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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Glasgow

Glasgow is at the forefront of the escalating number of drug and alcohol deaths in Scotland. Many families are suffering and struggling to find help for their loved ones.

About Us

At Abbeycare Glasgow, we specialize in providing addiction detox treatment and long-term recovery strategies to help alcohol and drug users free themselves from the vicious cycle of addiction, mental health issues, and successfully move forward with life.

We help by working closely with clients and their support network to help them regain complete control of their lives.

The Abbeycare team comprises highly experienced, caring, and committed addition specialists who dedicate themselves to helping people recover from alcohol and drug misuse and achieve a sustainable long-term recovery.

If you have a loved one you think is suffering from alcohol addiction, do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

The best time for drug rehab is now before the long-term pattern of addiction is established in someone’s life.

Abbeycare Clinic Near Glasgow

Abbeycare owns and operates its rehabilitation center in Scotland. The clinic is located in Erskine, 9 miles to the west of Glasgow city center.

It is ideal to seek alcohol or drug rehabilitation from Glasgow because it is conveniently less than an hour away from the city.

What Else?

The building lies on a site extending to 0.49 Hectares (1.22 Acres) and is situated within a modern residential estate with good access to local amenities. The rehab facility can accommodate up to 32 clients.

We limit the number of clients to ensure quality patient care and personal attention throughout. Every residential client is provided with a comfortable room with adjoining facilities.

No-Obligation Drug and Alcohol Addiction Assessment

Abbeycare offers a no-obligation telephone assessment to discuss your needs and concerns in confidence with our admissions team.

The free assessment will provide you an initial understanding of drug and alcohol rehab and its impact on your life and the people around you.

The assessment is also an opportunity to meet our treatment specialists and other health workers who will assist you on your path to recovery.

They will provide you with an overview of the center’s treatment program and orient you around its key areas, which can potentially be your next home during your stay.

Visit The Clinic Before Deciding

Abbeycare also offers the opportunity to visit the clinic, see the premises, speak to staff, ask questions, and get a feel for rehab in Glasgow.

Visits are free of charge, and there is no obligation to proceed. Don’t hesitate to contact our admissions team for more info, direct on 01603 513 091.

Types of Drug Addiction Treated

As a comprehensive rehabilitation center, Abbeycare Glasgow provide professional alcohol treatment for the different types of substance addiction (e.g., alcoholism and drug addiction).

We may also work with behavioral alcohol and drug addiction issues, such as gambling, sex, shopping, eating disorders, secondary to a primary alcohol or substance misuse issue. Contact us direct for advice specific to your needs.

Substance abuse and alcohol addiction involves excessive and uncontrollable consumption or use of substances. This type of addiction usually involves medically assisted withdrawal detoxification.

Behavioral addictions, on the other hand, can emanate from psychological disorders or co-occurring problems.

Working with your individually assigned case manager, we can help structure a care plan personalized to your circumstances and requirements.

Abbeycare Intensive Treatment Programme

Abbeycare provides an intensive alcohol treatment program that allows clients to detox and address addiction’s underlying causes by creating coping strategies for an enduring recovery.

The drug and alcohol rehab program is also time-dependent. Residential stays allow a greater focus on therapeutic and 12 step outcomes to maximize the likelihood of successful long-term recovery.

Additional Details

If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction, remember that you don’t need to struggle independently. We are here to help you cope with your problem.

You will receive a treatment program that is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Alcohol or drug addiction is a personal challenge. That is why we take a personalized approach to help you.

Detox Programme

Patients suffering from alcohol or drug addiction may require a medically-assisted withdrawal detoxification process which is integral in drug and alcohol rehab.

This involves taking the necessary medication to control cravings and withdrawal symptoms that a patient will experience once alcohol or drug use is discontinued. The process is complemented by proper nutrition to help recover one’s physical health.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

This psychotherapy treatment is designed to help identify underlying problems behind one’s difficulties and manage them by changing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. CBT work is facilitated in a small group dialectical behavioural therapy setting.

12 Step Work

Our therapeutic program integrates both the 12 step model of addiction recovery and CBT. Through experience, we’ve found this combination to be particularly powerful in helping individuals identify the underlying thinking patterns behind addiction and begin to address them.

Follow-up support such as mutual aid meetings, sponsorship, and specialist local recovery groups, form an essential pillar in ongoing aftercare work and relapse prevention when residential treatment is complete.

Holistic Sustainable Therapies

A range of holistic therapies is available, which can be continued beyond the inpatient rehabilitation program.

Examples of Holistic Therapy

It is holistic as it touches every aspect of a patient, including body, mind, and spirit. Examples include massage, reiki, reflexology, and daily journaling, which involves writing about your life, your thoughts, and reflections on your day.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Also known as residential addiction treatment, this program involves staying in the center for the duration of the treatment program to ensure that patients follow the structure and schedule of the drug and alcohol rehab, receive proper monitoring and join alcohol support groups, and have the opportunity to be away from their usual routine.

Its Importance

This allows individual focus and helps us escape the negative influences and temptations found in our ordinary world and social circles.

Residential treatment also provides group therapy where patients with similar problems can help each other on their way to their recovery.

Aftercare Program

Aftercare support refers to a range of regular therapeutic programs, support, meetings, and fellowship activities for patients who have successfully graduated or finished their intensive rehabilitation treatment.

The aftercare alcohol rehab centres may include the patient’s family for continuing recovery.


1. How quickly can I get into rehab near Glasgow?

The sooner you get into rehab, the better. The typical time frame between our initial phone conversation and admission to the clinic can be as little as 24-48hrs.

2. Is there an aftercare program provided in Glasgow?

Yes. The aftercare alcohol rehab program is an integral part of the center’s comprehensive therapeutic program to ensure the continuing recovery of a patient after completing the program.

3. Why is inpatient alcohol rehab in Glasgow more preferable than a daycare addiction treatment?

A residential alcohol rehab allows you to get away from your surroundings and situations that elicit the use of drugs and alcohol in the first place, which is a necessary step to effective recovery.

This program also allows complete immersion into the structured program, which involves regular monitoring and co-ordinating with other patients who share the same problems and work together toward a common goal.


Abbeycare rehab services provides several treatment options including the following crucial options:

  • Free Assessment
  • Medically Assisted Detoxification
  • Intensive Residential Rehab Program
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Holistic Sustainable Therapy
  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment
  • Aftercare Program
  • Care Inspectorate approved treatment
  • Round-the-Clock Care
  • Individually assigned aid from our addiction team