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Addiction Recovery in Rehab Thornbury

The UK has very high rates of alcoholism and drug addiction.

The illegal drug trade is gradually penetrating small towns of the country.

A small town like Thornbury in South Gloucestershire has become a haven for illegal drugs operated by organised syndicates.

Police have busted a cannabis factory in the area with drugs worth estimated over half a million pounds.

Large quantities of ecstasy and other class “A” drugs were also successfully seized in separate operations.

Drug dealers have been incarcerated.

With the prevalence of drugs, Thornbury residents are not spared from the addiction crisis in the UK.

Thornbury residents seeking cost-effective recovery can come to Abbeycare rehab centre Gloucestershire.

Abbeycare rehabilitation not only provides a cost-effective programme for drug rehab and alcohol rehab and addiction treatment.

It provides a place for recovery that is nearby Thornbury yet far enough from all drug temptations.

Abbeycare rehab Thornbury delivers highly effective international standard rehab at affordable rates in a peaceful, family-oriented get-away place.


Mindfulness in Recovery and Rehab Thornbury

Rehab programmes often incorporate holistic therapies aimed to facilitate the healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

One of the most common therapy techniques in rehab used is “Mindfulness”.

Mindfulness is a meditation style that originated from India, Thailand, Burma, and other Asian countries.

It is a technique that involves being fully present and conscious of your thoughts.

It has been widely used as an alternative healing practice in the West to treat depression and anxiety.

Mindfulness focuses on slowing everything down so that a person becomes more sensitively cognizant of one’s thoughts, body actions, and senses.

This allows a person undergoing rehab to explore and see through one’s cravings and control it.

It also allows a person to scan the body and facilitate progressive relaxation and sleep for overcoming emotional stress and tension.

The benefits of mindfulness meditation can effectively help a person under-recovery. If you or your loved ones lives near Thornbury and looking for a professional rehabilitation help then call Abbeycare rehab clinic in Thornbury now on 01603 513 091.


Rehab Thornbury – Living in the Solution

A traditional approach to rehab is problem-focused.

It focuses on identifying the triggers or causes of why a person takes drugs or alcohol.

After that, the rehab programme teaches coping mechanisms to control these triggers.

Aside from being problem-focused, Abbeycare rehabilitation equally concentrates on living in the solution.

This approach involves experiencing how it is to live clean and sober in the present by achieving peace of mind and kindness of heart.

Abbeycare rehab Thornbury believes in a step by step approach to recovery.

However, it also advocates teaching clients on “living in the solution” for an enduring recovery.

This involves living a life of acceptance gratitude, and satisfaction, which can be achieved by fundamentally changing one’s thought patterns, feelings, and behaviours.

While it takes time and entails complete transformation, Abbeycare rehabilitation will help clients experience it to give them a glimpse of the better life that awaits them.

Ready to let go for a change? Call Abbeycare rehab clinic in Thornbury now on 01603 513 091.


Continuing Care Plan in Rehab Thornbury

A structured continuing rehab aftercare plan enhances the overall effectiveness and success of any rehab programme.

Here at Abbeycare rehab Thornbury, we put a great deal of emphasis on continuing care as an essential component of rehab for preventing relapse and enduring recovery.

In consideration of the diverse geographical locations of its clients and the new normal, Abbeycare rehab clinic will be facilitating continuing care through online video communications.

Online teleconferencing allows former clients who completed rehab and Abbeycare Thornbury counsellors to engage in face to face group rehab aftercare programme counselling sessions.

Meanwhile, participants can also interact and network with each other.

The online aftercare allows for the client’s continued care and treatment after leaving rehab.

It provides social support and facilitates face to face counselling which aids in maintaining sobriety.

It also provides regular and quick access to professional help.

Call Abbeycare rehab clinic in Thornbury by calling us on 01603 513 091.


Internal and External Triggers of Addiction

Addiction is entrapping because cravings beyond a person’s control can cause relapse.

Once relapse happens, a person is going back to square one.

There are essentially two types of addiction triggers – namely internal and external.

Internal triggers pertain to intangible things hidden within a person that cause a relapse.

These can be in the form of fear, anger, frustration, or pain that drives one to take drugs or alcohol to seek relief.

Internal triggers are often deeply rooted that requires counselling to bring to light.

External triggers on the other hand pertain to tangible objects, places, and events that encourage the use of drugs or alcohol.

These can be a friend you take drugs or alcohol with, occasions like parties that pressure you to drink or any other situation context where drug and alcohol consumption is associated.

Abbeycare rehab Thornbury helps identify and manage both internal and external triggers of addiction to help clients achieve complete and lifelong recovery.

Call Abbeycare rehabilitation in Thornbury now at 01603 513 091 to liberate yourself from the addiction prison.


Abbeycare serving Rehab Thornbury

The inpatient rehab programme at Abbeycare rehabilitation is comprised of an up-to-date, rational, objective, and holistic programme recognised and commended in the international medical community.

It includes the following elements:

  • Professionally-managed detox
  • Evidence-based techniques of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • A tailor-fit addiction treatment plan
  • 12 Step rehab approach that uses secular language to cater to diverse clients
  • One on one and group counselling sessions
  • Holistic therapies like Reiki, massage, and meditation
  • Continuing aftercare treatment

At Abbeycare rehab in Thornbury, we provide an integrative approach to rehab that provides the best addiction treatment and lasting recovery for all clients.

Call us on 01603 513 091.


Rehab Thornbury FAQ

  • Will my loved ones be contacted once I arrive at Abbeycare?

It depends on your preference and instruction.
We can notify your loved ones or we can keep your admission to Abbeycare private and confidential from anyone.

  • What’s the difference between rehab and recovery?

Rehab pertains to the stopping of the use of drugs or alcohol to treat addiction.
Recovery is the lifelong process of quitting from drugs or alcohol and living a life of sobriety.
Recovery starts with rehab and continues after it.

  • Is there medicine to help me get over my addiction?

None. Getting over addiction entails professional rehab which includes a series of procedures like detox, counselling, and aftercare.
Medicine like Methadone and Buprenorphine are only available for the detox stage in rehab to make side effects of withdrawal safer and easier for a patient.


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