Want To Stop Drinking Alcohol? Tell someone, Tell Us.

If you want to stop drinking alcohol but find you can’t – however hard you try – then you shouldn’t feel bad. It’s an addiction – does anyone want or desire to be addicted? So, how it happened is really not important. What you do next is all that matters. And, the first thing to do is ask for help. However determined you are to stop drinking, your determination will not be enough. If will-power alone could solve the problem, then nobody would stay trapped in drink.

The first – and often hardest – step in rehab is to admit you need help. Tell somebody that you have a problem. Tell your family or a good friend. Tell your GP. Call Alcoholics Anonymous. Call us or email us at Abbeycare.

You will feel like there’s been a weight lifted of off your shoulders. Don’t let pride stop you getting your life back. Don’t say you’ll get help with your drinking after you have sorted out your other problems. As soon as you admit you are losing control of your drinking, then you can start to regain your physical and emotional wellbeing. The good news is that there are many, many people who have successfully escaped their relationship with booze.

At Abbeycare, it’s our job, passion and mission. We know how to beat it and can help you do it.

There is no shame in contacting us. You never chose your addiction – alcohol dependence knows no boundaries.

But there is the hope of brighter days ahead. And, it’s not just hope – we can help you live again. Contact us for an informal chat or more information. It’s a first step to breaking free.

Author: Dr Khan

Consultant, General and Forensic Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead, Abbeycare Scotland Dr Khan is Abbeycare Scotland’s clinical lead, and oversees the delivery of the medical and detox elements of the Abbeycare program at our Scottish clinic. Read more about Dr Khan on LinkedIn

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