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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Options For Oxford & Oxfordshire

You don’t need to hit rock bottom to ask for help.

Do you feel despair?

Has alcohol or drugs gotten the better of you?

Are you judging yourself? Worse, are you punishing yourself?

Then addiction is not the answer. Hope is.

The process of healing sometimes begins with despair. You can be in a lot of pain, you can feel lost.

In that process, you can be very self-critical. You can be self-destructive.

Sometimes, we become addicts because we want to hold on to something outside ourselves—something, anything—just to feel human.

Addiction became the means to survive. But deep in our addiction, we know something got lost—our integrity, our intelligence, our spark.

We want to get that spark back. We want to get our lives back.

If you’ve come to this point of realisation, then it is time to do something new.

You cannot live your old addicted life, it’s time to let go.

Help is available.

In the Abbeycare rehab clinic near Oxford, we can help you begin the process of how to really live again.

Rehab Oxford Program

Not far from London, you can find the Abbeycare rehab clinic. Here, you can recuperate in the garden, swim in pools nearby, and walk around the attractive grounds.

There is plenty of space. In your large luxury room, you can quietly work on your therapy assignments and worksheets.

We know how hard it is already; we value your privacy.

Our rehab centre near Oxford has modern purpose-built en-suite facilities with under-floor heating. Air circulates in its bright, classy communal rooms.

We have an experienced and multi-disciplinary team to support clients.

We offer personalised rehab programs for each client because the recovery process is different for every individual.

We have a good success rate, as most of our clients recommend us.

We provide comprehensive alcohol rehab or drug rehab programs, as well as structured aftercare planning.

Your long term success will be a measure of your work in the therapeutic program, and your follow-through, on the post-treatment rehab supports we suggest.

What We Offer:

• 24/7 addiction rehab staff on duty
• Medically supervised detox
• Residential rehab treatment programme
• Personalised programme and individually-assigned case manager
• Home detox is available
• CQC approved treatment
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
• 12 steps treatment
• Individualised psychotherapy sessions
• Aftercare support and links to Mutual Support Groups

What Happens When You Call:

You are instantly connected to our admissions team.

Because we are not a referral service, you only communicate your concerns once.

We will complete a short assessment by asking you a few questions.

After the assessment, we will talk about your options.

Within 24 to 48 hours, you should be on your way to rehab.

We are ready to give you personalised advice. Please ring directly on 01603 513 091.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oxford Rehab

  • What is a typical day like in rehab?

After breakfast, there are peer group meetings, individual therapy sessions and other similar activities.

Then there is lunch, and after that, more activities as discussed by you Case Manager or Facilitator.

Usually, after dinner the schedule is more relaxed, some people like to spend time alone in their rooms and some mingle together.


  • What is medically-assisted detox like?

It is a guided program that helps you with one of the most difficult stages of recovery: withdrawal.

Without medicine, withdrawal means experiencing symptoms such as migraines, gastrointestinal upset and tremors.

Withdrawing from substances is a very vulnerable time—that is why we supervise you all the way with our on-call staff.

We prescribe medicine during the process, as this is a proven way to ease your discomfort and pain.


  • Why do I need to be an in-patient in rehab?

At Abbeycare, we believe in a structured approach to rehab.

It’s natural for people to look for structure when they feel lost or insecure.

We find something to cling to when we are scared. This is the rationale for creating a structure, a plan—so that we are all guided during the recovery process.

Having a program that has specific details: time, place, duration and so on, removes the uncertainty of something unfamiliar. You are already dealing with a lot.

Rehab takes a lot of courage, and it means a lot of changes.

We’d like to guide you through these changes smoothly, so we are using a plan that has been proven to work.

We serve clients all over the UK.


  • What is a case manager in rehab and why do I need one?

Each person is different.

Each addict has issues that other addicts may not relate to. Because we want to specifically target your problems, we assign you a case manager who will personally supervise your progress.

It takes a little bit of getting used to, especially if you’ve been doing it alone, but in recovery, you need all the help that you can. Some people will only feel like talking to one person first before they face others in group therapy or group sessions.

The Case Manager can be this (friendly) person you can turn to for support.


  • How much should rehab near Oxford cost?

Private rehabilitation clinics all run their own pricing schedule, there are no standardised pricing structures. Be sure to check each clinic’s CQC report and assessment, as this is the only impartial source of assessment available for private rehab clinics.

For Abbeycare pricing, please check our personalised pricing assistant below for an instant quote.


  • What should I pack for rehab?

• Everyday clothes and workout clothes, plus swimming gear
• Identification, cash (up to a maximum of £50)
• Toiletries
• Smartphone or mobile phone
• Prescription medication (in original pharmacy bottle)
• All other items you’ll need will be included in your booking confirmation email from us

Serving Oxford & Oxfordshire, including:

Park TownHeadington HillSeacourt Tower
JerichoNew  HeadingtonSummertown
OsneySouth HinkseySunnymead
DonningtonNew HinkseyMarston

How To Book

To book rehab treatment near Oxford, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.


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