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Addiction is a heartbreaking disease that can tear families apart. Many lives have been lost in Inverness from drug and alcohol addiction.

Addiction misleads people into thinking that it is alright, controllable and acceptable. They use various excuses to justify their drinking, such as mental health issues, stress, depression, etc. But, regardless of the situation, drug or alcohol addiction is dangerous and needs to be handled with are.

If you feel that addiction has taken over your life, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Our Abbeycare clinic in Inverness is willing to listen to you and take you through the drug and alcohol rehab. Here’s what we promise to do for you;

  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation
  • A residential rehab clinic.
  • Take you through various addiction treatment options.
  • Receive treatment under the care of our registered mental health nurses.
  • Provide holistic therapies.
  • 24/7 access to our clinical nurse practitioners.
  • Treatment for dialectical behavioural therapy.
  • Outpatient rehab facilities.
  • Evidence based addiction treatments.
  • Sustaining recovery options.
  • Access to trained psychiatrists in the treatment programme

Because your life is more important than anything else, we urge you to seek help. Rehab inverness for Abbeycare Foundation has the right tools to take you through your drug and alcohol rehab treatment and with a goal of ensuring you are successful at achieving sobriety.

Abbeycare can help you rebuild your life. Call us today us on our phone number 01603 513 091 .

Addiction denial

People suffering from alcohol addiction are prone to denial. Admitting that they have a problem is never easy, as drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a difficult and long process which will necessitate the practice of self-control.

At Abbeycare drug and alcohol rehab, we have addiction specialists for alcohol rehab in inverness who can open the communication lines for the alcohol rehabilitation process with those who are ready for addiction treatment.

We listen carefully to your history of alcohol abuse and come up with the best recovery model for your impending rehab experience. In this journey, you will have therapists access, residential rehabilitation for inverness drug and alcohol treatment, localised recovery, support groups, a great rehab experience, and many others that will guide you through your addiction recovery process.

All of these are geared towards success. Drug and alcohol rehab is our language. As an alcohol rehab in inverness, we love remaining local and our goal is to make your everyday life drug free.

Call us today us on our phone number 01603 513 091 

Bespoke treatment program for inverness drug and alcohol at Abbeycare Clinic

At Abbeycare treatment centres our rehab options are tailored to each client individually. We do not believe in a one-plan-fits all approach. We take drug and alcohol rehab seriously. The residential rehab is also prefect for recovering addicts.

From the design of the programme activities, therapeutic help, mental health review, and other people involved, our drug and alcohol rehab is what every person requires.

Every stage of the recovery journey is addressed, from the managed detox, to substance abuse and addiction treatment, all the way to the aftercare planning.

Each specific need is covered through a bespoke treatment programme.

Our alcohol rehab inverness looks at all factors such as trauma, history with addiction treatment, support networks, peer influences, and other personal circumstances to create a programme that helps you feel comfortable and receptive to change, for long term recovery.

Our staff also coach residents and their loved one to understand there is a community drug problem and are equipped with essential skills to avoid relapse before you leave the alcohol rehab centres.

They are educated about the challenges that may occur when you return to life after your drug and alcohol rehabilitation at the residential rehab clinic.

Call us now on 01603 513 091 and discover the wonderful person inside you and to reach your full potential.

The detox process

This is the first stage of the drug and alcohol rehab process. At Abbeycare alcohol rehab in inverness, we provide a detox personalised treatment because we understand that every person’s intake, recency, frequency, and relationship with drug or alcohol addiction is different.

The first week of your drug and alcohol rehab will be detoxing, which features there main phases namely, evaluation, stabilization and treatment programme preparation.

The evaluation stage of the residential rehab process involves assessing the number of toxic substances in your body in order to determine the extent of addiction, and medication needed.

The second stage in the drug and alcohol rehab is: stabilization. This refers to actions to prevent harm, or greater withdrawal symptoms than necessary, when experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

This may include administration of prescribed medication and psychological therapy.

The last stage of the detox process involves preparing the client and loved one for the rehab treatment that will identify and address the root cause of addiction.

For further details on our service, ring direct on 01603 513 091.

Abbeycare: Your therapeutic home

Abbeycare is not just your temporary residence for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, in the inverness area, but we are also a therapeutic community that will serve as your home.

Your living space will help you connect to yourself, others and a higher power. No area of your life will be left unchanged, as we go beyond your comfort zone at our asana lodge, to provide support services, a new future and many other useful links to yourself for validation purposes.

You will learn how to find a home within yourself. Abbeycare Rehab centres in inverness serve the local area and provide excellent support services and treatments for mental health issues including advice for any specific drug and alcohol rehab problems and fears..

You will learn how to find a home with others in the rehab clinic that may be suffering from substance abuse as well.

Abbeycare alcohol rehab in Inverness is your therapeutic home, your community of peers form part of the recovery support system, helping you along the journey.

The inpatient rehab programme

Our inpatient rehab programme provides all your critical needs onsite while on recovery from drugs and alcohol. It has a higher success rate because it allows you to concentrate only on recovery.

You will be surrounded by people dedicated to helping you to accomplish your goals. There are also many other people addicted to drugs and alcohol who will ensure you feel right at home.

Aside from distancing you from temptations, it offers a supportive community to boost your strength in battling your inner demons.

Abbeycare Community works as a single unit to ensure that all of your needs are met to achieve success. We are pleased to have helped thousands of people who are now living drug & alcohol-free lives.

If you simply need someone to talk to, you can call us on 01603 513 091.


What are the different kinds of rehab treatment options available? 

Abbeycare specializes in inpatient/ residential rehab which is open to all adults aged 18+ with a desire to reclaim their life from addiction. This programme requires the client to stay in the clinic for 7-28 days, depending on specifics, while in treatment.

Can I take my usual prescription medications while undergoing rehab?

It depends. Our addiction experts will assess your addiction to develop a customized treatment plan.

If they find your prescription medicines contribute to your addiction, to cause potential relapse, or to obstruct to your treatment and recovery, they may disallow its intake.

They can also opt to make alternative and safer prescriptions. All decisions re medication are made entirely by our medical team.

Can you guarantee my recovery after the treatment?

Almost 100% of individuals admitting for treatment complete detox successfully.

Abbeycare provides the following:

  • A Therapeutic Home
  • Expert Intervention
  • Free Assessment
  • Individualized Detox Programme
  • Bespoke Treatment Program
  • One On One with Key Worker
  • Aftercare Planning

How to book

To book addiction treatment near Inverness, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.



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