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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Shrewsbury

Millions of people across the globe struggle with addiction.

Many of them live in places with no access to help, or a lack of funding for local healthcare assistance.

If you live in Shrewsbury, you are one of the few who should not despair.

You can change your life by calling for help.

Abbeycare is here to help you do away from your addiction and help you restore your life in order.

Drugs and the Law

As part of the efforts to fight off drugs and addiction, many governments have enacted laws that penalise people involved with illegal drugs.

In the UK, you can be penalised by imprisonment or payment of fines if you are found guilty of taking, carrying, making, selling or dealing drugs.

The severity of punishments will depend on the class/ type and quantity of the drug that you have, and whether you’re using or supplying it.

Possession means you have the drugs in your hands, pocket, car or area that you own regardless if the items belong to you or not.

Supplying drugs which come with more severe penalties, involves producing, dealing, selling or sharing drugs,

Possession of class A drugs, like cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy is punishable up to 7 years in prison.

Supplying class A drugs can result in lifetime imprisonment.

Possession and supply of Class B drugs like marijuana and amphetamines have lesser penalties.

Possession of temporary class drugs like methylphenidate substances, HDMP-28 or IPP or IPPD won’t get you imprisoned but the drugs will be confiscated by the police.

Withdrawal Management

At Abbeycare, we provide a professional-managed detox programme to safely help those wishing to become abstinent from the toxic chemicals of drugs.

Detox goes hand in hand with withdrawal management, which is the medical and psychological treatment of clients experiencing withdrawal symptoms during detox.

Withdrawal management involves 24-hour clinical care and monitoring.

Specialist staff continuously observe and examine the physiological and psychological withdrawal symptoms of the client.

Appropriate medication is administered to the client to alleviate or mitigate withdrawal symptoms.

Mental status is periodically examined to provide diagnostic information and evaluation to treatment response.

Addiction education is provided to educate and enlighten the client and family about what those in addiction are going through.

Behavioural therapy and motivational counselling are also provided to give client strength, courage, and will power as well as the right frame of mind to fight off craving and prevent relapse.

Detox should not be a standalone process but must include withdrawal management to make it safe and effective.

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Committing to Change in Recovery

You need to commit to change to make rehab work and achieve lasting sobriety.

Committing to change starts off by believing that you can change for the better.

It involves proactively developing life skills that will help you succeed in relationships and life.

You must determine your personal values and principles to work at change with that belief system

You must recognise that your recovery is priceless, even though it may be gradual and sometimes wavering

You need to seek inspiration from family, loved ones, or yourself to sustain recovery.

Finally, you need to acquire a lifestyle that supports abstinence and a healthy living

The Road To Recovery Starts In Abbeycare

Overcoming addiction can be a slow and tough process.

You will face many challenges along the way.

But you must learn to rise after each time you fall down.

If you’re looking for help with an addiction in Shrewsbury, Abbeycare Clinic can provide you the professional assistance you need.

Our customised rehab programme is composed of:

  • Crisis intervention/support
  • Clinically-managed detox
  • Peer support and community engagement
  • Anger and Anxiety Management
  • Personal Transformation
  • Alternate Holistic therapies
  • Aftercare Planning

You can call us on 01603 513 091 for more information.

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Every Person In Addiction Deserves Compassion, Dignity, and Respect

Being in active addiction does not make you less human.

It should not deprive you of compassion, dignity, and respect.

In fact, if you suffer from this disease, the more you need compassion from people.

In Abbeycare, compassion is the foundation of our residential treatment programme.

No client is made to feel like a bane to society or anybody.

We provide compassionate care to each patient we handle.

Compassionate care means that our treatment programme is holistic, accommodating, sympathetic, dutiful, and inspiring.

We treat every patient as a person, as someone to connect with, and to listen to.

We engage their families and their support network as part of their recovery.

We make sure that you feel important and valued as a person.

If you need help for addiction, call us now on 01603 513 091.


What is ‘cold turkey?

Cold turkey refers to the sudden and absolute cessation of taking drugs or alcohol without outside help or intervention.

It is termed cold turkey because an addict that quits cold turkey would bear a physical resemblance to a cold turkey, to wit: moist and pale skin with small bumps and erect hairs.

Quitting drugs cold turkey can be dangerous because some withdrawal symptoms can be lethal and require professional supervision and management.

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What is the difference between soft drugs and hard drugs?

Soft drugs are drugs that are considered less harmful such as alcohol, nicotine (cigarettes) and cannabis. The sale and use of soft drugs are allowed or regulated by law. Hard drugs are drugs considered more dangerous and damaging to people such as heroin, cocaine, crystal meth and amphetamines. The sale and use of hard drugs are prohibited by law.


What is the most popular drug in the UK?

Cannabis or marijuana is the most popular drug of choice in the UK.

It comes in different forms such as the traditional dried weeds in cigar wraps, pipes or bongs; hash; oil/ wax; and edibles (mixed in food or drinks).

Marijuana is often considered as the gateway drug to hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, amphetamines or ecstasy.

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