. Our treatment process encompasses everything that has to do with addiction treatment, such as a simple admissions process, support services, access to a medical professional to help you stay sober and we also include dual diagnosis.

When you come to our Abbeycare Rehab centre in Edinburgh, we will first take you through the admissions process which will include identifying your recovery journey, your family history, your alcoholism causes, professional help, access to support groups, mental health treatment, GP referral, and many other treatment options to help you stop alcohol addiction cold turkey and stay off drugs for full recovery.

We have the right program that will help you stay sober for the long term.

If you are thinking of getting your life back, you should stop overthinking and do it now.

We are here to help and we have the perfect fit for your treatment needs.

Why should you consider drug and alcohol rehab at Abbeycare Edinburgh?

You should consider drug and alcohol rehab at Abbeycare Edinburgh because, our residential treatment rehab in Edinburgh offers plenty of benefits for anyone seeking help from an alcohol and drug rehab facility. We will start you out with a detox program that will be done under medical supervision.

This makes it easy for anyone with an alcohol problem especially young people, to stick to the treatment centre in central Scotland.

Our drug and alcohol rehab addiction treatment center is a world-class facility offering residential rehab for drug abuse and alcohol abuse addiction treatment. We will allow you to go through the alcohol and drug rehab with utmost care.

Most of our clients for drug rehab or alcohol rehab usually stay with us for around 28 days, and then we allow them to enter other treatment options such as outpatient care that will help them completely stop drinking when they are out of rehab.

The main life threatening issues associated with people struggling to quit drinking is the effect on their mental health. Additionally, since making this informed decision of simply admitting they have an alcohol or drub abuse problem is hard, we promise to stay with you throughout the process at our alcohol rehab centres.

How can I stay off alcohol and drugs in the long term?

You can stay off alcohol and drugs in the long-term through determination and commitment. This is not an easy journey. Alcohol rehab for alcohol and drug abuse at our Abbeycare rehab clinic is the first step. Addiction treatments offer plenty of help such as holistic therapies that will get you where you want to go when it comes to your addiction.

Of course after your alcohol treatment at our alcohol rehabs, we don’t stop there. Most treatment providers will leave you at this point but at Abbeycare Rehab clinic we go a step further and ensure that we are with you after rehab.

Our rehab costs at the treatment centres are inclusive of aftercare when you leave rehab. We promise that residential rehabs are the best options for your treatment.

With that, we promise you a whole year of aftercare once you are done with our treatment centres, and this is the best way to maintain sobriety from drugs and alcohol on the long-term.

Most people who look for drug and alcohol rehab in Edinburgh are only worried about getting off these substances, but it’s also important to think about how to maintain your sobriety.

When you’re looking for rehab in Edinburgh, it’s always worth considering what the programme will offer you in the long term. One of the reasons why Abbeycare has an excellent success rate is that we offer such great aftercare, and because we spend so much time focusing on relapse prevention.

Abbeycare clinics serving Edinburgh

Your long term sobriety is very essential, and critical to get your life back on track.

This is why you must choose the right rehab.

Abbeycare operates a clinic near Edinburgh that provides drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

At Abbeycare, we believe that every client is unique.

You can be sure that you will receive the right treatment program because we customize our rehabilitation programs to the needs and circumstances of the individual.

While we tailor fit care plans to address specific problems and requirements, our rehab program is structured to ensure a comprehensive approach to treating addiction.

Each client receives an individualized care plan and map towards recovery.

We can help you make the necessary life changes to overcome addiction, whilst you recuperate your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being.

To get specific advice to your needs from our experts, just give us a call at 01603 513 091.

Residential rehab in Edinburgh

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre provides a secure, caring and compassionate environment where you can start your journey to regaining what you lost.

We provide residential rehabilitation where clients are required to stay in our clinic. We will be your home for 7 to 28 days or longer.

While spending time in our facility, your body and mind will have the opportunity to recuperate from the chaos that drugs or alcohol have brought into your life.

The early phases during detoxification may indeed trigger some unpleasant effects due to withdrawal.

But you don’t have to worry.

This is a normal part of the process, and we have a staff to monitor you around-the-clock and help you get through these challenging times.

Withdrawal symptoms are alleviated by prescribed medication from our addiction specialists.

Structured treatment approach in Abbeycare rehab Edinburgh

Abbeycare Clinic offers a concrete and structured treatment program, to give patients the robust foundation needed for long term recovery.

Our program typically commences with a managed detoxification by which your body is cleansed of drugs.

This crucial stage is designed to help you control the withdrawal symptoms, and physiological effects once drug or alcohol use is stopped.

We design an individualized care plan to address the psychological, social, and behavioural problems associated with addiction to engender long term behavioural changes essential for a lasting recovery.

Our residential treatment programme which provides continuous support 24 hours a day, and is administered in a therapeutic community.

This is focused on individual and group counselling, which involves the entire community client group.

