Location: Northern California
Owner: Shane Ramer
Sober Since: 2014
Social: @realthatsoberguy

Sober guy has a lot to offer apart from the sobriety. He does his offerings in the most classic way and with style. If someone sees a need to attach sober to his name like sober guy, it would only imply that he was once a drunk.

So, safe to say that he knows what it means to be boozy. Pretty much all the time too.

The site is a place that glorifies the journey towards sobriety and all the challenges that come with it. In some of the blog posts, expect an appraisal of the blogger’s personal journey and in some anticipate an eye opener as to what true living is without alcohol.

Subsequently, you may also stumble on articles that are slightly off the alcohol-sobriety cause, you will get to see how good living can be experienced with the best friends and people around. Here is the voice of a sober guy; telling the world that alcohol has been given so much power for too long and that it is now time to bully it into relinquishing this power with the most profitable journey ever.

In the meantime, keep your bottles filled only with water.
Location: UK
Owner: Dawn
SoberSince: 2016
Social: @soberfishie

The blog is laced with all the recovery articles that hold nothing back – it is never to encourage weakness.

But, to ensure that you are aware that some things never go away and that your strength and ability to say no is needed every day to make a day.

You can also be sharing testimonies and sharing your story of several years being sober if you embrace the content on all the articles. You are also very allowed to share your struggles, pain and bliss as a sober person.

The goal is to have a group of responsible citizens who are not shy not share their story and are kind enough to use their story to change and recruit others too.

Location: Wayne, PA
Owner: Elizabeth Chance
Social: @BusyLivingSober

Living sober may sound very easy until you become an alcoholic – most people after making the decision to start living sober become even more confused than a homeless person on house arrest. Yes! That flummox.

Because, some people have been there and understand the intricate attached to being a former alcoholic and aspiring to start living sober, these people have come together to create a platform with the goal to help and make things work out as much as possible for the alcoholics.

Truth be told, nothing happens automatically not even this one. So, the user and blogger expect that there would be challenges here and there. And this is why a perfect way to overcome and outrun challenges accompanying recover has been put in steps and in each post of the site here to help you.

The major goal is to see you living a worthy life and living for a worthy cause.



Owner: Lynne
Sober Since: 2008
Social: @LivingWithAddictionLynneHuysamen

As you must have guessed, Lynne is a woman here to salvage the addiction to alcohol, saving the world each post at a time, If she has been dutifully following the journey towards sobriety against all the odds and challenges, she believes that any other person is equally capable of doing the same and excelling too.

So, wonder no more about the rationale behind the blog. Do more of accepting and supporting this as long as you live.

It is also for those who have a lot of similarities with the blogger and are looking for a community that understands.

She hopes that people can be inspired by her story to quit or even seek the help that is obviously very present.

Beforehand, people should know that the journey is not only laced with the good. The bad and the ugly also accompany in equal or higher fervour. But, what would and should make you going is the straw of decision that you are never going back to being an alcoholic.

You will soon find very intriguing things about the blogger as she intends for you to find; never stop reading as long as you need to read.

Location: Basehor, KS, United States
Owner: Dad and Mom

The site focuses on the teenagers or young adults that are going through difficult times being an addict.

There is a need for the parents to be less judgmental, sentimental and more firm and realistic. Else, the child ends badly.

As parents of an addict, you need to be emotionally stable and not cower from the challenges glaring at you daily by wallowing too. There is a need to stand up for your child and ultimately keep your family together. The blog is an open age to all parents – whether single parents or parents who are still together but have noticed a strange addiction in their children.

Daily, the blog opens you up to the possibilities of the causes and effects of your child’s situation. And while it may be difficult to swallow, it is a very mature way to deal with things.

As parents of addicts, you are also likely to get the best of insights from other parents in your situation or other parents who once were. The insights can serve as a great tool for helping your child overcome the situation right now and can ultimately be you best parent of the year if your child can pull through without itch.[
Location: NYC
Owner: Tawny
Sober Since: 2016
Social: @TawnyMLara

Having the best content is a priority just as much as truly healing and progressing with each passing day. So, it is safe to say that the blog hopes to reach souls that have hit block road countless times and souls that have given up oomph in the claws of alcohol.

It is also a perfect strategy to reach my core and foster my recovery. Writing comes easily and having a platform that allows me to share the most important parts of my life every day or as much as I want is pure bliss.

What is equally blissful is having testimonies abound from something that has knocked people down for so long. It never has to hurt forever and ever. If any alcoholic who believes that he indeed cannot do without the bottle stumble on this blog and get around d to reading a post,  he snaps out of it and gets a eureka! Same with anyone who comes around to read through in the hope that the community will accept her, she meets what she hopes for and more.

In all, the blog hopes to inspire people to change as well and innovate transformation in people.
Owner: Rosie
Sober Since: 2018
Social: @stonesobermom

If you are tired of having to answer your child’s incessant answers about why your mouth stinks or having to shy away from the questioning look on your child’s eyes as you step in to crash for the day, this one has been made specifically for you.

It would suffice to say, you are guilt-ridden just as expected. Because being a mom means that you are responsible for a life.

