Tesco Hit Hard With Pre Christmas Alcohol Ban

One of Scotland’s largest supermarkets has failed a Police sting operation that intended to catch retailers selling alcohol to under age consumers. The St Rollox branch of Tesco in Glasgow, the biggest retailer so far to be hit with measures, has been given a suspension of it’s alcohol license – but only for the self service counters – for four weeks commencing Wed 17 November.

This ends on ly 10 days before Christmas and is expected to hit the store hard during one of the busiest times of year for retail shopping, and definitely the busiest for alcohol sales. Glasgow City councillors were shown evidence that a 16 year old managed to purchase alcoholic beverages form the store using their self service counter, and was not challenged for his identification at any stage. The councillors have been criticised for the limitations of the ban, which some pressure groups believe should be a wholesale ban of alcohol products for the extent of the suspension. Glasgow council in the past has been reported as ‘heavy handed’ when dealing with small retailers failing their first Police spot check.

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