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Addiction Help in Lawrence Hill

Last year Bristol has been named the cocaine capital of Europe.

We still see headlines like – “Police launch major ‘day of action’ in Horfield, St George, Lawrence Hill, Easton, and St Pauls”.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Chris Green quoted “Despite the current health crisis we’re carrying on with our work to reduce the impact on our communities of drug dealing and the crime and anti-social behaviour that goes with it,”. (source)

Is it time for you to change?

Addiction is a serious and threatening disease.

It slowly wears away your health.

It erodes your relationships and families.

Eventually, it will take everything that matters most to you.

We personally know how hard change can be.

Addiction can be solved with willpower, social support, and professional help.

But change must start from you.

You must want and be ready to make the change.

Here in Abbeycare, we will help you achieve the change that you are looking for and we will bring back the life that you have lost.

Behavioural Problems that come with Addiction

Addiction will bring often out the worst in you, even if you don’t mean to.

Your behaviour is one of the most obvious changes that people around you will notice.

You think that you are still in control, but your actions say otherwise.

You will suffer from frequent mood swings – one minute you are blissful and happy, next minute you are miserable and depressed.

You notice that your temper becomes uncontrollable, you get easily irritated, and make irrational decisions.

Most addicts try hard to hide their addiction and go to great length to conceal the truth or the full extent of the substance abuse.

Having to hide your addictions from everyone will make you suspicious and paranoid.

This inevitably will lead to conflicts with your family and or friends.

If you are experiencing any of these behavioural changes, you may need to consider calling Abbeycare for help at 01603 513 091.

Addictive Personality: Do You Have One?

An addictive personality refers to a set of personality traits that make an individual predisposed to developing addictions.

Scientific research has not been able to categorically identify an addictive personality.

Here are some common behavioural traits that are observed in people suffering from addiction:

Nonconformity – failure to conform to norms, the tendency to defy convention including breaking the law.

Impulsivity – the inclination to act irrationally or perform senseless deeds including violent acts

Thrill-seeking – the inclination to undertake risky activities to satisfy an appetite for adventure and excitement.

Pessimism and negativity – Depression, anxiety and low self-esteem

Antisocial disorder – do things with utter disregard to other people e.g. repeated lying, irresponsibility, and lack of remorse for maltreating others.

Borderline personality – characterised by unstable relationships, deep ire, sudden mood swings, and risky behaviour

If you or your loved one is manifesting the majority of these personality traits, call Abbeycare at 01603 513 091 for help before someone gets hurt.

Setting Goals for Recovery

Recovery can be a difficult time.

After rehab, you may find yourself lost, and with little or no direction on how to integrate back to society.

This usually is not an issue for people that have attended a good rehab programme.

A clear direction on what to do after you have completed your in-house recovery programme is essential.

You need to have set clear goals during your recovery to prepare yourself for unforeseeable and unavoidable situations.

To do this, remember the acronym SMART, which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

Specific means that your goal should clearly identify are  – who, what, where, why, when, and how you are going to achieve the goal.

Measurable means the goal can be quantified or tracked if you are progressing.

Attainable means that it is possible to achieve the goal considering your time, financial, and talent constraints.

Relevant means that your goal is useful or related to you.

Timely means that it is sensible or opportune considering your age, era, or scheduling.

Setting goals gives you a positive direction to pursue.

Goals give our lives meaning.

Your goal may not be grand or impressive but your goal will give you a reason to move forward in life and avoid relapsing to your addicted self.

Abbeycare is here to help create your goal that will command your thoughts, liberate your energy, and inspire your hopes to a brand new life.

Speak to us today at 01603 513 091.

Addiction Types: Behavioural Addiction

Not all addictions are born from substance abuse.

The majority of the population understand addiction when it comes to a dependence on substances, such as alcohol, nicotine, illicit drugs, or even prescription medications, but they have a hard time with the concept of addictive behaviours.

Behavioural addictions are caused by other emotions that are equally addictive such as the thrill of winning, the excitement of sex, and the rush from shopping.

This causes people to get hooked or obsessed with certain behaviours such as gambling, sex and pornography, eating, shopping, internet gaming, and others.

Behavioural addiction may not be as deadly as substance – however, it will similarly disrupt your normal life.

  • It will disturb you from having a good sleep.
  • It will change your eating habits.
  • It can cause you to lose your family and friends.
  • It can cause your financial ruin.

What’s challenging about behavioural addictions is that some of these behaviours are essential to normal activities such as eating, shopping, and sex.

If you or a loved one is suffering from behavioural addiction in Lawrence Hill, Call Abbeycare on 01603 513 091 and we will help treat you.

Recovery is not about Perfection

The path to recovery is not going to be easy.

It is important to always keep yourself inspired and remind yourself of the reason why you are on this journey.

It does not matter how slowly you are going.

What is important is that you are moving forward and you do not stop.

Some of you will fail the first time, the second time, and up to the ninth time.

What is important is that you get up every time you fall and you never give up.

Recovery is not about perfection but progress.

At Abbeycare, we believe that living in recovery is not a final phase that you need to achieve.

Living in recovery is a going concern that you will work on as part of who you are.

If you live in Lawrence Hill, you can call Abbeycare at 01603 513 091 and we will help put your life back together.


  • Is adolescence a critical time for addiction?

Yes, the risk of substance abuse is higher during times of transition like adolescence when a young person is transitioning from childhood to adulthood.

Young adults like teens are in the age of trying something new and experimenting as part of their search for identity.

This increases their tendency to experiment with drugs and alcohol, which can lead to addiction if left unchecked.

  • Can addiction lead to mental health disorders?

Yes, substance abuse can result in mental disorders such as paranoia, depression, violence/ aggression, schizophrenia, hallucinations, and other mental health problems.

Withdrawal symptoms can also result in permanent brain damage that makes a person mentally unstable.

  • Does the growing popularity of the legal use of marijuana mean that it is not addictive?

No. Marijuana remains an addictive drug regardless of its growing popularity for medical use.

One out of 10 people who have tried marijuana at least once will become addicted to it.

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