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The Addiction Problem in Bearsden

Scotland has more drug death per capita than any European country.

Although having low rates of drug-related deaths, the affluent suburb of Bearsden has its own tales of addiction problems.

This is because addiction goes beyond the bounds of wealth and social status.

It can affect both the poor and the rich.

It seems hard to believe that high earning and successful people could succumb to addiction.

But many businessmen and executives suffer from addiction to alcohol or drugs.

The reality is that addiction doesn’t care who you are or how much you earn.

Once you get hooked on drugs, it will take over your life and keep you in its chains indefinitely.

At Abbeycare, we will help you break free from addiction.

We will turn your rock bottom as the solid foundation on which to rebuild your life.

Finding Your Inner Peace

When things inside you change, things around you will also change.

Finding your inner peace is an important objective of any rehab programme.

Inner peace is a calm state of mind or spirit amidst the stressors in your surroundings.

It helps you maintain your strength, motivation, and sense of hope.

It is an important ingredient in your recovery and struggles to maintain sobriety.

At Abbeycare, we help you find your inner peace by eliminating the despair, emptiness, and social stigma associated with addiction.

We will help you to put your problems and struggles in the right perspective so you can effectively manage them through a range of activities such as mindfulness, kindness to others, meditation, focus, and nature.

We will teach you how to fall in love with yourself and achieve harmony with your outside world.

Attaining inner peace is an unending journey many of us are on.

How does Addiction Impact the Brain?

Addiction is said to be a brain disease that impairs your rational faculty.

How exactly does addiction affect your brain?

Addiction injures key brain areas that are responsible for specific mental functions.

It damages the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which in turn damages how you think, decide, and control your behaviours.

It injures the extended amygdala, which primarily processes human emotions, that’s why you feel stressed and anxious when you don’t have drugs or alcohol in your system.

Finally, it impairs the basal ganglia or the reward system of the brain which explains your increasing tolerance and your need to take more drugs or alcohol to reach the same effect.

Addiction simultaneously damages your physical body resulting in health problems like lung and heart disease, liver failure, and other illnesses because of a weaker immune system.

Don’t let addiction slowly kill you.

Addiction is an equal-opportunity affliction

Addiction does not choose its victims.

People with substance use disorder in the UK are not always poor, a great many people affected are well-educated, working professionals, with normal lives.

If you or your loved one from Bearsden is struggling with addiction, you should immediately seek help from a qualified drug or alcohol rehab clinic.

Addiction will not get better on its own but will only get worse.

Do not let fear or shame keep you from seeking help.

We will not let addiction define you but we will help you define who you want to be.

Call Abbeycare now at 01603 513 091.

Enabling and Denying Addictive Behaviour

Your loved ones are prone to become enablers of addiction.

They either turn a blind eye or downplay the gravity of the problem.

They also tend to make excuses for delinquent behaviour or blame other people.

Family members who protect an addicted loved one think that they do these things out of love.

What they fail to realise is that they are actually supporting a loved one’s addiction and leading them on the path to self-destruction.

Dealing with addiction is also challenging when families are in denial.

They may deny a loved one’s addiction because of shame, harm to reputation or name, or even possible damage to the family fortune.

Denial only veils and worsens the addiction problem as it keeps communications at a dead end.

In the long run, it can damage relationships beyond repair.

Abbeycare is for all

Regardless of your social status in life, you need professional help to defeat your addiction problem.

At Abbeycare, our mission is to help you and your families achieve freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.

Our addiction programme is comprised of a professionally managed detox, personal care plan, counselling and advice, development of life skills, and aftercare planning.

We provide different financing schemes to make our treatment accessible to those in need.

Abbeycare serve clients from all over the UK.

No matter which life you walk from, our addiction treatment programme can help you.


  • Is luxury rehab more effective in curbing addiction?

No. A luxury rehab does not make a programme more effective in treating addiction.
A luxury rehab only has first-class and expensive facilities/ amenities geared to cater to wealthy people or high-profile clients.
However, the treatment approach and the methods used are essentially the same.

  • How can my family communicate with me while on rehab?

To help you focus on recovery, you may be forbidden to communicate with your family in the first couple of weeks of your rehab during the detox stage.
After that, however, regular communication with your family is not only encouraged but facilitated through visitation, family therapy, phone calls, emails, and other counselling activities.

  • How does a rehab clinic communicate with a client’s doctor?

Signing a waiver can allow the release of medical information between medical professionals.
If warranted, the client’s personal doctor may also collaborate with the rehab team in crafting the customised treatment plan or aftercare plan.

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