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Addiction Recovery in Innsworth

Most domestic violence in the UK is directly or indirectly related to alcohol or drugs.

In the small suburb of Innsworth, the string of violence afflicting the town is associated with the prevalence of alcohol and drug addiction.

Abbeycare in Gloucester has dedicated itself to helping people with addiction and to help to curb the incidence of violence in the town.

Our structured rehab programme that is customisable to a client’s specific needs is designed to penetrate the core-issues that propel a person’s damaging, and co-dependent behaviours.

Abbeycare offers an environment founded on mutual respect, honour and personal accountability.

We aim to help people return to a state of dignity and revive their sense of passion for a brand new life.


Physical Healing in Recovery

The physical wellbeing of an individual plays a major issue in overcoming addiction.

At Abbeycare, our residents are provided with various amenities, activities, and opportunities to improve their physical wellbeing.

We incorporate our rehab programme with physical activities, sports, exercise, massage, nutritious diet, and other holistic therapies for body and spiritual healing.

For many clients, their recovery time at Abbeycare is also a time for starting a new healthy lifestyle and making new healthy hobbies.

Physical healing can significantly boost one’s ability to avoid relapse.

Our therapists and staff members likewise monitor the physical activities of clients to ensure that they are safely and healthily conducted.

Friendly competitions are held to facilitate healthy socialisation, build individual self-esteem, and impart the values of cooperation and teamwork.

Don’t let drugs or alcohol dictate your life.

Be healed, be free, and be the person that you ought to be.

Call Abbeycare at 01603 513 091 and let us help you leave the old you behind.


Motivational Interviewing

At Abbeycare, every single service we provide is directed towards the healing and recovery of our clients.

During evaluation and assessment, our interviews are not only meant to seek background information about a client.

Our interview questions are framed to be motivational.

We interview potential clients for the end objective of helping them realise that they can make positive changes in their lives.

We interview to help them discover their strengths.

We understand that addiction is difficult to break and most people struggling with addiction have lost hope to change.

Motivational interviewing is critical for rekindling the light of hope and keeping it burning as a person works toward a clean and sober life.

At Abbeycare, we provide motivational interviews together with other treatment options so people can get take back their lost lives.

Take that first step towards a better life by reaching out to us at 01603 513 091.


Realistic goals for your sobriety journey

Staying sober is another challenge that a person with addiction needs to face.

For many people, relapse is part of the recovery process.

Here are realistic goals that a client can do after just completing treatment and transitioning back to society.


Work out 2-3 times a week.
Exercise and physical work out is the cheapest and easiest way to maintain physical health during recovery. Doing extreme workouts may be out of one’s league.

A more realistic work out is a 30-minute brisk walk twice or thrice a week until one is adjusted to more strenuous activities.


Attend recovery meetings once a week.
Committing to attending a recovery meeting once a week will not demand much time.
Attending too many meetings can be engulfing or stressful which can work out against one’s recovery.


Ask for forgiveness.
A person’s addiction may have hurt many people.
It will take time before someone can bring trust back.

A family addiction programme may be considered for family healing.


Start a career.
The new life that rehab has brought is also an opportune time to start a new career.
Find a new job, start a new small business, or do volunteer work.

Consider getting back to school or undergoing training to improve skills and employability.

At Abbeycare, we want our clients to find lifelong success in their sobriety journey.


How does addiction affect children?

Addiction adversely affects children in many different ways.

For one, addiction is genetic and can be passed into the womb by parents.

It can also be socially learned through constant exposure.

Addiction destroys marriages and breaks up families.

It can lead to children getting orphaned and being taken away by social welfare.

It can lead to troubled kids who lack parental guidance.

It can leave some children homeless and growing up on the streets.

There are also more sinister ways of how addiction affects children.

It can lead to children suffering from physical violence, psychological and even sexual abuse.

The trauma and stress that a child experiences equally makes them vulnerable to substance abuse and misuse.

Children are the most helpless victims of addiction.


Abbeycare is now serving Innsworth

At Abbeycare, the healing process starts at the moment a client arrives at our clinic or when they calls us.

A client will immediately undergo a motivational interview to reawaken a sense of hope.

An initial assessment is also performed to evaluate if a rehab treatment is warranted and appropriate.

Abbeycare believes in personalised treatment.

Every client is different so we need to use the right medication, design the correct therapeutic approach, and craft the specific treatment plan to achieve successful treatment and recovery.

Everything is reassessed and modified regularly according to a client’s progress.

Our structured treatment programme includes professionally supervised detox, assessment, and diagnosis of individual and their family, group and individual counselling, restorative holistic therapies, relapse prevention, coping techniques, and life skills for long term sobriety, and aftercare planning among others.

Abbeycare is in the business of saving lives.

People from all walks of life who seek change and a new life are welcome at the Abbeycare clinic.

Call us on 01603 513 091 for the best professional addiction treatment in Innsworth.



  • Is there a relationship between addiction and suicide?

There is a strong correlation between addiction and suicide.
The majority of all suicides around the world are related to alcohol and/or drug addiction.


  • Is help available for addicted people with legal problems?

Yes. Rehab programmes generally provide support to addicted people with legal problems. The attendance and completion of an addiction treatment programme may help mitigate or eliminate the penalty of a person with addiction who is also convicted by law.


  • Where will I live during residential treatment?

If you join our inpatient or residential rehab programme, you will live and stay in our comfortable accommodations at the Abbeycare Clinic.

You will share spaces with other clients who share the same struggles. They will be your peers and family with whom you will work within your battle against addiction.


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To book addiction treatment near Innsworth, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.



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