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Addiction Help in Long Ashton

If you are struggling with addiction, getting professional help is the best course of action.

Addiction will eventually destroy your life if left untreated.

If left untreated, it could also destroy the lives of your loved ones.

Quitting on your own will be impossible no matter how determined you may be.

The most realistic approach to beat addiction is to seek professional help.

At Abbeycare, we will not only treat your addiction problem.

We serve as a place of hope and change for everyone especially those abandoned by family and friends.

We believe that every person has the right to be free from the chains of their addiction.

We also believe that everyone can change.

Confronting Addiction

Confronting addiction is difficult.

It will be met with resistance in the form of denial that can lead to conflict or violence.

Suffering from addiction makes you unable to think clearly.

The toxic substances from alcohol or drugs that have polluted your system have impaired your mental and psychological disposition.

You won’t see life through the same lens as normal people do.

You believe that drugs and alcohol can help you cope with your problems.

You believe that you got your life under control.

You believe that no one can change you.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, call Abbeycare at 01603 513 091 for professional help.

Addiction Intervention

Unless you are under 18 years old or ordered by a legal court to undergo addiction treatment, nobody can force you to enter rehab.

Clients who are forced by concerned family and friends into treatment, often end up unsuccessful to change.

Your chances of recovery increases when you enter rehab on your own free will – instead of being compelled by your family or by the law.

This is because an addicted person will respond better to voluntary treatment.

It assumes that a person who willingly enters rehab is ready and committed to taking responsibility for their own life.

Without this, a person will lack the foundation and motivation for change.

If voluntary commitment by a loved one into drug rehab is difficult, you may want to consider addiction intervention.

Intervention helps open an unwilling addict to consider rehab.

Call Abbeycare at 01603 513 091 and we will talk to you or someone you love suffering from addiction on how to be ready to commit to change.

What to Expect from an Addiction Rehab Clinic

An addiction rehab clinic is an institution dedicated to treating people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction and helping them recover.

More than just a treatment, it focuses on helping a person restore normal functioning after getting treatment from the disease.

As a clinic, it primarily relies on medicine and other scientifically proven techniques in facilitating treatment and recovery.

This means that the clinic has professionally trained medical staff, addiction experts, licensed therapists specialising in addiction, a collection of various treatment modalities, and a broad aftercare plan.

At Abbeycare, we help people even with the most severe cases of addiction give them back the freedom that they deserve.

The battle against addiction is a difficult task, whether you are the one suffering addiction or you are a witness to the addiction of a loved one.

The destructive impact of drugs and alcohol on an individual extends to family and friends.

When you think that your addiction or that of some you love is destroying your life, getting help is the best that you can do.

Call Abbeycare now on 01603 513 091.

Medication-assisted Treatment

If you are dependent on drugs or alcohol, you will feel sick when you don’t take drugs or alcohol.

This condition is called withdrawal symptoms, which is a hallmark of addiction.

The feeling of sickness is intensified with deeply penetrating cravings, which make recovery next to impossible.

At Abbeycare, we facilitate a medication-assisted treatment that helps make detox safe and comfortable.

Medication-assisted treatment does not substitute one addictive drug for another.

Medication is clinically administered to treat chronic disease and avoid creating a new addiction.

Medication will alleviate the sickness related to withdrawal and reduce the intensity of cravings.

This helps clients to focus on healing, developing a healthy lifestyle, and improving attitude and behaviour through counselling and other therapy.

To learn more about our medication-assisted treatment programme, please call Abbeycare on 01603 513 091.

Abbeycare serving Long Ashton

Abbeycare is a UK rehab centre providing quality treatment for people struggling from alcohol or drug addiction.

The treatment programme at Abbeycare uses integrative and evidence-based methods that have successfully treated people with multiple addictions and/or dual diagnosis disorders.

Our addiction experts and health workers that specialise in addiction, work together with individual clients to make critical lifestyle transformations, control emotions and create coping strategies and skills for long term abstinence.

We craft an individualised aftercare plan that reduces the risk of relapse and help you or your loved one maintain a happy life of recovery that is free from drugs and alcohol.

If you live in Long Ashton, you can call Abbeycare at 01603 513 091 and we will help you become the person you are destined to be.


  • How do self-help groups fit with addiction treatment?

Self-help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are an integral component of aftercare plans.

These serve as group counselling sessions outside and after rehab.

They work to complement and extend the effects of professional rehab treatment.

  • Is the 28-day programme enough to be sober?

The 28-day residential rehab programme is the optimal treatment for a person to attain stable sobriety. However, since addiction is complex and unique for every individual, some people may need more than 28 days to a year to steadily reach unwavering sobriety.

  • Can I be accompanied by a loved one in Rehab?

No. You cannot be accompanied by a relative or a loved one while you are undergoing rehab at Abbeycare.

However, you can be visited by your loved one or relative in coordination with the clinic.

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