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Finding addiction treatment rehab Patchway

Have you tried quitting alcohol or drugs but not found help or the right rehab facility?

Do you feel despair and find it hard to continue with your current lifestyle?

Do you think you are alone and ignored by society?

At Abbeycare rehab in Patchway, we have made it our mission to help people just like you. Many of us have personally been in your position too.

We will help you bring your life back with our inpatient rehab that includes:

  • Free assessment
  • Professionally managed detox
  • Individual and group counselling therapies
  • Personalised treatment plan
  • Rehab Aftercare planning
  • A loving and supportive familial community

If you are looking for rehab in Patchway, Abbeycare rehab Patchway is here to give you hope in the face of despair.


Professional rehab for a successful recovery

You might think you don’t need assistance to overcome your addiction.

You also might think that you can handle your addiction.

The refusal for help stems from a sense of terminal uniqueness, a belief that you are a special case who does not need help, unlike others.

But the truth is many have already tried to end their addiction on their own but failed.

This is because willpower alone cannot beat addiction.

Aside from clinically eliminating your physical dependence on drugs and alcohol, you also need to discover and address the underlying cause of your addiction.

This is where psychological counselling comes in.

You need the intervention of a professional counsellor to unveil the problems hidden inside you that unconsciously drive you to substance abuse.

You need holistic healing that will touch every aspect of your wellness.

You need continuous guidance once you return to the outside world because recovery is a lifetime challenge.

At Abbeycare rehab Patchway, we will provide you with everything you need to ensure your smooth and successful rehabilitation.

We will provide you with evidence-based practices, time-proven therapies, and professional support that you need.


Your full commitment to recovery – Abbeycare Rehab in Patchway

Success will not find you.

You need to work for it.

In the same vein, your successful treatment and recovery would ultimately depend on your personal commitment.

No matter how expensive, unique, comprehensive, or intensive a rehab programme is, positive results will only be realised if you truly commit to ending your addiction.

This commitment is manifested in your discipline to keep yourself away from any vice, your serious engagement in counselling, your active participation in rehab activities, and your determination to observe and follow all policies and prescriptions of the rehab programme.

If you are planning not to playing within its rules, you are bound to lose and fail.

Abbeycare rehab clinic provides the best rehab programme and resources in Patchway.

We will ask your full commitment to our programme in as much as we commit ourselves to your successful and lasting recovery.


Honesty in rehab Patchway

You should enter a rehab programme with a ready heart and with complete honesty.

The experience you will get from rehab will depend on the degree of honesty and sincerity that you put into it.


Here are the reasons why honesty is important:

You are trapped in your addiction because of denial and your tendency to hold on to a life of lies.

Dishonesty leads to your failure to see the truth that gets you stuck in addiction.

When you tell fabricated or misleading information about yourself, you only deceive yourself.

You will fail to uncover the underlying causes of your addiction if you keep on hiding your true thoughts and feelings.

Your dishonesty means that you are not really planning on changing – which will lead you to go back to your old addicted self.

If you want true change, embrace it wholeheartedly.


Relapse Prevention

Relapse refers to a situation in which you revert back to your addictive behaviour after recovery.

It is a complex process produced by a variety of multifaceted emotional and psychological triggers.

To prevent relapse, you need to learn how to determine its early signs such as sleep disturbance, a feeling of exhaustion, and emotional isolation.

If left unchecked, these psychological signals of relapse will drive you to do the physical act of relapse which is the actual taking of drugs or alcohol.

And like addiction, relapse also progresses until such time that you once again lose the power to control and quit substance use and abuse.

Abbeycare rehab Patchway takes pride in its relapse prevention record.

We have minimal relapse rate among our clients that are lower than the average industry standards.

Aside from providing a solid aftercare plan to guide your transition to the society, Abbeycare in Patchway have an rehab after-care support team, who serves as your first point of contact should you need support in case of relapse.

This helpline will provide you rehab aftercare support for your enduring recovery and sobriety outside the halls of the rehab centre.


Addiction rehab options for Patchway

At Abbeycare rehab Patchway, your successful recovery is our mission and your health is our topmost priority.

We have built a reputation that sets us apart from other rehab facilities.


Here are qualities that make us the no. 1 choice when going in rehab in Patchway:

We can get you settled into our facilities in a short time so you can start your journey to recovery as soon as possible.

Abbeycare rehab in Patchway provides flexible payment plans to make our services more accessible to people in need of help.

We design a personalised treatment plan that is custom-fit to your needs and goals.

Abbeycare rehab’s residential community in Patchway provides not just accommodation but a supportive environment conducive for recovery.

Our commitment to your recovery goes beyond your stay in our facility through our aftercare programme.


Rehab FAQ

  • Can you come and leave from an inpatient rehab centre as you please?

No. There are protocols to observe to enter and leave.

Unless there is an emergency you need to attend, you will not be allowed to leave.

However, we also cannot force you to stay if you want to leave.


  • Are TVs allowed in the rehab centre?

Yes. Watching TV is allowed.

However, there is a schedule for watching televisions and only certain channels and programmes are made available.


  • Will I undergo drug testing during the treatment period?

Yes. All clients will be subject to random drug/alcohol tests throughout the treatment period.

This is necessary for health monitoring purposes.


Serving Rehab Patchway & Surrounding Areas, including:

Abbeycaere rehab clinic is serving rehab in Patchway and surrounding areas, including:

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How To Book

To book addiction treatment or rehab near Patchway, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.



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