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Addiction Help in Kirkcaldy

Kirkcaldy is being threatened by an addiction outbreak.

Sadly this small town is experiencing an influx of illicit drugs, and alcohol abuse statistics are increasing.

It is the residents of Kirkcaldy who are bearing the biggest burden.

Homes are getting wrecked. Families are getting broken. Children are suffering.

If you are one of those people stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction, help is now within reach.

Change and recovery are possible, with the right help.

Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Abbeycare

Getting someone you love into rehab is one of the basic obstacles to recovery.

It is often difficult for a person addicted to drugs or alcohol to agree to go to a treatment centre.

Those suffering from addiction are mostly in denial.

They are neither ready nor willing to accept and face their problem.

We have intervention qualified staff members who can discuss with you or your loved one, the underlying motivation and drive to get better. We work with clients actively seeking recovery in Kirkcaldy and throughout the UK.

Call us now at 01603 513 091 for assistance.

Abbeycare Clinics Serving Kirkcaldy

Abbeycare offers one to one work, primary care support, and advice to individuals and families affected by addiction.

Our service is confidential and delivered by professional and experienced addiction specialists.

Our focus is to help individuals learn how to move beyond addiction and its symptoms.

This means liberating yourself from harmful patterns in your life especially alcohol and drugs.

Learning to love yourself and others is the most enduring way to take responsibility for life and conquer addiction.

Inpatient Treatment near Kirkcaldy

Abbeycare provides an inpatient treatment programme that requires you to stay residentially in our clinic for 7-28 days.

The programme includes a professionally managed detox to cleanse your body from the toxic substances of drugs and alcohol.

Residents are given 24-hour access to support from our addiction specialists.

This gives you the advantage of getting detached from your regular environment that may trigger a relapse.

Residents become part of a therapeutic community that will support recovery.

Proper nutrition, exercise, and other activities are also provided for holistic recovery.

Addiction Aftercare Treatment

The likelihood of relapse is always a possibility for anyone recovering from addiction.

Our programme includes an aftercare treatment plan that will provide you with the right tools for sobriety for a lifetime of recovery.

Abbeycare Clinic helps its former residents get through the first critical days or months after they get back home.

We do our best to keep them connected to the clinic in their most vulnerable times after finishing their residential treatment.

Our aftercare programme includes the development of a practical day to day life plan, regular check-ins and follow-ups, membership to supportive social groups, and our annual recovery gathering.

Family Therapy Program

The involvement of your family is vital for your recovery.

In many cases, family problems contribute to initiating a person’s addiction.

It is therefore important to understand family dynamics and facilitate communication and healing of families affected by addiction.

Not only is this a part of the healing process, but it also brings peace and reconciliation for the whole family.

Abbeycare extends the recovery progression from the individual to the family because it recognizes that families are likewise distressed by addiction and they play a central role in any person’s recovery.

Our family support aftercare group is specifcially for loved ones of those who have graduated our clinics, to help them get support,  and takes place 1-2 weekly.

Families of those who have completed a stay with us, are entitled to this, for the ongoing future.

To learn more about our rehabilitation program, call now at 01603 513 091.


  • What kind of addictions do rehabs accept? 

Abbeycare accepts all drug and substance addiction conditions including alcohol addiction, heroin addiction, and cocaine addiction among many others.

We also occasionally work with those suffering from related behavioural addiction problems, as secondary issues, such as gambling, shopping, or food addiction.

We employ similar therapies and approaches in a structured treatment plan tailored for each resident client.


Should my family be involved in my treatment?

Yes, family involvement is usually necessary for the recovery of an addicted person.

In many cases, addiction stems from family issues.

Thus, it is important to involve the family to address addiction by the roots and provide healing for the family itself that have equally suffered from addiction.


Can we tour facilities before deciding to enter the rehab?

Yes, we can arrange for a complimentary tour of the clinic, before you commit to treatment. Please ask us when calling.

Visits are available on an appointment only basis, not ad-hoc.

This ensures we protect confidentiality and programme quality for existing clients.

Abbeycare Provide:

  • Free Complete assessment
  • Crisis intervention/support
  • In-house detox procedures
  • A multi-dimensional and evidence-based rehab program
  • One on one therapy sessions
  • Family Therapy
  • Community engagement
  • Holistic treatment modalities
  • Customised aftercare planning

Serving Kirkcaldy & Surrounding Areas, including:

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How To Book

To book addiction treatment near Kirkcaldy, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.


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