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Addiction Help in Motherwell

Addiction affects you, your family, and your community in immeasurable ways.

It makes you unhappy, unproductive and in many cases unapproachable.

It can cause you to neglect your children, you become prone to mood swings and give pain to everyone who loves you.

Families and friends of addicted individuals suffer often just as much as the addicted person.

If you or your loved one has been struggling with addiction, there is help available in Motherwell.

Abbeycare Clinic is here to help you beat addiction and get back the life that you deserve.Change must come from you.

If you’re ready to combat your addiction and end the suffering of your loved ones, you need to get in touch with us.

At Abbeycare, we will provide you with the best and most effective rehab program near Motherwell.

We are waiting for your call on 01603 513 091 and well lead you on your way to a brighter future.

Addiction as a Family Disease

The negative impact of addiction is not limited to the addicted person.

Everyone around you, especially those who love you like your spouse, children, parents, friends, and co-workers are all affected by your addiction.

They are the ones who are forced to pick up your slack.

They take responsibility for your failures.

They make excuses for your flaws and faults.

They endure your physical and emotional abuse.

They pay the price for your addiction.

Addiction impacts finances, physical health, and psychological wellbeing of the people who love you.

Thus, addiction recovery involves healing the whole family.

Resistance to Rehab

People suffering addiction will instinctively resist rehab. Nobody likes to think that they need help, more so a rehab.

Resistance to addiction primarily emanates from denial. It is the refusal of a person to accept the reality of one’s addiction.

Denial, in turn, is brought about by self-deception, depression, impaired insight, and self-awareness or a form of defense mechanism.

If you or your loved one is serious about ending the addiction, you need to consider rehab.

Drug or alcohol addiction is not like being addicted to cigarettes, which you can quit cold turkey.

Addiction is a complex disease that requires professional healthcare expertise and intensive counselling that only rehab clinics can provide.

Residential Rehab near Motherwell

Our residential rehab programme consists of a care plan that is customised for each individual person.

This treatment programme provides healing and recovery without external distractions and under strict supervision.

It facilitates in-depth self-examination, life skills development, and community living.

You will learn how to process emotions, cope with temptations and cravings, communicate with others and prevent potential relapses.

Our programme also provides a holistic approach to healing that includes regaining physical health, rebuilding damaged relationships, and restoration of overall life quality.

Through collective experiences and communal counselling, residents build enduring bonds with each other.

Community relationships serve as social support while in the clinic until residents re-join their families and the greater society.

Misconceptions about Rehab

People suffering from addiction fear rehab!

This fear is often derived from misconceptions about rehab. Here are common beliefs that many people caught in addiction hold about rehab.

Rehab is like a prison. Rehab is voluntary. Residents are not forced to stay. Nobody can force you to stay in the clinic against your will. However, you are required to strictly observe the rules and policies of the rehab if you agree to stay.

Life in rehab is gloomy. Contrary to this belief, life in rehab is full of fun and full of laughter.

Of course, there is also some drama because of a life of addiction results in suffering.

However, once you overcome addiction, you will appreciate life and find genuine happiness and peace without hurting anyone.

Life in rehab is boring. What is really boring is the life of an addicted person.

Life of an addict is a world that revolves around drugs or alcohol. That’s about it.

Once you free yourself from addiction, you will discover the greater things that life has to offer.

Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

Once you stopped taking drugs or alcohol, you will experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

This is the result of your body’s system cleaning, adjusting and normalising itself from the absence of toxic substances.

The withdrawal symptoms that you will experience are not because of rehabilitation.

It is because of the drugs and alcohol that slowly poisoned your body.

The intensity and duration of these withdrawal symptoms differ widely.

Physical withdrawal symptoms include chilling, profuse sweating, insomnia, dizziness, and fatigue, and nausea.

Others experience hallucinations and seizures.

Psychological withdrawal symptoms can include irritability, sensitivity, anxiety, distress and mood swings.

These types of symptoms usually take longer to subside.

Withdrawal symptoms are further intensified with intense cravings for your drugs or alcohol.

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms

The detox procedure in Abbeycare is performed by professional healthcare workers.

We make sure that you undergo detox safely.

Proper medication is administered to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms, if necessary.

You will be constantly monitored and you will receive continuing care.

We will also help you manage these withdrawal symptoms through regular exercise, balanced and nutritious meals, proper and sufficient sleep, yoga or mindfulness meditation and other holistic methods of community support and constant communication with family and counsellors.


  • Are there any opportunities for exercise or outdoor recreational activities? 

Yes. We encourage and provide our residents with time and equipment to engage in regular exercise and outdoor physical activities.

These are both parts of the treatment programme to help them manage withdrawal symptoms and achieve holistic healing particularly their physical well-being.

  • Will my depression and anxiety be addressed in rehab?

Yes. Depression, anxiety, and addiction occur as a vicious cycle. Once you break the cycle, depression and anxiety will also be stopped.

Our treatment programme also includes the development of life coping skills to help you deal with the challenges and trials in life that cause depression and anxiety.

  • Are your staff members licensed?

Yes. Our staffs are comprised of professional healthcare practitioners, licensed therapists, and other addiction experts with high-level credentials. Some of them have personal experience with addiction. For more information, you may call us on  01603 513 091.

Abbeycare Provide:

  • Comprehensive evaluation
  • Crisis intervention
  • Professionally managed detox
  • Customized-care plan
  • Family programme
  • Stress-free environment
  • Holistic therapies
  • Aftercare programme

Serving Motherwell & Surrounding Areas, including:

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How To Book

To book addiction treatment near Motherwell, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.


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