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We live in a society that has normalised drug and alcohol misuse. Although it is possible to drink without falling into addiction, it is common for people to face drug or alcohol addiction.

Brighton and Hove area in the East of Sussex have recorded a prevalence in drug and alcohol misuse.  

The health department in Brighton estimates that 41.9% of adults in the city drink more than the recommended limit [1]. 

Addiction has devastating effects on your physical and psychological wellbeing. Its consequences can extend to the family, your workplace, and the community. 

When you try to quit on your own, you will likely experience painful withdrawal symptoms. 

Luckily, there are free and private drug and alcohol addiction services in and near Brighton.

There are affordable private drug and alcohol rehab centres with bespoke treatment programmes that will get you on the path to long-term recovery. 

Addiction treatment 

Substance abuse is a mental health issue and a behavioural health problem. Frequent use of alcohol or drugs leads the body to build a tolerance for the substance.

SAMHSA (the substance abuse and mental health services administration) terms alcoholism as a disease characterised by abnormal alcohol-seeking behaviour. This disease leads to impaired control over drinking [2]. 

Drug and alcohol abuse leads to long-term physical and psychological consequences. It can lead to physical issues such as cardiovascular diseases, liver problems, malnutrition, insomnia, and an increased risk of cancer.  

Families and friends are not immune to alcohol or drug addiction consequences. It is common to hear cases of parents not attending their kids' school events or not making time for their spouses because of addiction. 

Addiction is a chronic and progressive problem. When an addict tries to stop on their own, the uncomfortable and painful withdrawal symptoms are likely to lead them back to the substances.  

Addiction experts understand that substance abuse is not a moral weakness. Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease like other chronic medical conditions such as Hepatitis or diabetes. 

Alcohol and drug rehab is the best way to overcome addiction. Treatment centres consist of a team of specialists who will assess your condition and craft a personalised treatment plan suitable to your needs.  

A good treatment centre will give you a comprehensive addiction treatment programme that addresses every aspect of your life. 

Seeking addiction treatment benefits you, your family, and those around you. When you get treatment, you learn what is causing the addiction and ways to cope. Drug and alcohol rehab is one way that you invest in yourself.  

This is the right step to take, as it means that you understand that you are battling addiction and are actively seeking the right addiction treatment to get you back on track. 

Our treatment centre understands the adverse effects of drug and alcohol addiction. We have residential addiction treatment clinics in/near Brighton, the East Sussex area, and across the UK. 

 We have an addiction specialist on call who can answer all your drug and alcohol treatment questions. 

Treatment options at Brighton & East Sussex area 

The following drug and alcohol rehab treatment options can be accessed at Brighton. 


You can access inpatient residential rehab in Brighton. This rehab provides you with a safe environment away from temptations. 

You get to focus on your mental and physical health by engaging in a daily routine that's structured to help you learn how to live an addiction-free life. 

Inpatient rehab clinics provide you with an extensive range of therapies and detox. It is near impossible to access inpatient rehabs via the NHS. Most people pay for inpatient drug or alcohol rehab in Brighton using insurance. 

Home detox 

Home detox is the most affordable treatment option. It mainly focuses on providing you with a medically assisted detox at the convenience of home. A professional medical detox service can work for some people. 

However, if you are a chronic drug or alcohol addict, it would be best to seek a more intensive form of treatment. 


Outpatient rehab provides you with the flexibility of seeking treatment while still maintaining employment and personal obligations. You get services like those in a residential rehab setting with outpatient. 

You go through group therapy and educational sessions to help you overcome alcohol and drug-related addictions. 

Outpatient treatment is available throughout Brighton on a self-referral basis. 

Our drug and alcohol rehab services 

We provide inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol rehab services across the UK.

When you visit our centres, you get to work with a medical professional to create a personalised rehab programme to help you overcome physical and psychological addiction. 

We offer an intensive treatment plan consisting of residential detox and an extensive array of therapies. Talking therapies form an integral part of our care package.

We also provide free group sessions for families, or anyone closely connected to the patient. 

Brighton drug and alcohol abuse treatment 

We are a CQC registered rehab facility licensed to offer dual diagnosis care for mental health conditions co-occurring with the addiction. We provide dual diagnosis care, which enhances the efficacy of our treatment services.

A substance abuse rehab clinic that fails to provide dual diagnosis risks negatively impacting existing mental health conditions, e.g., bipolar or depression. 

