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The Addiction Problem in Taunton

In the town of Taunton in Somerset, lives are being ruined or even lost because of addiction.

Many people suffering from drugs or alcohol addiction end up homeless or worse.

Some homeless areas even become drug dens or a base for dealing drugs as syndicates continue to prey on these vulnerable people.

The impact of the addiction problem to communities is very depressing such as broken families, homelessness, rampant crime, public impairment, pollution, and overcrowded social service institutions.

Addiction seemed to have replaced money as the root of all evil.

While there is no straightforward cure for addiction, this disease can be treated and managed effectively on a continuing basis.

If you are looking for rehab or addiction help in Taunton, Abbeycare can provide you with the right inpatient rehab programme to effectively treat your addiction.

The comprehensive rehab treatment programme in Taunton incorporates a professionally administered detox, cognitive behavioural therapy and medication, holistic therapies, rehab aftercare plan, and relapse prevention coping strategies, for you to achieve complete recovery and long-term sobriety.


Depression and addiction

Depression and addiction are intimately interrelated.

You can develop depression as a result of substance abuse.

You can also engage in substance abuse in a bid to relieve your depression.

Either way, addiction can exacerbate depression or depression can also worsen substance abuse.

Depression is not a sign of weakness nor is it necessarily a result of trauma.

You can even suffer depression for no reason at all.

Whether depression is the cause or result of your addiction, a comprehensive rehab programme will simultaneously address both illnesses to achieve complete recovery.

Abbeycare rehab Taunton specialises in treating dual diagnosis disorders and co-occurring diseases with your addiction.

We can help you break the vicious cycle of depression and addiction.

Call Abbeycare rehab in Taunton now at 01603 513 091 and let us help you discover the joy of living.


Inpatient Rehab in Taunton

The journey to recovery in our rehab will be a deeply personal and a unique experience for you.

For more lasting recovery, inpatient therapy has been considered to be the most effective treatment for keeping people in recovery to stay sober

At Abbeycare rehab Taunton, we provide an intensive inpatient recovery programme based on the 12-step rehab.

Our rehab programme in Taunton incorporates evidence-based treatment modalities such as a professionally-managed detox, cognitive behavioural therapy, one on one and group counselling, holistic healing strategies of the mind, body and spirit, aftercare planning and relapse prevention education.

Inpatient therapy also provides the additional advantage of getting yourself free from temptations and triggers and staying in the community and environment where you will receive solid continuous social support for your recovery.

These benefits bring higher rates of continued sobriety after undergoing inpatient rehab programmes.

If you live near Taunton and looking for a more lasting change in life for yourself or a loved one, call Abbeycare rehab Taunton now at 01603 513 091.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Rehab

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is a form of psychotherapy in rehab that addresses your negative disposition in life, your underlying anxieties, and other drivers of substance abuse.

It helps by helping you eliminate negative thought patterns and replacing them with a more positive outlook in life.

You will be able to better manage stressful situations, control your negative emotions and negative behaviour including taking drugs or alcohol.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in rehab also provides other important benefits to fight off addiction as follows:

Solid Support. You will be able to find rock-solid support from your counsellor, which is critical to prevent relapse.

Self -Worth. CBT allows you to rediscover yourself, bring back your self-esteem, and realise that you deserve a better life.

Defying Peer Pressure. CBT will help you to learn life skills to resist temptation as you become more self-confident and assertive to decide what’s good for you.

Practical. CBT is a practical therapeutic approach to addiction because it is cost-effective, gradually progressive allowing change at your own pace, provides you time to attend your other duties and responsibilities and helps expedite total transformation.

Family Involvement in Recovery

The problem of addiction is difficult to talk about in your family.

It can be a daunting or upsetting experience because everyone knows about the negative impacts of addiction.

The decision to get treatment is the courageous first step.

But the support of families without fear of judgment or shame is equally critical for your successful recovery.

Family counselling is important when dealing with addiction for the following reasons.

It will help educate family members about addiction and rehab so that they become more knowledgeable about how to deal and address the problem more effectively.

It can facilitate proper intervention to motivate the loved one struggling with addiction to seek proper rehab and professional help.

It can help heal or rebuild broken relationships damaged by addiction.

It can encourage family members to provide the social support much needed by the loved one undergoing rehab.

It will help everyone learn how to steer emotions like hopelessness, shame, regret, anger, sadness, or emptiness in a healthy manner.

Addiction is an emotional time for you and your whole family.

Call Abbeycare rehab Taunton at 01603 513 091 and learn how to transform your family into a healthier social unit and become an asset to your recovery.


Abbeycare serving Rehab Taunton

Successful treatment of your addiction problem can be achieved if you get the right rehab treatment programme.

Abbeycare rehab’s comprehensive and structured treatment programme is composed of the following critical components:

  • Medically supervised detox
  • One to One Counseling and group counselling for mental and emotional healing
  • Family counselling for family healing
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for personal transformation
  • Holistic Therapies for spiritual healing
  • Exercise and nutrition for physical healing
  • Social activities for social healing
  • Rehab aftercare planning and relapse prevention strategies



  • Can addiction cause depression?

Yes. Drug and alcohol addiction can lead to the development of depression.

Addiction can cause depression because it will decrease happy chemicals or serotonin levels in the brain.

It can also cause you to be situated in depressing circumstances like distancing yourself from your loved ones, failing in your duties and responsibilities, and having no direction in life.


  • Can depression drive you to substance abuse?

Yes, depression can drive you to substance abuse.

It has been a common practice for people to take drugs or alcohol to find temporary relief from depression or to momentarily escape from your problems so to speak.

While this may not necessarily lead to addiction, it can potentially do so if left unchecked.


  • Are genes or lifestyle to blame for your addiction?

Both genes and lifestyle can contribute to the development of depression and alcohol.

It is therefore important for someone with a history of addiction or with a lifestyle at risk of addiction to be educated about the same to prevent it from happening.


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