And we all know that there is no way of being responsible and being an alcoholic can be mutually exclusive. You would have to replace one with the other. I hope for your sake and for the sake of your child, you choose to be a sober mom for life. I hope and believe that you will make the right decision for yourself and those that matter to you.

The blog is here for you who will be making the decision and be at a crossroad asking what next. You no longer have to be flummoxed for too long because the blog is very present in the time of your needs to help you overcome temptations and help you heal completely. It also has the package for all the things you can engage in to help you shun alcohol.


Owner: James Balmer
Social: @dawnfarm

As the name implies, this is the site that has been sworn off for the provision of useful and trendy information about addiction and recovery from it. While the posts may not always educate it is sure to bring you all that you need to be aware of the addiction and recovery process.

It can be a great abode for anyone in the recovery process. Just like it can be really helpful in the provision of information to any neutral person.

It is a site that would readily bring key informants to come and share a podcast or a write up just so that all and sundry can have something to chew on.

The fact that the sole goal is to inform does not mean that an iota or more of educating can also be done. The major posts although reeks of just information giving can be very instrumental during the exam, it is also capable of inspiring a person and causing the break of insight in a person that has lost it for so long.

The goal is so that all the readers can appear on the site and go feeling like they have received a gift called knowledge.


Owner: Angela Pugh
Social: @addictionunlimited

It gives a lot of people hope and a reason to keep floating when sites like this pop up on the screen; we are quite aware of this fact and the single expression of victory that we are capable of evoking by just being us. So, we try to be us every time.

All the graces you never thought you had because you are an alcoholic and buried deep and we are passionate about making you see that and inspiring you to get it all out in no time. Every day you have to see a bottle of wine no longer has to struggle for you, when you have a site like this, addiction becomes second best.

Of all the things to worry yourself about, the reason behind how you feel is not one. The site hopes to make you start feeling great in spite of taking a bottle per day.
Location: Ocala, FL
Owner: Daniella
Sober Since: 2006
Social: @doingitsober

Life is most enjoyable when you do it the best way. When it comes to drinks and cocktails, life is best done when you do it sober. I know this. You know this. And this blogger definitely knows this.

And we all should be grateful for the blogger who has decided to put her feelings and conviction into writings and up for better scrutiny.

It is safe to say that the owner of the blog hides behind the pad to change the world one post at a time. It is equally imperative to note that the blogger is passionate about doing life sober.

So, expect to see the site that is a mixture of a lifestyle story and genuine information about the subject matter.

To do life sober without witch is impossible but not improbable. So, stick with the tendency and hope for the best as you embrace each post on the blog.
Location: Australia
Owner: Louise Rowlinson
SoberSince: 2013
Social: @hangovrfreelie

A hangover free life is possible. If some people who were very much facing hangover every day of their life could achieve it, you can achieve more and more of that. The blog is popular for its continuous hammering on the fact that you can live the rest of your life being sober and it can be the best of your life.

So many blog posts have gone into making people see the possibility of the fact that a hangover-free life is possible. Some of the blogs have even won great recognition awards.

The blog continues to upload powerful blogs like the ones that have been featured on our pages. Port of call 20 best addiction blog, feed spot 20 best addiction blog and drink revolution must-follow blogs. All of these are some of the achievements that can be said about the blog.

The owner of the blog is constantly intertwined with the need to see a society of sober young adults. Hence, she ensures that all things being equal, contents on being alcohol-free and recovery process are put up for consumption. Away from content creation on addiction, the blog also sees to the process by introduction of a campaign against addiction.

Linda Bartee Doyne
Owner: Linda Bartee Doyne

The blog originated as a means to keep my family informed since they were a long distance from my home. I wrote the postings as a means of clearing my head and making sense out of all my unanswered questions.

The coin is flipped a little here on the blog. Not totally.  You are still likely to stumble on some posts that may guide alcoholics into a safer place called sobriety. However, the intent and focus of posts on the blog are a means for a non-alcoholic living with an alcoholic can live a good life.

It will not be way out of line if you also read things on recovery processes too.

This will in fact, help you discover ways in which you can live with the alcoholic in spite of his living a life of misery.

You are going to find this blog very useful for all the questions and ideas things you may have about alcoholism. But you need to stick to what the blogger has to say concerning your own sanity as someone who has decided to stay with an alcoholic. You will also find ways to “restart” your life when the alcoholic is no longer in your home or, possibly, no longer a part of your life.

As we may want to argue that it is not a contagious disease, there is a place where you become collaterally damaged as a result of involvement with an alcoholic.  To save yourself and also, possibly, help the alcoholic whether friend, spouse or child, you will need to acquaint yourself with some guides. These guides are what the blog is all about.


About the author

Peter Szczepanski

Peter has been on the GPhC register for 29 years. He holds a Clinical Diploma in Advanced Clinical Practice and he is a Clinical Lead in Alcohol and Substance Misuse for Abbeycare Gloucester and works as the Clinical Lead in Alcohol and Substance Use in Worcestershire. Peter also co-authored the new 6th edition of Drugs In Use by Linda Dodds, writing Chapter 15 on Alcohol Related Liver Disease. Find Peter on Respiratory Academy, Aston University graduates, University of Birmingham, Q, Pharmaceutical Journal, the Dudley Pharmaceutical Committee, Dudley Council, Twitter, and LinkedIn.