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Addiction Help in Mendip

If you are suffering from addiction, you could fail to recognise and accept that you have a problem.

You will most likely deny that you need professional help.

Even if you understand that you have an addiction problem, you may still be unwilling to get treatment.

Fear and shame can hold you from seeking treatment.

Sometimes, you think that you are a hopeless case.

However, rehab is the only way to overcome addiction and achieve lasting wellness.

Perhaps you have tried and failed before, but you can always get up and try again.

Every failure brings you closer to success.

At Abbeycare, we will never tire to help you reach your goal.

Benefits of Attending Rehab

Attending rehab is your first step to changing your life.

But your successful recovery will ultimately rely on you.

Attending an inpatient rehab programme has the following benefits::

Safe haven – rehab serves as a secure, tranquil, and unwavering place for people recovering from addiction.

Residents not only gain access to continuous medical care and support, but they are also protected from the daily stresses of life during their stay.

Education – rehab will educate you about addiction.

Understanding your disease will help how to combat it more effectively.

You will also learn coping skills on how to deal with stress, prevent relapse, and manage your addiction.

Social support – the rehab community will serve as your family and social support that you need to fight your disease.

Rehab patients will gain understanding and support from each other.

You will not feel alone in your struggle.

You will work with others and help each other in your individual journey to recovery.

If you live in the Mendip district area and are looking for help with your addiction, call Abbeycare and we will help you.

Rehab requires your full commitment

As much as we want to say that rehab works successfully in every person, we simply can’t because it just doesn’t.

The single most important factor that will determine your success or failure in rehab is your commitment.

If you are 100% committed and are willing to do whatever it takes to recover, then you will certainly succeed.

If you doubt yourself, then you are more likely to fail.

In other words, rehab can only take you to recovery as far as you are willing to go.

You need to be willing to go through detox, to be cooperative and be actively engaged in counselling, and keen in developing the important skills to manage addiction and prevent relapse to achieve successful treatment and recovery.

Rehab will give you the time, motivation, support, and all the resources that you need to direct and advance in the right direction.

Only you can decide if you want to succeed in your recovery.

Only you can decide to observe and carry out lasting sobriety.

But Abbeycare will be with you all the way.

The Dangers of Cold Turkey Detox

Detox is the first stage of recovery where the toxic chemicals from prolonged substance abuse are finally removed from your body’s system.

During this process, you will experience withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and perspiration.

A cold-turkey detox method is a DIY detox performed without professional or medical help.

This means you deprive yourself of interventions or medications to alleviate the discomforting withdrawal symptoms that you will experience during detox.

Attempting a cold turkey detox can be very dangerous because some withdrawal symptoms can be fatal or life-threatening.

  • A major seizure can result in brain damage.
  • Suddenly losing consciousness can result in major physical and mental injury.
  • Intense throwing up can cause you to choke or aspirate your own vomit.
  • Delirium tremens, which is very common during alcohol detox, can cause brain damage or death.

If you want to change, let a professional rehab expert perform the clinically- managed detox for you.

Call Abbeycare on 01603 513 091 to undergo a safe and comfortable detox.

Therapeutic Methods for Rehab at Abbeycare

Abbeycare is committed to providing integrated, evidence-based treatment for addiction.

We use group and individual therapy to determine and focus on co-occurring disorders and address them appropriately.

Here are some of the therapeutic methods we practice at Abbeycare:

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy – Pyscho therapy especially for clients who have borderline personality disorder and have suicidal tendencies.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT) – Goal-oriented psychotherapy focused on changing the way people feel, especially those suffering from anxiety disorders, and co-occurring mental illness with addiction.

Cognitive Processing Therapy – a type of CBT that focuses on changing a person’s thinking patterns and eliminates automatic negative thoughts that result in emotional difficulties and stress.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – this urges a person to welcome and embrace one’s thoughts and feelings instead of denying, opposing, or not facing them and moving on from there.

Family therapy – therapy designed to facilitate the healing of relationships among family members.

Call us now at 01603 513 091 to learn more about what we can do for you.

Abbeycare serving the Mendip District

Abbeycare is a residential inpatient treatment centre dedicated to helping people return to normal life.

We provide a structured treatment programme designed to address all aspects of a person’s addiction in a caring and supportive community.

We facilitate medication-assisted treatments to make the treatment and recovery of our clients safe and comfortable.

Whether you are a person suffering from addiction or someone playing a supportive role to a person suffering from addiction, Abbeycare is here for you.

Our professional and caring addiction experts are ready to listen, give you answers, and make an action plan for you or your loved one.

If you live in the Mendip district area, you can call Abbeycare at 01603 513 091 and we are here to listen to your story.


  • What are the unique needs of women in addiction treatment?

Gender considerations are a factor in customising addiction treatment plan.

There are biological and socio-environmental circumstances unique to women that may require a specialised treatment approach.

For instance, the need to address physical and sexual trauma, financial independence, and child care issues should be included in the treatment plan of some drug-abusing women.

  • Is there a full-time doctor onsite?

No. However, Abbeycare has professional healthcare workers who are addiction experts and capable of facilitating first aid training.

We also have one full-time nurse on standby that is ready to conduct emergency care if necessary.

  • What is the drug spice made of?

Spice or K2 is usually packaged as a harmless natural herb.

However, it is actually made of synthetic chemicals related to amphetamines like methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), mephedrone, and methylone that mimic the effects of marijuana.

The ingredients of spice are very diverse which can include cockroach spray, rat poison, and other poisonous pesticides.

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