Scotland’s Shame: 100 Extra Pints Per Person

Scotland’s shame: 100 extra pints per person Scots drink the equivalent of 100 pints of beer a year more than those in other UK nations and the gap is widening, according to new research.

The findings were seized upon yesterday by the SNP Government as further justification for its plans for minimum pricing to tackle the sale of cheap alcohol. The reports, for NHS Health Scotland, showed Scots buy on average 24% more alcohol than those in the rest of Britain and have a preference for drinking at home, not least because drink sold in off-licences and supermarkets is three times cheaper per unit than that sold in pubs.

According to the studies, the average price for two-thirds of off-licences sales is just 43p per unit – three pence above the figure the Scottish Government has been using as an illustration for the minimum price policy it wants to introduce. Public Health Minister Shona Robison said the figures proved decisive action was needed and that too much alcohol was sold too cheaply. She was backed by health experts who said that raising the price of beers, wines and spirits, particularly in off-sales and supermarkets, would help address Scotland’s problem with alcohol abuse. Source – The Herald 21/07/2010

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