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Addiction Help in Harpenden

Harpenden North is not resistant to the destructive effects of drugs and alcohol addiction and it seems that even teens at school are dealing and using drugs.

The problem of addiction has pervaded across the whole country, and unfortunately, this includes small towns like Harpenden North.

The impact of drugs and alcohol addiction on the user, family, and community is deep and intense.

It has wasted many lives, broke families, and threatened the peace and growth of society.

Despite its known health and economic risks, people still continue to experiment with drug use and alcohol.

This has resulted in billions of pounds wasted by the government to fight drugs and alcohol addiction every year, thousands of lives lost, and immeasurable damage to family, friends, and the community as a whole.

The fight against addiction is a joint effort of families, private healthcare agencies, government, and all the members of society.

If you or someone you know in Harpenden North is struggling with addiction and needs help, don’t hesitate to call for professional assistance.

Rehab is the best way to address addiction, which Abbeycare can provide.

What are the Advantages of Quitting Addiction?

The advantages of quitting addiction and attaining sobriety are a no-brainer.

A person suffering from addiction, however, turns a blind eye to these benefits.

Here are some of the advantages of freeing yourself from addiction:

  • You save money. Alcohol and drugs are expensive and can drain your finances. Quitting allows you to spend your money wisely on things that are useful and productive.
  • Restore self-esteem. Quitting allows you to gain your self-confidence back. Rebuilding your self-esteem allows you to engage in productive pursuits and become an asset to society once again.
  • Improve your Physical Appearance. Liberating yourself from drugs will bring back your health. With proper nutrition, exercise, correct hygiene, sufficient sleep, and peace of mind, your health and natural beauty will once again manifest physically.
  • Return to the real world. Addiction has been used by many people to escape reality but it only gets you out of your head. Attaining sobriety brings you back in reality with a better attitude to participate in the real world.
  • Rebuild relationships. Your addiction will push your family and friends away from your life away. Quitting will help you regain their trust back to rebuild relationships and feel their love and support that you miss.
  • Free yourself from negativity. Quitting through rehab helps you to free yourself from all the negativity in life that contributes to your depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.
  • Quitting addiction will provide you a new lease of life that you have always wanted.

If you want to achieve all these benefits, call Abbeycare at  01603 513 091 and start your journey to a better you.

Stages of Substance Use

Drug and Alcohol Addiction does not happen over time but progresses gradually.

Without proper intervention, help and guidance, you, your partner/ spouse, children, parents, friend, neighbour, or colleague could be its next victim.

Most addictions start with the experimental use of drugs or alcohol.

Out of curiosity, peer pressure, or the need to fit in, a person may engage in substance use for the first time.

After breaking in the first stage, substance use can become a norm during special occasions for social and recreational use.

With the frequency of use, substance use becomes part of a person’s life.

At this point, you develop tolerance and dependence on the substance with regular use.

Addiction sets in with the problematic use of alcohol or drugs.

Even if it begins to damage your health, destroy relationships with the people you love, or affect your responsibilities, you continue its use.

You deny that you are hooked on it and maintain that you have complete control of the situation even if your family or friends tell you otherwise.

If someone close to you tells you that you need help for your addiction, you are most likely denying your addiction treatment.

Holistic Wellness for Body & Mind

The Abbeycare clinic approaches to drug and alcohol addiction treatment holistically to bring balance and vitality back into your mind and body.

We aim to give each of our client’s optimal health conditions by employing different holistic therapies during their inpatient rehab.

We help clients develop a meditation practice to achieve focused relaxation.

This involves focusing all your pure thoughts and raw sensations at the present moment to foster healing and attain physical, emotional, and mental balance.

It also includes exercise and fitness therapy to enhance your physical well-being and build strength to face fears.

Exercise also helps release endorphins to reduce intense cravings for drugs or alcohol.

Finally, we make sure that you receive proper nutrition.

The right minerals and nutrients will replace the toxic substances that poison your body.

The right nutrition will provide you with energy and improve your overall health towards a successful recovery.

At Abbeycare drug and alcohol addiction treatment clinic,  meditation, exercise, and good food will make your life easier and better.

Living a Meaningful, Drug-free Life

You should support your rehabilitation by engaging in activities and interests that can bring meaning and a sense of fulfilment in your life.

Finding a sense of purpose will help put your addiction treatment and gloomy past behind you.

Here are some things you can do to live a meaningful life.

Focus on your health. This is the cheapest yet best way to start your life.

Create a routine that involves doing regular exercise and eating healthy for a maintain high levels of energy, feel good, and prevent stress.

Make a new hobby. Discover a new passion or a hidden talent by learning to play a musical instrument, art endeavours like painting/ sculpting, photography, or engaging in a new sport.

Improve yourself. Improve yourself or your skills by learning a new language, studying a new skill (e.g. culinary), or any skills for a new career.

Volunteer. Use your skills to help other people by volunteering in your community, church, neighbourhood, and club.

In this way, you will replace your old drug-related or alcohol-related activities with a noble cause or something worthwhile.

Adopt a pet. Find companionship with animals.

Pets will help you feel loved and needed.

Set meaningful objectives to keep yourself busy.  An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

Having goals that you must work on to achieve will help dispel negative thoughts that could cause you to relapse.

To learn more about how to find the better you and live a better life, call Abbeycare now at 01603 513 091.

Abbeycare is your Best Chance of Recovery

Abbeycare provides physical and psychological care in treating your drug and alcohol addiction.

We have addiction experts who facilitate our programme and directly help and counsel our clients.

The clinic has a beautiful environment that is conducive to meditation and recovery.

The whole Abbeycare community serves as your powerful social support to achieve recovery.

We initially break the cycle of addiction to help you start with your treatment.

We then help you develop strategies for behavioural change and other techniques that make recovery instinctive.

Our inpatient rehab treatment is primarily composed of 4 main elements namely: a professionally manage detox, counselling therapy, holistic healing of the mind-body and spirit, and an aftercare programme.

All of the above combined make Abbeycare the best choice in the UK for seeking effective treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.


  • Is Abbeycare safe from viral contaminations?

As a professional and accredited healthcare institution, Abbeycare takes every precaution and safety measure necessary to prevent any form of viral contamination of its staff, clients, or any of its facilities.

What does the inpatient treatment programme include?

The inpatient treatment programme for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Abbeycare includes:

  • Clinically managed detox,
  • Counselling (individual and group therapy),
  • Holistic therapies (Reiki, massage mindfulness)
  • Aftercare plan
  • Excursion
  • Family rehab
  • Private accommodation
  • All meals

How do I get my loved ones to trust me after rehab?

Gaining the trust of the people you failed or betrayed is difficult but not an impossible task.

The key to achieve this is by making yourself trustworthy by being open and honest; fulfilling your promises by sticking to your aftercare programme, living a healthy life by exercising and eating healthy; and making a positive change in your life.

Most of all, you need to learn how to trust yourself for others to trust you.

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