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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Portishead

The cycle of addiction and crime is very apparent in the coastal town of Portishead on the Severn Estuary.

Whether it is anti-social behaviour, violent crime, a burglary, or a public disorder, the suspect or perpetrator almost always turns up to be a drug user.

Indeed, drugs and alcohol can mess up your life.

It damages your physical and mental health.

It alters your brain and makes you commit awful things that you wouldn’t have done otherwise.

There is hope, however.

At Abbeycare rehab Portishead, we believe in the good nature of every human being.

We believe that you only do bad things because you’re under the influence and control of addiction.

Your transgressions may be wrong but that does not make you an entirely evil person.

We can change you by treating your addiction, which is the root of your bad behaviour.

But for you to successfully recover, you must deeply commit to change.

Your successful recovery ultimately depends on your willingness and commitment to change.

Let Abbeycare rehab near Portishead walk you through change and recovery so that you become the person that you ought to be.


28-Day Rehab Treatment Programme near Portishead

There is no “quick fix” for addiction.

Overcoming addiction entails gradually taking appropriate steps to achieve lasting recovery.

The 28-day inpatient rehab of Abbeycare provides:

Clinically managed detox to safely and comfortably to clean you from toxic substances and manage withdrawal symptoms

Individual and group counselling sessions to identify and resolve the underlying issues the cause your addiction

12 Step rehab programme that serves as the backbone of the progressive process in fighting addiction

Holistic therapies in rehab are designed to heal your mind body and soul.

Family programme to facilitate healing of the relationships that addiction has ruined.

Social groups that will provide you love, understanding, motivation, and inspiration and social support to carry on the fight against addiction

Rehab aftercare plan that provides guides and activities that shapes your new lifestyle after returning to society.

We offer a 28-day structured rehab programme that is customised to fit your specific needs and work with clients from all over the UK.

Please contact Abeycare Rehab Portishead today at 01603 513 091 and join the rehab programme in Portishead and surrounding areas that will completely transform your life.


Abbeycare Rehab Portishead Detox Treatment

Abbeycare rehab Portishead’s addiction treatment programme kicks off with a professional managed personalised detox.

This procedure will clear your body of drugs and alcohol from tip to toe in a safe, supportive environment.

The detox programme in rehab is a building block to lifetime sobriety because it rids the body from toxic substances and purges physical dependence on drugs or alcohol.

The procedure can last for a week or more depending on your addiction history.

The longer you are addicted, the higher your tolerance, the greater your dependency, and the longer it will take for your body to normalise without drugs or alcohol.

The first couple of days would be the most critical time of your detox.

You will be given medication and proper medical care, if necessary to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms, which can sometimes be fatal.

Around-the-clock medical monitoring and supervision shall also be provided at the Abbeycare rehab clinic in Portishead.

A detox program in rehab serves as your foundation in the journey to recovery.

As soon as your body stabilises, you will be required to start attending counselling for your comprehensive healing, transformation, and recovery.

Call Abeycare Rehab Portishead today at 01603 513 091 and start your change now.


Holistic Rehab Portishead

Addiction affects every aspect of your life.

You become physically, emotionally, socially, mentally, and spiritually unwell.

At Abbeycare rehab Portishead, we provide holistic therapies to restore your whole self.

We give you the proper diet and nutrition in which your body has been deprived.

We provide Reiki to attune yourself and help you tap into an infinite stream of life force energy for mental, spiritual, and emotional healing.

We give you opportunities to meditate and connect with nature to reinvigorate your spirit.

We immerse you in fun social activities to feed your social needs.

Abbeycare rehab in Portishead engages you in physical fitness activities and exercise.

All these therapies in rehab will help release the “feel good” hormones that your brain once associated with drugs and alcohol.

In this way, you will have a first-hand experience of the lifestyle of a person under-recovery where you get to enjoy a life free from toxic substances.

Here at Abbeycare rehab Portishead, we are compassionate about your recovery through holistic care and therapy.

Contact Abbeycare rehab clinic at 01603 513 091 as we look forward to helping you achieve complete wellness and recovery.


Addiction Treatment Aftercare Services

After completing our residential addiction recovery programme in Portishead, you will work on an rehab aftercare plan to help the transition into life outside treatment.

Your sudden return to daily life can be quite a shocking experience and cause you to relapse in no time.

The rehab aftercare plan will provide you with a complete guide and schedule on how you will conduct your new life outside rehab.

It includes ways on how to handle and manage triggers and stressors that you expect.

It provides or refers you the support groups that you need to attend.

It provides you with referrals to works and advocacies that you can join.

The rehab aftercare plan serves as extended professional support that you can receive outside rehab.

Take the route to success now by calling Abbeycare Rehab Portishead at 01603 513 091.


Addiction Rehab serving Portishead

The addiction rehab programme at Abbeycare rehab Portishead is primarily grounded on the Twelve Step approach and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

This is blended with evidence-based therapies, clinically managed detox, holistic therapies, and aftercare planning.

Our assessment and intervention tools help us understand individual needs from start to end and create an effective treatment experience that will change your life for good.

We also incorporate family programmes to facilitate the healing of broken homes and families destroyed by addiction.

At Abbeycare rehab clinics, we foster a growing and caring community that empowers clients under our care to attain emotional clarity and freedom from drugs or alcohol.

Take the most significant step on your journey to recovery by calling Abbeycare rehab in Portishead now at 01603 513 091 and talk to our addiction experts.



  • Will there be outings or activities outside the rehab centre in Portishead?

Yes. There are instances when activities outside the rehab centre in Portishead are conducted.

These scheduled activities may involve some sports that require special facilities and other outdoor activities.


  • Does Abbeycare provide evidence-based treatment practices?

Yes. Our addiction rehab treatment programme combines evidence-based treatment methods with holistic therapies.

This includes cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interventions, community reinforcement, and family behaviour therapy, among others.


  • Does Abbeycare use the 12-Step Programme?

Yes. The inpatient rehab programme of Abbeycare rehab in Portishead is fundamentally based on the structure of the 12-Step rehab programme.

However, treatment modalities and specifics vary in the rehab treatment plan which is customised to fit the requirement of individual clients in Portishead.


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How To Book

To book addiction treatment or rehab near Portishead, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.



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