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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Perth

Drug abuse has become an epidemic across Scotland.

Perth has one of the most alarming rates of drug-related deaths which has nearly doubled in the past year.

The emotional and mental loss caused by drug abuse is as draining as its financial cost, which can ruin lives and families.

If you or a loved one is seeking for rehab, the Abbeycare Clinic near Perth is here to help.

The path to recovery is never easy.

But regret is even harder.

A life of addiction is a life of suffering.

Getting rehab is the best way to find reprieve and regain your life. Rehab is possible.

You don’t have to suffer for the rest of your life.

Many people have conquered addiction by undergoing the right rehab.

If you want to change, now is the right time.

Call us on 01603 513 091 and talk to us.

Abbeycare Clinics, Serving Perth

Abbeycare Clinic was born out of a commitment to give hope and assistance to victims of drug abuse including their families.

We are experts on detox, rehabilitation, holistic and alternative treatments, relapse prevention, and the development of a drug-free way of life.

Residential Rehabilitation Facilities

Our residential rehabilitation program is a 28-day fully-accredited residential drug & alcohol rehabilitation.

Our clients who want to commence their recovery journey will stay in our clinic located at Erskine, 9 miles to the west of Glasgow city centre.

Our facility provides each resident with his or her room.

There are communal lounges where you can freely hang out and mingle with other recovering residents.

The clinic also has massive grounds where you can find your own quiet spot for self-reflection and reflection.

We will also provide you with a variety of art supplies so you can discover and develop your hidden artistic talents.

You can also access local leisure and sports facilities including swimming pools during allocated program times.

The program operates on a planned schedule with groups, personal time, and chores.

Residents will help with chores like cleaning, cooking, and other maintenance tasks, which forms part of the program.

Visitation of family and relatives are urged during Family Days.

Our Recovery Model

Our program adheres to a customized therapeutic community rehab system.

Clinic workers and residents serve as your communal family during your recovery.

Everybody works and help each other conquer their addictions.

Supportive relationships are developed to prepare you to get back to the larger community.

Our program focuses on the total wellbeing of recovering addicts.

It aims to bring back your whole life including broken relationships, employability and other concerns that will help you get back on track and return to your life.

Recovery Circle Support Group

Breaking free from drugs is just the first step for a brand new start.

We bring together, individuals who have gone through the same experience as you, to serve as your recovery circle, and support group.

People who share similar experiences can reach out, understand and help each other better.

They can better connect emotional needs and build stronger bonds.

They feed support and motivation to keep on with the battle to achieve recovery.

As part of this circle, you become part of the healing process and the cure for others.

Your wisdom and support will facilitate self-discovery for others on their journey to recovery.

Be part of our group, contact us on 01603 513 091.

Holistic Treatment

The high success rate of rehabilitation in the Abbeycare Clinic is partly attributed to its holistic treatment approach.

Our programme comprises the whole person.

We take care of your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Our mission is to help you beyond recovery but live fruitful and meaningful lives.

Failure to address the underlying causes of addiction will most likely get a person back on old habits and an unpleasant lifestyle.

A holistic approach helps people develop skills to cope with their unique problems.

We remove the root cause of addiction for a full and permanent recovery.

Why Choose Abbeycare near Perth

We care.

We go beyond seeing through your withdrawal.

We will help you pick up your life and make it whole again.

We treat every person as a whole, as a unique individual, and as a dignified human being.

We will take care and provide support to your day or night every time you need it.

Our special recovery program provides anonymity and professional support to address the life issues that may have contributed to your addiction.

Our clinic has an ideal location because it will take you away from your present tempting environment and allow you to focus on recovery.


Can I refer a family or friend for rehab? 

Yes, you can refer a friend or loved one to us for consultation and assessment but only if that person concedes and is willing to address his or her drug or alcohol problem.

You may also reach us so we can explain our services better so we can help you get your friend or relative to drug/alcohol rehab.


Does one drink mean relapse?

Not necessarily, although one drink can trigger a relapse especially for a recovering addict.

A relapse occurs when you consciously or unconsciously neglect or ignore your recovery plan and return to your old ways of yielding into the temptation.

Moreover, people who relapse usually justify their slip by redefining their substance use, for instance from daily booze to weekly booze.

This is a relapse. You can expect the bad habit will only get worse in the long run.


How do you stop a relapse?

You can stop relapse by getting back to your aftercare recovery program. Sticking to it requires discipline.

To avoid relapse, you should avoid typical situations and toxic friends that will trigger alcohol or drug use i.e. going to bars, attending wild parties, or hanging out with addicted friends.

You should focus your social activities within your positive support network.

You should stay active in the aftercare program of your rehab therapy.

Finally, you should religiously take the prescribed medications, if there are any.

Abbeycare Provide:

  • Individual Review
  • Understanding of Addiction as Disease
  • Personal Care Plan
  • Guidance and Wisdom
  • Emotional and Practical Support
  • Counselling and Advice
  • Effective Coping Ways and Mechanisms
  • Group Meetings or One on One Sessions
  • Development of Life Skills
  • Supplementary Therapies

Serving Perth & Surrounding Areas, including:


How To Book

To book addiction treatment near Perth, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.


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