Top 5 Places to Visit in Scotland

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Scotland, a beautiful country located in North Europe, also forms the northern portion of Great Britain. This country has a theatrical shoreline with many unique islands. Scotland is also termed as a playground for all outdoor goers due to its landscape of enormous beauty.

This country is renowned for a lot of things- whiskey and castles, etc.; however, it is best famous for its national dress. Scotland has an abundant history- leading to a landscape filled with remarkable forts and castles. Standing at the top of a vanished volcano, Edinburgh Castle overlooks the whole city. This big, fortified structure has long served as a guard to the English and Scot rulers. Scotland is also renowned when it comes to drinks and foods.

Best Places Worth Visiting in Scotland

Scotland is a big country when it comes to size but rather small when it comes to population. Because there are too many people living there, most of its landscape is preserved and is still untouched. That is why we recommend anyone to travel around in Scotland. However, there are some best places which are more worth going to than others.

Here we want to share with you the best places in Scotland that are worth seeing:

1. Pitlochry

Pitlochry In the Heart of Scotland

Pitlochry is a small settlement surrounded by mountains located between Perth and Inverness. It is a small but peaceful city. It has the whole thing you want and is surely worth dropping by if you know more about Scotland’s culture. 

The best thing about this place is that there aren’t too many visitors going to Pitlochry. So, meaning it is not crowded with guests, and you can see no matter what you want to see. The best place to visit here is the Moulin Inn that is situated to the north of Pitlochry. It takes approximately 10 minutes to get there on foot, and you must see it as it is one of the best pubs in Scotland.

Queen View is also worth visiting. It is a platform from which you have an amazing view of the landscape. Especially if the weather is good, it is surely worth visiting. There is also a dam nearby where you can see salmons jumping up the water. Pitlochry backpackers’ hostel is also one good reason to visit the place. It is a good hostel, and the people are very welcoming and friendly. 

2. Glasgow


Getting on a train and heading fifty miles to the west portion of Edinburg and you will come to Glasgow, the biggest city in Scotland. Potentially a preferred city by many travelers in Scotland, Glasgow is a city that is continuously changing and provides many things for everyone to see and do in spite of their interest.

In Glasgow, the plays and concerts are personal highlights as it has lots of remarkable venues such as King Tuts, Hydro, Wah Wah Hut, as well as the ever-popular Glasgow Barrowlands.  In case you want more aside from music, you go somewhere like Kelvingrove museum, here you can choose from the 22 galleries the city offers. Most of the galleries offer free entrance.

Glasgow is a superb for retail therapy. You can head to Buchanan, Sauchiehall as well as Argyll- they are the main shopping place in Glasgow that provides shoppers a broad array of options. Also, you will find lots of independent shops spread in the area.

What to Do and See in the City of Glasgow

  • Visit the most popular Kelvingrove Museum, where you can spend time wandering the never-ending galleries as well as exhibits.
  • Witness a beautiful show in the Barrowlands
  • Visit The Barras during your free time and look through the many stalls of locals as well as merchants that offer their wares.
  • Go to Ashton Lane as well as Hidden Lane above in the West End.

If you love outdoor adventure, then Glasgow has something to offer. You can go to the beautiful place of Milngavie, a very small area outside the city where you will find the start of West Highland Highway- this is the renowned long-distance mountain climbing route in Scotland. It has 96 miles trail and takes about seven days. So, it would be best if you had more time to discover the place.

Best Places to Stay During your Glasgow Tour

Suppose you look for a place to stay, which is totally unique to any place, then go to CitizenM. Situated right in the centre of the city and only a minute stroll from the station and shopping district, this accommodation is worth checking out if you want to experience something different.

3. Inverness


Another remarkable place to visit in Scotland is the Inverness. This place has lots to see and makes for a memorable weekend away from your usual routine. This place is just a one-hour flight from London, and cities connecting to this place include Bristol, London, and Birmingham.

There are many good reasons why you should consider Inverness on your next trip to Scotland, such as:

This is seen as the gateway to the Highlands, and there’s a strong cultural identity, shared history, and the Gaelic language. This is also renowned for its rich as well as varied history. There are many things to do and see here if you want to know about its past. You can visit the Culloden battlefield or learn more about the times gone by at the Clava Cairns archaeological site.

This place is also one of the essential regions for wildlife in Scotland, and all over Europe as well, this is because of the amazing climate. There are a wide array of habitats and few people; therefore, it is somewhere you should visit if you are a nature lover.

Aside from history and culture, shopping is also vital in Inverness. It doesn’t matter if you like to take pleasure in the delights of the conventional Victorian Market or get right up to date with the new Eastgate II shopping complex; you will indeed find what you’re looking for here.

St. Andrews Cathedral and Inverness Castle are worth visiting too; therefore, you can start here if you want to know more about the place. Inverness hotel or accommodation is ideal for all budgets. Maybe you are searching for a guesthouse, or opt to self-catering, or perhaps you like to wait on hand and foot at a lavish hotel.

If you want to relax after a tiring day out in the fresh air, this place provides excellent food and drink and nightlife. You can pick from remarkable dining with meals made from local ingredients like venison and salmon and whiskey or try the amazing fresh-caught seafood. Yearly, Inverness celebrates a winter and summer festival and lots of other events during the year. Regardless of the time and date you are coming, there is always something going on and lots to see and do.

4. Hebrides


If you love beaches, then the Hebrides is the best place to go in Scotland. Named as one of the “Must Visit” places in Scotland by Airbnb, this place has so many things to offer to a visitor. A short ferryboat journey from Ullapool, you will be on this island with the most amazing beaches. One of the most sought beaches is the Luskentyre. This is popular due to the golden sand, bright blue water as well as a striking background of mountains.

There are many things you can do and see in the amazing place of the Hebrides, such as:

  • Visit the Black House
  • See the historical standing stones
  • You can hire a bicycle and roam around Lewis to Harris

If you want something luxurious and like somewhere exceptional to stay when visiting this place, you must consider Blue Reef Croft, located in Scarista. The place offers a panoramic view looking out for the amazing landscape.

5. Dundee


Dundee is the place where the original V&A museum was erected outside of the city of London. It’s a place that provides many things for guests and travelers to do and see.

By far, the V&A is the most amazing scenery in the area, having been erected on the seafront. Dundee is a place to a lot of other amazing architectures such as the St Paul’s Cathedral, The Courier building, as well as the McManus Galleries.

Other things to see and do in this amazing place include learning the past of Dundee by wandering in the region of the McManus Galleries. Pose with Desperate Dan Hop aboard the RS Discovery as well as Antarctic voyages.

Bonus Place


This is a place that is usually taken for granted and not included in many itineraries. It is a shame as there are many things to do and see in this area. This is a place to many castles. Both ruined as well as perfectly preserved.

If you love ruined castles, you can go to Slains castle that is the stimulation for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Dunnor Castle is a very tourist-friendly castle that played a vital role in the history of the country because of its planned positioning as well as defensive merits. Aberdeenshire is really home to more than 300 castles.

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