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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinic Torquay

Once you’re caught in the addiction trap, recovery seems impossible.

But even though you feel helpless or weak, change is always possible, specially with a professional rehab treatment or rehabilitation programme.

By receiving the right treatment, developing effective coping strategies, and getting sufficient support, you can recover and get your life back.

If you have tried and failed before, don’t give up.

The second, third, fourth or fifth time you try maybe your time to succeed.

If you’re looking for rehab help for any type of addiction in Torquay, you came to the right place.

Abbeycare Rehab Clinic is open to Torquay residents seeking drug treatment and rehabilitation.

We offer professional rehabilitation help to get rid of drug and alcohol addiction.

Our rehab clinic is staffed with professional healthcare workers like doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists, and other addiction experts.

We treat alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and other types of behavioural addiction like impulsive gambling, sex or porn addiction and other aberrant psychological obsessions at our Torquay Rehabilitation Centre.

No One has Control of Addiction

Addiction is a disease that is beyond a person’s control.

It is a compulsion that when a person suffers from it, they cannot stop on their own accord.

On their own, addiction becomes near impossible to control.

This is because addiction has rewired or altered its victim’s brain to associate a reward with drugs or alcohol.

This alteration is then reinforced by repeatedly surrendering to the cravings.

Fighting the cravings, on the other hand, can result in withdrawal symptoms.

We cannot blame a person if they are unable to stop their appetite or drive to take drugs and alcohol.

You cannot also blame yourself for not stopping a loved one from getting addicted.

Neither you nor your loved one suffering from addiction has control over addiction.

The best way to address addiction is to seek professional rehabilitation help.

With the right rehabilitation programme in Torquay and with your continuous social support to your loved one, we can beat addiction.

Call Abbeycare Rehab in Torquay now on 01603 513 091 and let us work together.

Aggression and Addiction

Aggression is one of the more dangerous symptoms of addiction.

People with substance use disorders, whether they are co-occurring with mental illness or not, do not engage in healthy behaviour.

People manifesting aggression related to substance abuse should be treated with utmost caution.

They can potentially cause grave harm to themselves or their loved ones.

People who are drunk or high on drugs are not themselves.

They can do cruel things that they would not have done otherwise without the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Here are some aggressive behaviour related to addiction:

  • Threatening behaviour like bullying others or doing physical harm to objects,
  • A destructive attitude like breaking things with the slightest provocation
  • Swearing, using foul language and insulting other people.
  • Poor communication skills with a tendency to yell when explaining
  • Unable to calm down after getting violent
  • Moodiness and fretfulness

If you or your loved ones develop these signs of addiction please get help.

Addiction Delirium

Delirium is an acute brain syndrome, typified by misperception and diminished mindfulness.

It changes a person’s discernment and stimulates deviant feelings and beliefs.

Addiction and delirium are closely connected because substance intoxication can induce delirium.

Psychoactive substances like opioids, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, hallucinogens, and marijuana can bring about delirium depending on the dosage of use.

Delirium caused by substance abuse can be life-threatening if left untreated. Or chances or relapse are there if professional rehabilitation help or rehab treatment is not taken.

It can cause permanent brain damage and increases the incidence of death.

Among the common signs of delirium are:

  • Absentmindedness and memory loss
  • Disorientation or inability to recognise people, place, and events
  • Reduced awareness of the environment
  • Lack of focus / jumps from one topic to another
  • Loss of concentration
  • Social withdrawal and dormancy
  • Depression and paranoia
  • Prickliness or irritation
  • Unpredictability and sudden mood changes
  • Personality changes
  • Delusions or perceiving or experiencing things that don’t exist
  • Restlessness and aggressive behaviour

It is best to call for help when your loved one is suffering from delirium. A professional rehabilitation programme can bring a person back to normal life.

A delirious person can assault and injure others.

That person could also commit suicide or cause harm to himself.

Call Abbeycare Rehab now on 01603 513 091 and start your journey for rehabilitation. We are here in Torquay for you.

Every Day Counts

Every day counts when it comes to treating addiction.

A total of 4,359 people died due to drug poisoning last year, the ONS said – a figure which includes accidental overdoses and suicides from medicinal drugs, as well as illicit drug use.

Thousands more fall victim to this deadly disease.

Some are direct victims of domestic abuse or broken homes.

Others are indirect victims of aggressive acts of violence or accidents caused by substance abuse.

Thus, any person is vulnerable to the evils that addiction can bring no matter how healthy you are.

You need to get professional rehabilitation help immediately to minimise the risk that you and other people are prone to.

Do not let yourself, your loved one, your friend, or your neighbour be another heart-breaking statistic of addiction-related violence, accident or death.

If you or someone close to you in Torquay needs rehab or rehabilitation help, call now.

Abbeycare rehab clinic offers high-quality addiction treatment services not only in Torquay but surrounding areas as well.

Call 01603 513 091 to speak with an addiction and rehab  specialist and book your first step towards rehabilitation now.

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Abbeycare Clinic near Torquay

Having found this article finding help for addiction and a professional rehab in Torquay is now easy.

At the Abbeycare Torquay Clinic, we offer a structured rehabilitation programme for treating addiction in a supportive atmosphere that is free from drugs or alcohol.

Our comprehensive rehab treatment programme in Torquay includes:

  • Safe detoxification
  • Therapeutic community
  • Individually-assigned recovery counsellor
  • Structured psychosocial interventions on a 1:1 and group basis
  • Family support programmes
  • Continuing care programme


  • What is a legal high?

Legal high refers to different synthetic substances that replicate the effects of illegal drugs that have been fine-tuned to evade anti-drug laws.

Examples of legal high include spice (a synthetic cannabinoid), Mephedrone e.g. meow meow, bubble, or MC), N-bomb, Devil’s weed and Cough syrup, among others.

  • Can I skip detox?

No. Detox is the process in rehab in which your body is cleansed off the toxic substances of drugs or alcohol.
It helps you attain control of your craving for drugs or alcohol at the physical level. You need to stabilize and normalize your physical body first before you can proceed to the next phase of addiction treatment so that you can focus better during psychological counselling. Detox is a very vital part of any rehabilitation treatment.

  • Do I need Aftercare?

Yes. Aftercare is an integral component of your drug rehab programme in Torquay.

This pertains to the continuing care you need after you get out of the rehab and get back in the real world.

It is comprised of support group meetings, job placement services, and other activities to help you stay sober in your day to day life and prevent relapse.

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To book addiction treatment or rehab help  in Torquay, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.


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