Thousands of Children at Risk Due to Alcohol

A children’s charity has warned that the NHS in Scotland is not doing enough to tackle drinking among parents, leaving thousands of children vulnerable. The warning comes as the Scottish Government launches Alcohol Awareness Week, with the public health minister admitting: “too many Scots are drinking too much too often.” Children 1st has said 80,000 children in Scotland are living with alcoholic parents, and that there could be serious consequences if the government does not take action. Alison Todd, a director of the charity, said parents should have access to help and support to prevent their drinking having an adverse impact on their children. She added: “Providing the right help for parnets before their child is born, or while their child is still young, could have a major influence on changing their drinking habits.” Tam Baillie, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, said: “It’s appropriate the government takes all the steps it can to tackle alcohol misuse among parents because our tolerant societal attitude to alcohol means we consistently underestimate the impact on children of harmful drinking by adults.

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