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Finding Rehab in Nailsea

Addiction is a complex disease that is often misunderstood.

Quitting an addiction is not that simple.

People would wonder why you just can’t stop taking alcohol or drugs even though they are doing you harm.

You are often blamed for being weak or lacking self-discipline.

That is exactly how addiction works.

It seizes the power to control your thoughts and body.

It will change you into someone that you will hate.

It will descend you to the deepest and darkest despair.

It will make you feel alone and afraid.

It will make you think of taking your own life.

In the Somerset town of Nailsea, many ordinary people are suffering this fate.

Some have lost their families, jobs, and homes and descended into a life of crime.

If you or someone you loved is one of those people struggling with addiction, there is hope for change and recovery.

The Abbeycare Clinic near Nailsea has what it takes to help you get out of the prison of addiction and restore the great life that addiction has deprived you.


Effects of Substance Abuse

When you suffer addiction, some people will label you as a loser or a junkie.

This is because you look and smell dirty and you do crazy things just to get a fix.

You will literally lick a person’s shoes to beg for a high.

Groups of teenagers are taking drugs, drinking underage and vandalising play areas in Nailsea. (

Your lack of rationale thinking and impulse control stems from drugs or alcohol usurping the pleasure system in your brain.

While you can sensibly see the potential outcomes of your behaviour, you just don’t care.

The only deciding factor for your actions is to get high on drugs or alcohol.

Because the only thing that matters to you is getting loaded, everything else left out including your responsibilities at home and work, your family, and all other else that you used to love or enjoy.

Meanwhile, your body will show depreciation signs from drugs and alcohol such as malnutrition, fatigue, lack of balance, slurred speech, lack of focus, and frequent nose bleeding among many others.

You will prone to other diseases like heart and liver disease, HIV, and cancer as toxic substances damage your organs.

You will most likely have legal troubles as you are inclined to engage in criminal activities to get a fix.

The world may seem to fall apart, but if you can call Abbeycare at 01603 513 091, we can help you change and make things better once more.


Family Programme in Abbeycare

The family programme in Abbeycare allows you and your family to examine and look into addiction and its impact on individual members and the family as a whole.

As a relational disease, addiction can deeply affect every member of your family.

It can break relationships and destroy trust within families.

It can create a toxic atmosphere that similarly requires cleansing.

Thus, your complete healing and recovery entail the involvement of your family in your rehab programme.

The family programme in rehab primarily focuses on the need to heal and rebuild the family relationships damaged by substance abuse.

Family participation in the treatment process can considerably improve your chances of long-term recovery.

Family involvement in the Abbeycare treatment programme includes:

  • Engagement in counselling with a family to enable healthy family relationships while you work on your recovery.
  • Participation of family members in educational programmes to learn the intricacies of addiction and its impact on a person, family, and society.
  • Online engagements of family members on regular online forums where they can interact, ask questions, and make comments.
  • Regular visitations, family events, fun activities, and workshops organised by Abbeycare where family members are invited and encouraged to join.

Heal your addiction, heal your family, and attain complete healing of your life by calling us at 01603 513 091.


Questions to Ask in Rehab

There are numerous clinics out there that can offer you addiction treatment and rehab.

Rehab providers vary in terms of location, treatment philosophies, programme contents, levels of care, focus, amenities, and costs among others.

You should explore these different options to select which one best suits your need.

An effective to determine which one suit you best is to ask the following questions:

  • What is your treatment philosophy?
  • How do you match your treatment with different client goals?
  • What are the different treatments and therapies that you offer?
  • Can I choose the therapy that I like to attend?
  • Is your detox clinically supervised?
  • What measures do you provide to make detox safe and comfortable?
  • What experience and credentials of your staff?
  • Does your programme address co-occurring mental and behavioural disorders?
  • Can my treatment be extended?
  • Do you provide support for my family?
  • Do you provide continuing help after rehab to prevent relapse?

Calling Abbeycare now at 01603 513 091 and we will be happy to answer all your queries.


NHS vs. Private Rehab

Many people seek the help of the NHS (National Health Service) for addiction treatment and rehab.

The NHS is a Government-funded medical and health care services in the UK that provides free health services for everyone living in the UK.

The biggest advantage of the NHS compared to private rehab is the free cost of its services.

You don’t have to pay anything to get treated.

However, quality has its price as mediocrity has its consequences.

The NHS does not provide you with specialised care for addiction, unlike private rehabs that specialised only on addiction treatment.

It treats substance abuse just like any other maladies because it is mandated by law to treat every illness of any person that comes to them for help.

All persons suffering from alcohol or drug addiction are lumped together to undergo a similar treatment process.

A private rehab focuses all its resources on a single task and mission – the treatment and recovery of every single client from their addiction.

It considers the case of every single client and creates a personalised treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

It provides a more focused and personal touch to caring patients compared to NHS.

When seeking NHS help, you may need to wait for weeks to get a slot.

Counselling groups are often larger in size to accommodate more people.

In private rehabs, you can get enrolled in 24 hours.

Timing is important because the disease won’t wait and will only progress.

The number of clients is also limited to ensure that each client receives a deep level of care required.

Call Abbeycare Rehab Nailsea now on 01603 513 091 and to learn more about the advantages of private rehab.


Abbeycare serving Nailsea

Abbeycare is a leading addiction treatment clinic in the UK known for its unyielding endeavour to provide exceptional clinical treatment and extraordinary customer service.

It has been a top choice for families, communities, and clients that we have previously served.

It commits to helping you find the vigour, motivation, and courage to defeat addiction and start life anew in recovery.

It aims to create extraordinary lives out of ordinary people’s lives, which were once down in the dumps.

It delivers high-quality clinical care for addiction and co-occurring disorders using the most modern evidence-based methods, time-proven alternative practices, and bespoke programming of treatment plans.

We provide complete health assessment, clinically managed detox, group, and individual counselling, personalised treatment plan, a full continuum of care, and aftercare planning for your successful recovery.

Call us now at 01603 513 091 and let us help you because you are worth recovery.



  • What drugs cause the most obvious signs of addiction?

Methamphetamine or crystal meth causes the most obvious sign of addiction because of the visible changes in a person’s physical looks.

This includes significant weight loss, dark circles around eyes, facial scars, skin sores, dry mouth, and severely damaged teeth. In short, you will look ugly and dirty if you are addicted to crystal meth.


  • What drugs cause the most drastic behavioural change to a person?

Stimulant crack, ecstasy, and meth cause the most drastic behavioural change.

A person under the influence of these drugs can become suddenly and extremely violent.

This behaviour stems from the paranoia, agitation, or hallucinations that these drugs can trigger a person’s psyche.


  • What’s the most common cause of addiction or substance abuse?

People usually start using or abusing drugs or alcohol on the belief that these substances will make things better.

The most common cause of substance abuse is stress.

It drives a person to use drugs or alcohol to seek relief from different stressors that one faces in life, which stems from a personal problem, family problem, peer pressure, or a traumatic experience, among others.


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