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Addiction Help in Westmorland

Addiction is a family disease, even babies are affected as an investigation by this newspaper reveals.

When one family member is struck by drug or alcohol addiction, it permeates the whole household and the entire family is negatively affected.

Everybody needs to adjust and cope with the situation.

Some family members may not want to help for reasons that they have their own personal problems to face.

Others felt betrayed, frustrated, or have simply given up on the addicted relative as hopeless.

As much as a family can provide positive inspiration to an addicted person, they can also have a negative influence on a person that perpetuates their addiction.

With love, concern, and compassion, however, anyone can have the power to help a person break free from addiction and restore their life.

If you are from Westmorland and need to help with your drug addiction or alcohol addiction, Abbeycare can help you.

Abbeycare Rehab Westmorland is more than just a rehabilitation clinic that will treat you of your addiction.

It is your family that will provide love, care, and compassion that will help change you to be a better person.

Addiction is more than just a lack of willpower

People suffering from drug or alcohol addiction have no power to stop their addiction.

This is not just a matter of weakness or the lack of will power.

This is because addiction is a disease that alters the brain’s reward system.

A person loses the power to control extreme cravings and the overwhelming compulsion to consume drugs or alcohol.

Relying solely on willpower to overcome substance abuse is not feasible.

You will need professional intervention and assistance.

You need to believe and submit to a power greater than yourself to quit successfully and change.

If you have the will but lack the power to combat your addiction, we at AbbeyCare Rehab Clinic will help you change.

Managing Temptations after Rehab

Returning from rehab back to normal living is a tough transition.

Once you get back to normal living, you will confront situations that could trigger you to revert to your bad habits.

Revisiting old friends and families can dredge up old feelings that can prompt you to drink alcohol and use drugs again.

Here are ways to avoid and manage temptations after rehab:

Support system. Change the people around you by surrounding yourself by people who will support your recovery especially sobriety groups.

Environment. Change your environment by rearranging your home and removing triggers like drug paraphernalia or move to a different location where you can start a new life.

Future goals. Set goals that will direct your life to a better future.

This can be as simple as adopting a new hobby or doing something that will keep you preoccupied.

Observe the aftercare plan. Dutifully keep up to your aftercare plan by attending follow up appointments, meetings and faithfully following all instructions.

Be thankful. Learn to be happy and satisfied in life by learning how to be thankful for the little blessings you have such as being happy just be alive, having loved ones, being healthy, having another beautiful day, among others.

Through our aftercare rehab programme, Abbeycare rehabilitation clinic in Westmorland continues to provide support and assistance to clients who have undergone our inpatient therapy.

Finding your Purpose

People suffering from drug or alcohol addiction often lack a sense of purpose.

After undergoing rehab, many people still find that they lack purpose in life.

You may find life missing direction when you are consumed with a life that revolves around drugs and alcohol.

Finding direction in life does not happen instantaneously after rehab.

Even people who have not suffered from addiction can struggle in finding their true north.

For people starting a new life of recovery, finding your purpose can be gradually attained through discovery.

You can find your purpose by engaging in new hobbies, interests, or preoccupation.

You can get into the arts like painting, photography or music and discover your new talents.

You can study a new skill and get a new career.

You can volunteer to help other people or promote advocacy.

At Abbeycare Clinic, we help our clients find and develop new hobbies, interests, and social groups during and after rehab treatment.

Call our rehab clinic in Westmorland on 01603 513 091 and we will find your new purpose in life.

The Benefits of a Sober Life

Sobriety is not just about getting physically healthy or being alive for that matter.

Embarking on a sober life is about freedom, which is the fundamental essence of human existence.

Freedom from drug and alcohol addiction is a basic condition that you need to return to humanity.

From there, everything else emerges from staying sober such as:

  • Meeting new people, making new friends and building new relationships;
  • Saving and using the money for more valuable and productive things;
  • Improving mental clarity and appreciate everything that life can offer;
  • Acquiring the needed energy to do more worthwhile things to enjoy life;
  • Looking and feeling better; and
  • Becoming an inspiration and model for others with addiction problems to emulate

Recovering from addiction is hard because it is a lifetime commitment.

Abbeycare serving Westmorland

We provide a holistic approach to treating drug and alcohol addiction.

Our small community allows for clients to get to know each other on a personal level.

Our individualised rehab treatment plans in Westmorland help address each client’s needs.

We provide superior care to our clients to attain the rewards of sobriety.

Our licensed clinical care services offer:

Residential Inpatient Treatment – A 28-day intensive treatment programme addresses that detoxify you from drugs and alcohol, provide counselling to determine and address the root cause of addiction and heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Personal Monitoring – Each client will have an individually-assigned key support worker who acts as a life-long partner, coach, advisor, and friend to help you continually live life sober.

Aftercare – This individualised plan is provided to help clients who completed our inpatient rehab programme to help them transition back to normal life and acquire guidance on how to live a life of recovery.


  • Is hippy crack illegal?

Yes and No.

Hippy Crack, more commonly known as laughing gas is illegal if sold and use for recreational human consumption.

Also known as nitrous oxide, it is considered legal if used for medical or dental procedures, particularly for anaesthesia or pain management.

  • Do nangs damage your brains?

Nangs, hippy crack, laughing gas, or nitrous oxide can potentially damage your brain if abused. This drug which is used in medical or dental procedures to manage pain or induce sedation is dangerous and illegal if used for recreational purposes.

This drug works by depriving the brain of oxygen which if excessively used or abused can damage the brain, cause seizures, induce coma, or cause sudden death.

  • What is day treatment?

Day treatment is a partial drug treatment and rehab programme provided by some rehab centres.

Similar to an outpatient programme, this treatment only requires a patient to spend 6 to 8 hours of treatment during the day at the clinic.

The patient is allowed to go home to his/ her own residence and return to the clinic the next day.

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