Our programme views addiction recovery as overcoming the social and psychological patterns of addiction.

It highlights the promotion of personal responsibility and maturity, as well as socially valuable and productive lives.

Our programme is intended to assist in reflecting on destructive viewpoints, negative self-image, and harmful behavioural patterns and move towards an understanding of the pattern of addiction in your life.

Our programme is comprehensive.

We provide support activities and services that can help you not only recover from addiction, but become healthy and productive, leading to more fruitful and meaningful lives.

Individualized .vs. group counselling

We facilitate both individual and group counselling support to our patients.

Therapeutic work focuses on the development of coping strategies to address the unique and personal challenges of every patient such as unemployment, delinquent behaviours, and personal family/social relations.

This may include referral to appropriate supplemental services such as employment opportunities or medical or psychiatric treatment, as part of aftercare planning.

Small group CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) utilizes social reinforcement provided by peer discussion to aid in promoting drug and alcohol-free lives.

This type of therapy is provided in combination with individual one-to-one step work, organized to incorporate cognitive-behavioural principles or contingency management.

This also initially facilitates social interaction with others.

What happens in rehab in Edinburgh?

A lot happens in rehab in Edinburgh. Rehab helps individuals progress through detox, undertake cognitive-behavioural counselling, and learn coping strategies to help them to stay sober and live more meaningful lives.

We complete a few initial checks over the phone to determine your needs and identify any special requirements.

Based on our initial conversation, a custom treatment program is crafted by our addiction specialists.

When does detox commence?

Detox commences once you get settled in your room, the detox process commences after proper consultation with our team. In the subsequent days, you’ll advance into the rehab program performing activities and fulfilling therapies towards your personal care plan goals.

The program then concludes with aftercare planning, in which the clinic’s continuing support is provided along with your family and friends for long term recovery.

How to choose a rehab in Edinburgh

Determine your rehab goals and needs

You need help initially to understand what substances or behaviours you need to recover from.

Consult with a treatment expert

You’re assigned to an addiction specialist case manager, who knows the most appropriate options for you personally.

Check out different rehab options

To evaluate the different treatment facilities near your location, you can initially visit their websites, make comparisons and personally visit the clinic.

Among the factors you specially need to consider included the availability of inpatient and outpatient program, specialization (alcoholism, drugs, gambling, etc.); Treatments and Therapies (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, EMDR, Matrix Model, Motivational Therapies, Family Counselling and Therapies, 12-Step Facilitation Therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, etc.); and Amenities (bedroom, lounge, reflection areas, gym, sports facilities, etc.)

Does this kind of rehab really work?

Yes. for those who complete their treatment programmes and put in the work, residential rehab has an excellent success rate. We wont lie, rehab is extremely tough, but by going through it at a pleasant place like Abbeycare clinic where you get 24-hour support, you have the best chance of completing your programme.

When you’re looking for an Edinburgh rehab centre, it’s easy to be skeptical about whether rehab will work for you. After all, many people who come to us have tried other treatments and may have found themselves relapsing multiple times.

However, for those who complete their treatment programmes and put in the work, residential rehab has an excellent success rate. Around 29% of people who go to rehab don’t complete their treatment, but out of the ones who do, just over 85% will beat their addiction in the long term.

We’re not going to lie. Rehab is extremely tough, but by going through it at a pleasant place like Abbeycare clinic where you get 24-hour support, gives you the best chance of completing your programme.

For free advice and further information about Abbeycare clinic, simply call call at 01603 513 091.


How effective is the Rehab in Edinburgh?

The Rehab in Edinburgh is pretty effective. Studies have shown that drug rehabilitation in general reduces drug use by up to 60 percent. Rehab can also contribute towards decreased criminal activity, and improvement of an individual’s employability and social success after treatment.

What type of therapy is best for addiction?

The best therapy for addiction is a structured therapeutic program that incorporates detox, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other holistic therapeutic activities such as yoga, music, arts, are the most prevalent therapies in addiction.

The quality and effectiveness of these types of therapies would also depends on an individual’s follow through on the advice and long term supports provided.

How long does detox take?

The length of the detox will essentially depend on the severity of a patient’s addiction, and duration of usage. In general, detox starts within twenty four hours, after the last substance use and withdrawal symptoms normally last up to seven days to two weeks or more depending on the intensity of drug use.

In general, detox starts within twenty four hours, after the last substance use and withdrawal symptoms normally last up to seven days to two weeks or more depending on the intensity of drug use.

However, the first three to five days will be most challenging and the withdrawal symptoms will gradually lessen in time.

Abbeycare Provide:

  • Clinically – managed Detoxification
  • Solid and Structured Treatment Program
  • Secure, caring and compassionate environment
  • Aftercare Program for long term recovery
  • Continuous monitoring and care
  • Time and private place for meditative contemplation
  • Individually assigned expert for each patient

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How To Book

To book addiction treatment near Edinburgh, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.


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