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Seeking addiction help in Rehab Hucclecote

Admitting that you have an addiction problem is not easy for an addict.

You are bound to deny or play down your addiction.

But this is a crucial step to your recovery.

It will motivate you to make the difficult decision to seek help and enter rehab.

If you are looking for help in Hucclecote, Abbeycare has extensive experience in the treatment of substance (drug and alcohol) addiction and behavioural addiction.

We principally provide an inpatient rehab programme with customisable treatment options to suit your unique needs and circumstances.

We will develop your personalised treatment plan based on your extant lifestyle and health condition and addiction history.

You are not a lost cause.

We can help support you to ensure your journey to recovery is right from start to end.


Detox at Abbeycare Rehab Hucclecote

Detox is a clinical procedure that aims to flush out the toxic substances from drugs or alcohol out of your body.

Abbeycare provides a professionally administered detox, specifically designed for you by our addiction experts to ensure your comfort and safety.

Prescribed specialist medications may be provided to help ease and lighten withdrawal symptoms experienced during the detox, which can sometimes be fatal.

You will also receive 24-7 monitoring and care because your wellness is our highest priority.

Detox regimes vary from person to person depending on the type, quantity, and length of substance abuse.

Your detox plan will be constantly reviewed to ensure that your detox regimen is working well for you and that you remain in safe hands.

Contact Abbeycare Clinic on 01603 513 091 and we will help rejuvenate your body to make you feel real again.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hucclecote

Abbeycare offers drug and alcohol rehabilitation for residents in Hucclecote at its clinic in Gloucester.

Our addiction treatment and recovery programme are more than just medication.

It emphasises understanding your lifestyle, your addiction triggers, and other facets of your addiction.

People have diverse reasons why they got hooked on drugs or alcohol.

That makes addiction a personal matter that entails a series of therapies to aid you recovery.

These therapies will heal your damaged body mind and spirit.

They will also help you develop life skills to deal with stress and problems that drive you to substance abuse.

Rehabilitation can be a very emotional and painful experience for you and your loved ones.

But with our experienced team of addiction recovery experts, we will provide you with the 24-7 support to help you make it through change successfully.

Your treatment and recovery may not be easy but it is definitely going to be worth it.

Call Abbeycare rehab in Hucclecote now at 01603 513 091.


Available treatment therapies in Rehab Hucclecote

Abbeycare rehab Hucclecote provides individually designed treatment plans to ensure your recovery goals are met.

The treatment plan is composed of a combination of different group and individual therapy sessions as follows:

Psychological therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, family intervention therapy, stress management, and relapse prevention, among others, to help address the root cause of your addiction.

Holistic therapies like reiki, massage, reflexology, and mindfulness meditation to facilitate the healing of your body, mind, and soul.

Social Activities like fellowship events, family visits, film night, and daily team activities to build camaraderie, social support and provide you with a hands-on experience of the happy life that is free from drugs and alcohol.

The combination of these therapies is really critical to help you in recovery.

Your wholehearted participation and active engagement in the core aspects of our programme is required to succeed.

The Abbeycare rehab Hucclecote admissions team is available on 01603 513 091 and will be happy to discuss our programme in more detail.


Aftercare treatment

Rehab is the first step in your journey to recovery.

Everything you learn in rehab is a preparation for your return to the real world.

After completing rehab, your willpower is put on the test once you return home.

To help fight off temptation and maintain sobriety, Abbeycare rehab Hucclecote will provide you with a rehab aftercare plan to assist your transition to society.

The aftercare plan is similarly tailored to your specific needs, objectives, and challenges that you will face in life.

It considers your age, sex, type of addiction, health, social environment, profession, and rehab history.

It aims to complement the therapy sessions and learning you received during the inpatient programme.

Abbeycare rehab Hucclecote also has an extensively experienced aftercare support team composed of addiction experts and healthcare professionals.

The aftercare team will also be available for you for advice and support in case you relapse problems.


Addiction Treatment in Hucclecote

If you are seeking addiction help in Hucclecote, your best option is the Abbeycare rehab Hucclecote Clinic.

Abbeycare’s cutting-edge approach to rehab can empower you on route to recovery.

Abbeycare rehab Hucclecote offer comprehensive treatment for substance and process addiction as well as dual diagnosis.

Our structured addiction program includes the following:

Assessment. This is for evaluating your specific needs and defining your objectives, on which your personalised treatment plan will be based.

Detox. This process rids your body with toxic substances safely and comfortably.

Counselling. This includes CBT, DBT, and motivational therapy among others to treat your addiction from the roots.

Aftercare Plan. This will help your transition back to society for your long term recovery.

For your lasting health and peace of mind, call Abbeycare rehab Hucclecote now on 01603 513 091.



  • Should I go back to rehab if I relapse?

The need to go back to rehab in case of relapse would depend on the degree of your relapse.

You may or may not need to go back.

Call one of our addiction counsellors on 01603 513 091 to receive assessment and recommendation.


  • Is addiction about willpower or a disease problem?

Addiction is a chronic brain disease and is not just a matter of weak will power to quit.

Toxic substances from alcohol and drugs have impaired your brain functions especially its reward systems, which control the rest of your body.

Physical and psychological dependence is impossible to break without proper rehab.


  • How do you measure if someone is actually addicted to drugs or alcohol?

While physical and behaviour changes may become apparent when someone suffering addiction, many are functioning addicts capable of hiding their addiction.

You can conclude that someone is suffering from addiction if he or she continues to pursue and use drugs/alcohol despite the harmful consequences they cause in a person’s life.


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