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Addiction Help in Yate

You can’t miss the local news reports and the surge of violent crime in South Gloucestershire. Yate is not immune to this increase of drug crime.

The rise in criminality is associated with organised crime related to drugs and addiction.

The government is especially focused on protecting residents who are vulnerable to exploitation because of criminality and addiction.

If you or someone you know is having problems with substance abuse in Yate, you can seek professional rehab from the Abbeycare Clinic.

Abbeycare rehab in Yate is committed to providing comprehensive and successful treatment to people with an addiction disease.

We primarily specialize in a 28-day intensive inpatient rehab programme, which is the most effective treatment to overcome addiction.

From your physical symptoms, emotional challenges, mental problems, spiritual distress, and social issues, we attack addiction from all sides for a complete treatment.

We will awaken the strength within you to create a new life for you.

Take a look at the locations we serve, nationwide.


Professional Detox Options in Yate

Detoxification is a critical component of addiction treatment.

However, it is also one of the scariest rehab processes to overcome.

Clearing your body of toxic substances physically is tough and strenuous.

The withdrawal symptoms you will experience will be exhausting.

At Abbeycare rehab, our licensed healthcare workers will evaluate your vitals, condition, and medical history to create a personalised detox plan.

The plan will be adjusted as you progress through the detox process.

Our healthcare workers will also conduct continuous health monitoring, especially for potentially life-threatening symptoms while you undergo detox.

Proper medication will be administered if necessary.

The detox plan includes a transition phase, which will prepare you to continue your recovery journey after the detox stage.

Your safety and comfort are our main priorities during your detox at Abbeycare.

Contact our rehab clinic in Yate on 01603 513 091 to learn more.


Habit vs. Addiction

Addiction is more than just a bad habit that you kick out on your own.

It is a lot worse than that.

If you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, you will get oddly crazy just by the thought of being cut off.

It will cause you to experience withdrawal symptoms like seizures and depression.

Addiction can push you to do outrageous things even if it means getting humiliated just to satisfy your craving.

Finally, addiction takes over your life.

It distorts your rationale thinking and takes precedence over your family, career, or wellbeing.

While habit and addiction are two different things, your bad habit can lead to addiction.

A harmless daily habit of drinking alcohol or taking drugs regularly can eventually increase your tolerance, lead to abuse and physical dependence down the road to addiction.

Call Abbeycare rehab in Yate at 01603 513 091 and check if your bad habits have actually evolved into an addiction.


Addiction as a Social Problem

Addiction is a disease that affects you and the people around you including your family, neighbour and the whole society.

If you are struggling with addiction, you are bound to fail to attend to your duties and responsibilities.

When this, happens, it impacts the financial security of the people relying on you.

It negatively affects the growth and development of your children relying on your guidance.

It also affects your friends, neighbours, and acquaintances that count on your company and friendship.

Addiction is also closely connected to criminality.

The sale, possession, and use of many types of drugs are illegal.

You are inclined to commit crimes like stealing to satisfy your impulsive craving.

When under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you feel less inhibited to commit a criminal act.

At Abbeycare, we believe that people with addiction problems should primarily be rehabilitated.

Call Abbeycare rehab Clinic near Yate at 01603 513 091 and be an asset to society once again.


Factors that can affect recovery

Addiction is a complex disease that involves many issues that can affect your recovery.

The severity of your drug use and its impact on your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing has an impact on your recovery.

Some people may have damaged their brains beyond repair.

Some have physical health problems e.g. liver disease, which needs to be addressed more urgently.

You may have deep-seated psychological or emotional traumas that need to be uncovered and addressed to treat your addiction by the roots.

Your social support system is another important component of recovery.

Family and friends will be your source of inspiration and motivation to recuperate and recover.

Your level of education, experience, and maturity can also be factors to your recovery.

These factors affect how receptive you are in learning and adopting the life skills and coping strategies to face the challenges in life.

At Abbeycare rehab, we provide a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment to ensure that you achieve mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Regardless of your complications, Abbeycare can help you because we provide a comprehensive treatment plan that is customised to your specific needs and circumstances.

Reach out to us by calling 01603 513 091 and see how we can help you.


Abbeycare now serving Yate

At Abbeycare rehab in Yate, we aim to provide the highest level of personalised care and treatment to every client who attends our drug rehab and alcohol rehab programme.

We work with a dedicated team of professionals, who exhibit respect and compassion to clients in every way.

We don’t beat around the bush either.

Once admitted, we will craft your personalised treatment plan to bring you on your road to recovery without delay.

Your treatment and recovery will be gradual yet tough, intensive yet safe, and comfortable.

We provide a comprehensive, multidimensional approach to treatment that will heal your body, mind, and spirit and make a more extensive and personalised experience.

If you are ready for change, call our rehab clinic in Yate now 01603 513 091 and we will lead you to the door of recovery.



  • Can I continue with my personal therapist after returning from rehab?

Yes. Abbeycare encourages its rehab graduates to continue getting help with their personal therapists or counsellors of their choice to sustain their sobriety.


  • Are all popular drugs addictive?

Most popular drugs, especially illicit drugs are addictive. However, getting addicted to drugs would depend on individual responses. Some people are more at risk because of personal circumstances while others are more tolerant or resistant to addiction.


  • Is there free time in Abbeycare Clinic?

The Abbeycare residential treatment programme is intensive.

The free time of residents is usually directed for a variety of activities such as meditation/ reflection, journaling, socialising with other residents, exercising, nature walking, and other activities that have an impact on one’s recovery.


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How To Book

To book addiction treatment near Yate, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.



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