Our team of medical professionals is adept at assessing patients for existing psychiatric medication.

We check whether the individual has attended therapy before seeking rehab. Any therapy undergone prior rehab affects your approach to treatment. 

Our comprehensive screening process and extended rehab programmes are accessible throughout the South of England.

Those in Sussex can access our addiction treatments from Brighton, and Hove Arundel, Battle, Bognor, Crowborough, Eastbourne, East Grinstead, Hailsham, Hastings, Haywards Heath, Heathfield, Horsham, Lancing, Lewes, Midhurst, Littlehampton, Rye, Lewes, Midhurst, Littlehampton, Rye, Petworth, Selsey, Worthing, Uckfield, and other territories in South East England. 

Those in nearby areas can also access our services—Berkshire, Essex, Surrey, Kent, and Hampshire. 

Contact us today to find your nearest CQC-registered rehab. 

Pros & cons of private drug and alcohol addiction treatment 

Those searching for alcohol rehab Brighton have access to a range of private and free treatment options. Each of these options has its pros and cons.

For starters, whereas free options are accessible to everyone, you are likely to get less comfort, support, and personalised services. 

Private drug and alcohol rehab in Brighton offers the best solutions for addiction recovery. Extensive research shows that private rehab increases your chance for long-term recovery.  

Other benefits of drug rehab include: 

  • Immediate admission 365 days a year. 
  • Drug rehab detox with 24/7 care & support. 
  • Extensive therapies, including cognitive behavioural therapy. 
  • Holistic therapies. 
  • Personalised rehabilitation programme. 
  • Access to a team of doctors & therapists. 
  • Extensive services that include fitness & nutrition programme. 
  • A free aftercare plan for up to 12 months. 
  • Fast access to treatment. 

Cons of private rehab 

The cost of residential rehab is high. However, when considering treatment, bear in mind the cost of addiction versus treatment. 


Local government addiction services in Brighton 

The NHS and charity organisations provide local community support groups and treatment options. These services include: 

Brighton and Hove Recovery Service: Those searching for Brighton recovery services can find support at the Brighton and Hove Recovery service [3].

This organisation offers recovery-focused drug and alcohol support. They also provide support to families and carers of persons with addiction. 

Brighton Housing Trust – Recovery Project: A local service project helps service users overcome drug and alcohol addiction. The treatment options offered include rehabilitation and sober housing to aid clients in rebuilding their lives [4]. 

BHT Addiction services: This service offers addiction support to residents of Brighton and Hove. The services are categorised into detox support, recovery, and move on.

Detox support entails detoxification services that last up to 12 weeks. The service also assists addicts facing homelessness. 

St. Thomas Fund: This inpatient rehab facility offers a safe place for adults who want to overcome drug and alcohol use [5].

Those who access this service have a history of trouble sleeping, complex physical/mental health disorders, and legal problems. 

This rehab runs three facilities: 

  • Stage 1 at Cromwell Road 
  • Stage 2 at Arch House in Hove 
  • Stage 3 at Star House in Portslade 

Pavilions – Adult LGBT Drug and Alcohol Service: This service supports LGBT individuals struggling with substance misuse [6]. 

You can access these services on a self-referral basis. Alternatively, you can talk to your GP about your addiction, and they can direct you to a local service. 

AA meetings in Brighton

Alcoholics anonymous offers those with addiction a chance to join support groups for free. You get to engage with people who are going through recovery. This will motivate you and provide you with hope. 

You can attend the following meetings. 

  • Brighton Mary Magdalene: St Mary Magdalene Church Hall, Upper North St. Saturday 6.30 pm: Postcode: BN1 3FH 
  • Brighton On Awakening: Chapel Royal, 164 North St. Thursday 7:30a.m: Postcode: BN1 1EA 
  • Brighton Tilbury Early Risers: Unemployment & Resource Centre, Tilbury Place. Sunday 11.00a.m. Postcode: BN2 0GY 
  • Brighton: Step One: Phoenix Community Centre, 2 Phoenix Place. Thursday 1:00p.m. Postcode: BN2 9ND 
  • Brighton Women's Step: Friends Meeting House, Ship St. Wednesday 12.30 pm. Postcode: BN1 1AF 

You can use the AA Meeting locator to find more meetings in Brighton, Hove, and other surrounding areas [7]. 

