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Call our local number 01603 513 091
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Call our local number 01603 513 091
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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Leamington Spa

You deserve better than a life of addiction, you know you do.

You’ve come to the point of realisation, and you say, “I want to change, but I don’t know how.”

At Abbeycare, we believe a life of abstinence and sobriety is possible.

We have proven therapy methods that work, using a structured treatment approach, we immerse you in a new lifestyle in our clinic near Leamington Spa.

How We Will Help You Change

As an inpatient in our comprehensive rehab programme, you will undergo the following processes:

  • Alcohol Detox, Drug Detox, or both.
  • Medication for addiction
  • Behavioural Counselling
  • 12-step rehabilitation & recovery program
  • Long-term follow ups for prevention of relapse

We believe in a structured learning environment, because it works.

According to National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), successful treatment means you have to treat the underlying conditions of addiction as well as the symptoms.


At Abbeycare, we will help you tackle the root causes of addiction in therapy.

We’ll also help identify specific triggers that set back your progress.


In our centre near Leamington Spa, we offer a calm atmosphere, personalised service, and professional help so that you can start your journey in sober living.

Dial direct on 01603 513 091, and let’s get started.

Leamington Spa Rehab – Personalised Treatment

We assign a Case Manager to you as soon as you are admitted to the program.

Experts are keen to say that the best treatment programs are the ones that are comprehensive and personalised.


We believe in personalised treatment because:

  • We believe that everybody experiences addiction differently.
  • Personalised treatment means you will  get to know your motivations behind addiction.
  • You will be able to work on your strengths instead of your limitations.
  • You will gain a better acceptance of yourself.
  • You will not get stuck in a mode of therapy that does not work.


At Abbeycare, we make sure that you are treated as an individual, not just a “case”.

We care about how you progress—what works for another person may not work for you, so we make sure you are heard.

Your Case Manager will help you tackle the thorniest parts of rehab.

After Your Call…

We won’t keep you waiting when you contact us.

You will be instantly connected to our admissions team in order to proceed to the next step.

If you like what we offer, we will ask you a few questions to assess your current health, needs, and goals.

After the initial assessment, you should be on your way to our centre in 12 to 48 hours.

Enquire About Home Detox

Abbeycare does offer Home Detox to selected clients, but it’s not for everybody.

We have a tougher screening program for clients who wish to do home detox because we firmly believe in safety precautions.

We don’t want detox difficulties to happen, and neither do you.

If you are interested in home detox, please ask about it during the assessment call.

What Our Clinic Is Like

Our centre is set in 45 acres of land.

It is set in the relaxed atmosphere of Abbeycare Gloucester.

You will find spacious, well-lit and rooms, communal lounges and conservatory spaces in our facility.

During your stay, we will provide you with nutritious well-balanced meals from our kitchen.

If you want to meditate in solitude, you can freely stroll in the grounds.

We encourage physical exercise, as exercise helps alleviate tension and stress that could build up during the therapeutic process.

We also have an orchard and a fishing lake in the Hygrove.

We can accommodate up to 31 guests in our rooms.

There’s plenty of opportunity to stretch, relax and exercise after doing the hard work of recovery anywhere you choose to be when you decide to stay with us.

Triumphing over addiction near Evesham.

Settling In To Rehab…

After you settle in your room, we’ll take you through a few checks before we commence the medically-assisted detox programme.

We will also be asking you a set of questions to know more about your current state.

We start with detox after the results come in to make sure that you have the right medicines  for you.

Detox means you will be experiencing withdrawal symptoms, and we would like to make this experience less painful for you.

It is very important that we get the dosage and medication right, as we don’t want you to feel worse than you are already feeling.


Withdrawal can be tough, and there’s nothing worse than doing it without anybody to help you.

At our clinic, there will always be a staff member looking out for you. You can call upon us twenty-four hours a day, all days of the week.

It’s our job. This is what we do. You are our priority. We understand how much you need all the help right now.

When detox is complete, we’ll dive right into the therapy programs.

You are encouraged to join as many activities as you can. The more you actively participate, the quicker you will make progress in sobriety.

Most days in rehab you can join ongoing group therapy sessions or individual sessions.

Our Proven Rehab Methods

  • 12 Step Program
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Individual Counselling
  • Group Therapy


  • How far is your clinic from Leamington Spa?

It’s less than an hour from Leamington Spa to our facility at The Hygrove.


  • Is Abbeycare a 12 Step Program?

The 12 Step Program is not rehab by itself. It is an approach we use in therapy.

We utilise a combination of 12 steps & CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help you identify and address the underlying behavioural patterns within addiction.


  • How long do I need to be in rehab to get better?

A typical stay lasts 2-4 weeks. But we have to take into account your individual needs and the severity of your addiction, including frequency, recency, and long term addiction progress.


  • Can I take a break from rehab once I’m admitted?

Generally, once admitted, it’s best to complete the duration of your treatment in full, for best results. Please ask about our visit policy during admissions if you think you need to stay in touch with loved ones.


  • Can I bring my mobile phone?

Yes, you can.

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How To Book

To book rehab treatment near Leamington Spa, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.


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