NA Meetings in Brighton 

The Narcotics anonymous offers support to patients with drug abuse problems. You can attend the following NA meetings, Brighton. 

  • Brighton: Park Hill Evangelical Church Hall, Queens Park. Tuesday 7:30 pm 
  • Brighton: Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, Dorset Gardens, Kemptown. Tuesday 6:30 pm 
  • Eastbourne: First Floor Meeting Room, Café North, 5 North Street Saturday 6:00 pm 
  • Lewes: Church House, St Michaels-in-Lewes, High Street. Tuesday 7:30 pm 

You can find a meeting near you via the NA website [8]. 

Where to go for addiction counselling 

You can access addiction counsellors from local organisations such as: 

  • The Goal Group [9]. 
  • Under 19s substance misuse service-East Sussex [10]. 
  • Change Grow Live recovery service [11]. 

How to choose the right alcohol or drug rehab 

It would be best to consider the following factors when looking for outpatient or inpatient residential rehab in Brighton.  

How many therapies are available? 

Therapy is vital for addiction treatment. You should go to a rehab facility that will present you with various traditional and alternative techniques to increase your chances of recovery. 

Do they provide customised treatment?

A good rehab facility will customise the treatment plan to suit your needs and advice from addiction specialists. 

What are the qualifications of the medical team?

Reputable rehab facilities have an extensive team consisting of doctors, nurses, addiction specialists, addiction counsellors, and recovery workers. 

Such a centre has licensed, qualified staff with experience in treating your addiction and any mental health issues. 

Where is the facility located?

Depending on your needs, you may want a rehab that's close to home. It is common for people to seek rehab away from home to focus on recovery. 

What is the success rate of the facility? 

Reputable rehab centres have a record of high success rates. You can check reviews online or look at the CQC website for information about the rehab centre. 

Do you prefer a specialised rehab centre?  

There are rehabs for women, men, teens, older adults, and others. You should opt for a rehab where you feel most comfortable. 

Read our full guide on how to choose the right rehab: Finding the right rehab

What to expect from an alcohol rehab? 

You can expect detox and rehab treatments provided one-on-one and in group sessions. Brighton's drug or alcohol rehab will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine your needs. After that, you will go through the following steps:- 


You will enter a medically assisted medical detox. This process includes detox medication, 24/7 support, and care. 

 An alcohol detox programme helps you eliminate your physical and psychological dependence on the substances. 


This phase comes after detox. The rehab programme targets physical and mental health problems. You will have access to mental health specialists and addiction experts.

Their goal is to help you overcome psychological addiction resulting from alcohol or drug use. 

The psychological treatment you get during the rehab process consists of a range of therapies.

Some of the therapies include: 

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy 
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy 
  • Family therapy 
  • Motivational interviewing. 
  • Group therapy 


You should opt for an alcohol rehab in Brighton that provides you with up to 12 months of aftercare. This service helps continue addiction recovery after you leave treatment. 

Steps you should take to enter rehab 

Before seeking rehab in Brighton, you need to acknowledge your addiction. Admitting you need treatment to overcome an addiction motivates you to enter rehab.

After that, you can reach out to an alcohol and drug addiction treatment centre of choice. 

Our treatment centres have a call back option. You can reach out to us or leave your contacts, and we will get back to you. 

An initial phone assessment will be conducted. This will provide our team of specialists with information concerning your addiction and medical history. This phone assessment is free and confidential. 

After that, our addiction expert will provide you with personal recommendations. They will help you identify the best treatment option for your addiction recovery. 

The cost of rehab 

A private rehab programme gives you access to a team of medical professionals with extensive experience dealing with addiction. A drug rehab detox makes up a considerable portion of the cost of rehab.

Other factors, such as the type of amenities, location, and length of stay, also influence the cost of treatment. 

Typically, a 30-day Rehab in Brighton costs around £5000 – £10000. There are a variety of ways to deal with the costs. For instance, you can pay via private insurance. Some centres have flexible payment terms. 

Get help today 

There are extensive rehab facilities in Brighton. There are free treatment options if you don't have insurance. Those looking for private Brighton rehab treatment centres can benefit from the treatment offered at our rehab facilities. 

We provide detox medication and dual diagnosis care to tackle mental health issues. 

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Brighton consists of a dedicated team of experts. We provide support to families and walk with the individual to realise their addiction recovery goals. 

Contact us now to get started. 

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